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Accuser: Big Ben Exposed Penis in Hallway

4/15/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_ben_BN_TMZ_04Ben Roethlisberger's accuser told friends that the QB took his penis out of his pants in a Georgia nightclub before following her into a bathroom -- this according to newly released witness statements.

Milledgeville Police spoke with multiple  witnesses who claim the accuser told people she was raped -- moments after her encounter with Ben. 

According to one witness, the accuser claimed that it all started while she was in a secluded hallway in the Capital City nightclub, when Ben walked over to her "with his penis already out of his pants."

According to the witness, the accuser claimed she tried to walk out of the area -- but instead of opening an exit door, she mistakenly opened the door to a bathroom ... and walked inside.

According to the witness, the accuser claimed Ben followed her inside the bathroom, shut the door, and then raped her.

As the accuser and her friends left the club, they reported the incident to a police officer.  According to the newly released police report -- the accuser told the officer her "recollection" of her encounter with Ben was "foggy" due to her "intoxication level." This statement seems to contradict the statements given by the witnesses.

The cop claims he also spoke with Ben that night -- and according to the document, Ben told the officer that he remembered hanging around the accuser earlier in the night ... but told her "she was too drunk after observing her fall." Ben said he then walked away from her.

Last week, after a lengthy investigation, cops announced they would not be pursuing charges against Ben.

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The story will all come out since she's only 20 and wants her 15 minutes but I'm surprise she didn't have a gag order with her million dollar pay day. Because money to her was more important then putting this rapist in jail! Now he's free to probably rape some other poor girl which I bet he will do inside of a year.

1654 days ago



1654 days ago


she is a whore that just wants some money...i hate when women do this...!

1654 days ago


Just because she was drunk DOSE NOT MEAN he didn't rape her. To all the ladies out there: if you happen to be partying in a club and you happen to run into BEN, "LEAVE", you could be his next rape victem!

1654 days ago


Needlenosed POS.

1654 days ago


The white trash douchbag got away with it, if he where back, gay or latino,his career whould be over.....

1654 days ago


She sounds like a liar, after reading this and the countless other posts regarding this incident. Of course none of us were there and we may never know 100% of the truth but I have a feeling A) she was heavily intoxicated and B) she's out to get money. Ben should never put himself in that position so he's definitely guilty of that, but rape? I just don't know...and honestly, sick of this and ready for the media to move on.

1654 days ago


Why were charges dropped? The fact she reported it when leaving the club is significant. His response to police questions on the same night are telling too. How did he know she was sooo drunk...a perfect rape victim for these type of guys. He hopfully will be charged with rape.

1654 days ago


OK. First off, I want clarification. She told people/friends/witnesses at the scene that was *was* raped but told the ER people that she was "kind of a raped" by a guy? Also, you accidentally go into a bathroom while trying to get away from a man exposing himself to you in a "secluded" hallway (hint: i have never seen a secluded hallway that lead to bathrooms in a nightclub). I'm glad she's dropping the case, and while it may be unfortunate and something she regrets she also admitted that they were both severely intoxicated, making either unable to legally consent to intercourse.

1654 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

I heard she was sashaying around the bar with her vagina hanging out.

1654 days ago


So this girl was out running the bars...drinking and hanging out with strangers.... and she has no responsibility for what happened that night?
I suspect that nothing happened that night.
Somebody saw visions of dollar bills in their head after they left the club...but thought better of it after all the attention was focused on her.
Thinking that Roethlisberger would expose himself in a nightclub is ludicrous.

1654 days ago


I see most of you have already made up your minds as to what did or din't happen, even though none of you were there. This is a young woman who probably shouldn't have been there, let alone drinking, but that doesn't mean that she deserved to be man handled by this jock. So many women let guys get away with this type of behavior because they become frightened of how they will look in the eyes of their family, friends and the judicial system.
Sad, but true, the victims will always be made out to be the bad guy in these situation. Because they were drunk or flirting or had on short dresses are not reasons for assault. But, like I said, a lot of you have already made up your minds. I'd hate to have any of you on my jury if I were accused of a crime, or worst if I were a victim of crime.

1654 days ago


Does anyone have a pic of his Penis? I would love to see it cause he looks HOT!

1654 days ago


Everyone is siding with the girl, Why is it that all a girl has to do is cry rape and automatically the guy raped her? No one knows what happened, She could have come on to him and he turned her down and her next step was to say that he raped her just to get back at him. Women are all about getting revenge! I have never met at girl who didnt want to get back at someone for something that was their fault. Its always all about them. That is the reason I like men, there is no drama there.

1654 days ago

dave kushner    

Nice. Creepy 28 year old guy pursuing trashed 20 year old college girls. He doesn't have seven inches...he has seven feet of stupidity!

1654 days ago
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