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Larry King - The Boys Want Me

4/15/2010 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King stuck to his routine last night, dining at The Palm restaurant in West Hollywood, but his nasty divorce from Shawn Southwick was clearly on his mind.

Larry King - The Boys Want Me
As Larry left dinner for the Peninsula Hotel in Bev Hills, he was on the phone saying, "The boys gotta go to school in the morning and they want me to take them."


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yikes...they have show and tell today and they want to bring in a live caveman...

1654 days ago


I believe the two sisters schemed this from the get go. To fleece him for more money. Shaun had an affair years ago with her boy's coach. She was clearly unhappy it showed. She hooked up with her sister to go after Mr.King's money. By proving that Mr. King had some sort of fling with her sister she is going to gain more money. Enough said

1654 days ago


When will these rich old geezers ever learn that young women only want their money??? How stupid can they be? Do you think EITHER OF THESE SISTERS would have even looked at him if he was driving a taxi?? EIGHT WIVES and still being fleeced?? He ought to interview himself about his stupidity. Old men should be with old woman and maybe they wouldnt be taken to the cleaners, and with him EIGHT TIMES not counting his sisterinlaw. Stupid old rich geezer!

1654 days ago


over 8 articles on larry. now larry get divorce for the 8 th time if larry would have 8 his wives he wouldnt get divorced??

1654 days ago


tmz has more than 8 articles about larry. now larry will divorc for 8th time. if larry would have 8 his wives maybe they wouldnt divorce him??

1654 days ago


I hope she takes him for everything he's got, he's been getting pointers from Tiger !!!

1654 days ago


Yea,....the sisters probably set him up.
His wife managed to get him to sign over the houses to her!?!
Probably dancing on his face.
And what about the little leage coach,...she was cleaning his bat I guess!

1654 days ago


Yikes! Always nagging!

1654 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

At his age he's not likely to live long enough for them to hit 18.

1654 days ago


It's a known fact that kids in a divorce favor the parent that disciplines them the least.

1654 days ago


Larry King has been married SIX times to different women, actually did the marriage vows SEVEN times if you count the TWO separate times he "married" Alene Akins. He has never STAYED married longer than eight years.
Here is HIS track record:

Shawn Southwick (5 September 1997 - present) 2 children
Julie Alexander (7 October 1989 - 1992) (divorced)
Sharon Lepore (25 September 1976 - 1984) (divorced)
Alene Akins (1967 - 1972) (re-married) (divorced); 1 daughter
Mickey Sutphin (1963 - 1963) (divorced)
Alene Akins (1961 - 1963) (divorced) 1 adopted son
Freda Miller (1952 - ?) (annulled)

Is it any wonder his current wife had/has concerns about his ability to be faithful?

Can't logically follow how anyone can blame his current wife or her sister, for that matter? He was not forced to marry Shawn Southwick?

The adage "Wisdom comes with age" really doesn't seem to apply to Mr. King, does it?

1654 days ago


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1654 days ago


surrrre, larry. those boys really want you to teach them how to be a frikken cheater. you're s***.

1654 days ago


Those two women are disgusting, I don't care how much money he has, he's old beyond believe, he looks disgusting too, I will not kiss that man, even he gives me a million dollar for no tongue kiss. yakkkkkk.

1654 days ago


The 2 sisters should be arrested for giving King a false sense of security that he is sexy. He probably thinks he is attractive and had developed an ego problem. Hey, stupid, these woman marry you because your money is appealing, not you!!

1654 days ago
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