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Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

4/19/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed like your average couple about to fly coach, Oprah Winfrey and her life partner of over 20 years Gayle King Stedman Graham jetted off in a private plane together from Santa Monica Airport on Sunday.

It's unclear where the couple was headed ... but it's pretty clear who paid for the trip.

Nothing but the best for Mr. & Mrs. Winfrey.


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she's a lesbo

1650 days ago


She's having problems getting that fat ass up those steps!! just look how it's dragging behind. LOL

1650 days ago


Look at Stedman, lol.. Looks like he saying.. Gee man move that away from my face! pheww...

1650 days ago

just saying    

Why is this news?? A woman can have a best friend for twenty years and not be a lesbian. So what if she's not married, it seems to work for them. Sick of all the hate and lies. She is a good woman, who came from less than desirable cir***stances and has done a lot of good in this world. As for the comments saying she should help her own "black people". Well, that is racist if I ever heard it. We are all just people, you should see past color, Oprah does. She seems to help people whom help themselves. Get over it.

1650 days ago


DAMN....She owns her production company, therefore YES...SHE GETS ALL THE PROFITS! And makes Billions...

As for her charity, she helps underprivileged youth in Africa...which is as poor as it gets! While a Nicholas Cage is busy spending HIS money on 50 houses and 30 Rolls Royces he can't afford!

Leave the black woman alone. She ain't a Maid, she earns her money legit...
DAMN...We can't work for it, or we're called "Well fare Negroes" IF we don't work for it...

You just can't win in America as a Black person can you!?!?!?!

1650 days ago


To comment number 24, why doesn't she help children in America where she earns the money ? ? ? ? There are plenty of Black and White children in the USA who could use some help. And why does everyone always make everything out to be racist???? Oprah is Black and it didn't stop her, so quit defending her, she don't need your defense !

1650 days ago


Nothing "racist" at all about saying she should help her own people. If a Black person said that, would it be "racist". Your right, get over it. So touchy. WoW !

1650 days ago

just saying    

Re: crshop, now you have changed your tune, now she EARNS her money in America and she should help black and white children here. Hmmm, guess you just didn't exactly think about your first post, did you? To answer your question, if a black person said it, would it be racist? Yes, it would. When you can't see past her color, which obviously you can't, using terms like "her people" etc, it is racist. You should just people thankful for people like her, she could just keep all her money to herself and not help anyone else, but she chooses not to do that. I have watched her since I was a child in Nashville, she is an amazing woman and I for one am very proud to be a fan!!!

1650 days ago

Mos Jef    

Talk about relationships! Check out The 17 Known Girlfriends of Hugh Hefner in Order of Hotness

1650 days ago


hmmm she advises haus fraus on marriage,,,never been married,,she advises haus fraus on raising kids.never had any kids ..she advises overweight haus fruas on losing weight..well we will let that picture speak for itself.....whats wrong here people,,,,,

1650 days ago


To #26: She does help children in America, through work with and donations to numerous charities, particularly in Chicago. Why such resentment for people who earn great wealth?

1650 days ago


For one Oprah does help out countless children. She has contributed MILLIONS to American charter schools. After the events of Hurricane Katrina she was the first celebrity to dole out money. She wrote out a check from her personal bank account for $10 million for the hurricane and then through her Angel's Network she contributed time and money to Habitat for Humanity. She has given TENS of MILLIONS to Spelman, Morehouse, and Howard colleges. Plus sent countless teens to school and helped tons of families through her show. Now ask yourself - what have you done for America? Get off of Oprah's tip. She's the Queen of All Media and she's BLACK. SO get it together. She runs this ****.

1650 days ago

Common Sense    

In response to #15. Oprah already gives a lot of her money to different charities. Just because she is rich doesn't mean that she will be able to help every poor African and African American (Black) child. She does not have enough money to help them all just as Bill Gates does not have enough money to help every poor European and European American (White) child.

1650 days ago


Ah the Harpo Studio wonks are working the internet early today, using fake names and saying about the same thing in all those responses about how great she is, leave her alone, blah blah blah. Funny isnt it, she jets off to who knows where, and her paid wonks have to troll the internet ready to pounce on any person place or thing that dare says or implies anything about Orca. I just finished the Oprah book---bottom line book report---the woman is a fraud who lied her way to the top and is still lying to keep her "image" going. Take one look at her---having personal physicians, trainers and dietitians and she looks like that? Fraud through and through. Oh and the reason she doesnt give to American kids? Her words, "because American kids only want ipods and sneakers, but African kids want an education". Discuss.

1650 days ago


Wow everyone is bashing TMZ for the story "LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!" LOL but all the people are reading tmz go figure

1650 days ago
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