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Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

4/19/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed like your average couple about to fly coach, Oprah Winfrey and her life partner of over 20 years Gayle King Stedman Graham jetted off in a private plane together from Santa Monica Airport on Sunday.

It's unclear where the couple was headed ... but it's pretty clear who paid for the trip.

Nothing but the best for Mr. & Mrs. Winfrey.


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Kelleys book is an absolute MUST READ---especially for those who profess an absolute Love for Orca...she has many questions to answer, just as she would ask any other guest on her show where a Best Seller Book was written of...Orca, will you let yourself be interviewed to address the hundreds of issues that have arisen in the book, primarily from other family members? Or will you continue to run and hide and do the usual smokescreen you have? She is not a completely truthful person. Most of what she has told America of her upbringing, background, and experiences have been absolute Fabrications. She's Nixonian now, and the Media Fears her so they'll let her slide---good Americans will call her out at every turn now that she's brought her fabrications into the Political Arena.

1463 days ago


PLease advise what plane carried THAT LOAD successfully.

1463 days ago


Oprah, Has a house in California she calls the"PROMISE LAND." WHATTTT??? Like what is that? Oh and the report said that the women could not ware heels becauseeeeeee,"IT WOULD HURT THE GROUND?" Ok I see cult leader,cult leader! Gee people wake up! Oprah is JUST a human, nothing to be followed,She can't and won't do anything for you,except lead you to a place you don't want to go.She went and made a girls school overseas and hired the people to run the place,what happened? The girls where attacked! That is who was suing her! OMGOSH! Comment 13 that is what I mean! It is other people money! Wake up WORLD OPRAH IS NOT A GOOD MENTOR! WOMEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES DO NOT FOLLOW HER! Oh yea , Being a Christian the man you live and sleep with is your HUSBAND! hmmmmm did they get married?

1463 days ago


Ok ,First I don't need to drink. She is a "CULT LEADER!" Just like Jimmy Jones! THEY HAVE A NEW WORD OF GOD! They have changed the Christian Bible to meet there needs! Oprah denied Jesus on her program years ago. Yes I know that many people don't believe who Jesus is, that is not my point , the point is Oprah says she is a Christian! Well, anyone who denies Jesus and says they are a Christian is a lier! She is a cult leader she teaches on a cable site. WAKE UP PEOPLE! OPRAH IS A CULT LEADER! PEOPLE FOLLOW HER LIKE CATTLE! Look at u tube and see what she says!

1463 days ago


Right here on TMZ there is a line that says"From around the world" Oprah says "discover your best life???????" What??? Oprah IS NOT the only BLACK VOICE ON THIS PLANET! WHY DO PEOPLE WORSHIP HER?????

1463 days ago


HUGE BUTT..MONEY with no weight loss..Funny..All her dough and she cant loose fat..I dont like her

1463 days ago


Ah # 30....The money was not hers. It came from her followers. The angel network is not again not Oprah's. She talks a good game and takes credit for everything, however again it is not her money, unless she calls all the millions that her followers give as hers then I guess it is. Even though it came from other peoples pocket. People are saying black kids because Oprah will go to Africa and help children there. She does not do that here, in fact Oprah said" I asked the black children what is important to them (para.)the children said things like, new cloths , toys, new house etc". Oprahs reply was " I could not believe it that is why I don/t help them. She went on to say " The most important thing is an education." Now when you are child what do you want? Oprah wants the worship of the people. Oprah does not care about American children, she cares abut the fame and pictures from far away places. To make her look like she really give a hoot ...Charity starts at home.All children belong to God, how can a person walk away from a child here in need and go across the world to help a child also in need. Do you step over the body and run to the plane?

1463 days ago


# 51 LOL haters!Well all the women that you posted there haveeeeee given their OWN MONEY to people in need with out the pops around. In fact Lisa paid with her OWN money for things people needed in New Orleans after that huge mess down there, then Oprah came a gave "Angel Network" money NOT HER money but money from people like you,so thanks for pointing out those women they give what is theirs. Oh and by the way Did you know that your hair is brown??

