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Ex-WWE Star: Vince McMahon Deceived Me

4/20/2010 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Puder won WWE's "$1,000,000 Tough Enough" competition back in 2004, but dude never got the million dollar prize he thought he earned -- instead he believes there was some "false advertising" on the part of the WWE and its owner Vince McMahon.

Puder told us "It woulda been great" if the prize was a lump sum -- but what wasn't clear from the name of the show, was that WWE was really offering a 4-year deal -- at $250k per year. Plus, WWE had the option to terminate the contract after the first year ...  which they ultimately did.

A rep from the WWE tells us, "[Puder] knew the terms when he signed the contract. WWE met its obligations per the contract he signed."

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Elmer Flobbergob    

What did that idiot expect from something that's built on lies and deception?

1617 days ago


WWE is the shadiest organization in the world. Unless you are one of Vince's boy toys or find a way to kiss his keister, you have no shot of succeeding in that company.

So many talented wrestlers have gone through that revolving door, it's unreal.

1617 days ago


Huh? Something that's built on lies on deception?!!! No more than a movie, tv sitcom or drama, or stage play! It's a live action sports-theater drama.

1617 days ago


Maybe he can do gay porn now....

1617 days ago


Old news. It won't help his career.


1617 days ago


He was the wrong choice to win it anyways. The Miz should've won.


1617 days ago


That's Vince McMahon for ya...

Bend You Over...Rape You As Many Times As He Can...Then Kick Your Butt To The Curb without Cab Fare!

All without buying you dinner first...

1617 days ago


This guy needs to be paid off so he goes away...Linda McMahon is running for Connecticut Senate Seat. She does not need this on her plate. Is she still married to Vince McMahon? She is the smart one.

1617 days ago


He got 250,000 and he sucked so he should be happy,and Vince does take care of his people as long as they dont do stupid stuff or try and screw him over.He is a business man.He has a lot of the older wrestlers on his payroll.

1617 days ago


Gee, maybe if he hadn't decided to try to legit break one of their top star's arms on tv just to make himself look like a bad-ass, they wouldn't have had such a great reason to fire him...

1617 days ago

His Prince Michael    

I unequivocally, DETEST "Corporate America", and all the fraud, corruption, and deception that is, it's very foundation.
Be not misled: The decimation of "Corporate America", is both,
impending and inevitable.

Still, as a life-long fan of Professional Wrestling, I'm (like any
TRUE aficionado) well aware of the vast and varied exploits of
one Vincent Kennedy McMahon. An entertainment genius and billionaire, also know to many as, respectfully, Mr. McMahon.

Vince, like any successful businessman, has had his share of
Success, Failure, and Controversy. Yet, through it all -not unlike his ancestry might indicate- he has resiliently, prevailed.

Although, again, like any successful businessman, he's made some
questionable and perhaps, unwise choices, far-beyond looms a glaring truth: Report, after report of his loyal and sincere
kindness, to former-employees and their families -especially, in
times of great hardship- are now verging upon, legendary.

Bottom-line? A million bucks? Get real, a MILLION bucks?
He's literally GIVEN more than that AWAY. Then again, ask
about the wrestler who got a check for AT LEAST that, minutes
before a Wrestlemania Main Event. Why? Because he's Vincent
Kennedy McMahon, quiet Philanthropist and BILLIONAIRE businessman.

1617 days ago


This was known about the competition from the moment it came into inception. In fact, it was on the WWE's website and corporate website that the winner would not get 1 million straight up, simply split apart over a possible 4 year contract, which Puder was unable to secure because of his lack of abilities. Not WWE's fault, more Puder's fault for not doing what he could to keep his job.

1617 days ago

Mike L    

Puder didn't give a ****. He was the worst performer of all time. Thats why they kicked his ass to the curb. Where does he get off bad mouthing the genius that is Vince McMahon?

1617 days ago


The whole thing is a joke

1617 days ago


The whole thing is a joke

1617 days ago
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