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Joan Rivers: Mel Gibson Should Die

4/17/2010 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Joan Rivers is still upset at Mel Gibson ... because she not only thinks he should "f*cking die" ... but she also wants everyone to boycott the hell out of his movies.


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Whats wrong with all these celebrities?, they are rich, they can do anything they want, but everytime you turn on the TV, you hear about some drama with these people, why dont they get their act together and learn to live right?. I know that if I was rich, you wouldnt hear from me..


1619 days ago


Poor, miserable old woman. I am sure Mel can't sleep at night, worrying over her opinion of him.

1597 days ago


Poor, miserable old woman. I'm sure Mel can't sleep at night worrying over her opinion of him.

1597 days ago

Mae White    

You go Joan Rivers!
Mel Gibson is a racist, homophobic, chauvinistic, anti Semitic hypocrite. Also I forgot real Christian adulterer. His movies are violent and of no redeeming value; therefore the only conclusion is to oycott his movies.

1592 days ago


Joan Rivers hates Mel for what he said, not for what he believes in. Mel hates Jews not for what they do but for what they are. I can see all the racist morons backing him up with comments such as "99% of the world isn"t Jewish so who cares" and People that agree with the Jews controlling Hollywood and Government. I agree that Jews are only .23% of the world population but control far more than that in regards to world wealth but be clear on the fact that the jewish people have been relentlessly attacked for the past 2000 years and have still managed to flourish and succeed. This is far more admirable than a bunch of sister screwing uneducated rednecks cheering Mel on for his Racism. Only in America... Home of the Fat, lazy and Stupid. For those of you that hate Jewish people, well, I'm sorry your daddy got Fired by one.
Stay in school fools.

1561 days ago


Joan, please do something worthwhile for a change, go to Africa and help the poor (if they let you) or simply dissapear.

1561 days ago


Although a little vehement perhaps (no need to be so mean Joan!)I get where she is coming from and although I don't think I would wish him ****ing dead, I will have NOTHING to do with the hypodrite. Joan tells it like she sees it. Love her!

1560 days ago


Easy for her to say, she already looks dead.

1559 days ago


Mel Gibson, despite his talent with directing, has gone insane ever since he made that Passion of the christ movie. At this point he should just join a monastery.

1545 days ago


Joan said look at my worker what color is her, so joan you must be calling her the N word. Because she is black. Mel's didn't say no color.

1539 days ago


Anyone on here defending Mel Gibson is a bane on society and should be exterminated. There's a big difference between hating one person and hating a group of people. If you can't comprehend that then just put yourself out of the world's misery.

1364 days ago


People are wishing all kinds of horrible things on Joan Rivers for wishing horrible things on Mel Gibson. Yes, she was wrong to wish death on him. And yes, you guys are wrong to wish horrible things on her. Duh.

783 days ago
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