1463 days ago


GLORIA go take your meds and stop posting crap here you have no idea what you are talking about go write a book or something stop posting jibber jabber here waste of time for us

1463 days ago


tiv, ahhh jibber jabber? I have written books friend, and much more. I find you lack of knowledge shameful. You should know who your following or is the sound of the cow bell to much for you??? Well ,there no more to say tiv you proved a point with your lack of something to say concerning your leader, but that is how cult followers are....later oh and tiv just so you know it lights out(they are turning off the lights for you) for you at home night night. No further comments will be answered at this time. time to move on People........

1463 days ago


As a black person I am somewhat ashamed that affluent black people don't do more for black youth...PUBLICLY. Do you want to know why they don't? Because every time an affluent black person does TOO much for his/her own people - the REAL powers that be conspire to bring them down! Oprah would be scorned by her many endorsers...and people like Jordan would be as well. You see how Tiger ha to lick *******s. Don't believe me? Ever heard of a guy named Marcus Garvey? He attempted to do positive, empowering things for blacks as a whole nearly 100 years ago. After creating viable businesses (including a railroad) - your old buddy and defender J. Edgar Hoover (yeah, the alleged cross-dresser and homosexual) had his agents sabotage the whole thing. Yeah, I know, that was nearly a hundred years ago, right? Blacks have advanced in this country due to fighting tooth and nail (whips to dogs to hoses) for it. Blacks weren't GIVEN anything...and affirmative action and welfare for a small percentage (far less than the multitudes of whites benefiting from government welfare) isn't compensation (from even promised retribution NEVER ratified/given...though even the Japanese have been given reparations). But as/though blacks HAVE changed with the struggle - many whites have either stayed the same, digressed or continue to harbor HUGE resentment...and will ALWAYS work towards and/or promote the belittling of black people. We know your games and retribution WILL be just and, now, relatively swift. This is why you have your ******gers now...their/your fear is palpable and will only grow/become more obvious. I just hope blacks aren't as heartless as you, the "typical" white person, have been during your we retain/gain RIGHTFUL power in this country. YOU are the ones who have been barbaric animals...largely creating the/a state which insures your privilege and sends young black men to jail for life. The criminal justice system WAS your last, strongest tool. But know that black people (including the young men you persecute for crimes you let your own walk over) ARE now getting over and accounting for this phenomenon. So, you computer, keyboard racists, keep up your foolish jokes and other worthless nonsense on these sites and other places ONLINE. It's all you have now (cowards!) as you continue to try to imitate and assimilate the original ones! The ones you fear and the ones you KNOW will be BETTER than you given an even playing field!

1463 days ago


BTW, TMZ wants as many people on this site as possible so they can get as much revenue as possible from their Ads and to promote their TV shows, etc. They race bait (much like republicans and Sarah Palin with the tea party movement) and do whatever they can to get the most concentrated amount of basic, simple, typical human flesh (middle American white people who tend to be more common and, yes, racist) that they can lure. I don't really blame the race-baiting tactics TMZ utilizes (typical Jewish media...manipulating simple, white Americans by playing to their fears and stereotypes). I blame you simpletons who fall for the simpletons who fall for the same tactics used by Fox News (where EVERY anti-Obama, anti-black pole or story is pretty much the same). Just TRY to be an individual FIRST! That's what I have faith in! THEN fall for all your typical stereotypes (not the other way around - it won't work)! But I REALLY think that's asking too much of you new breed of computer racists. You are just TOO cowardly, too common and too predictably PREDICTABLE (I don't think you can help it at this point)!!

1463 days ago


Bravo Jay i agree with it all :)

1463 days ago


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1463 days ago


Stedman to Oprah: "Did you just fart?!?"

1462 days ago
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