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Octomom's Home -- Babies Stompin' Babies

4/20/2010 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom let Oprah inside her home ... and it's a scary, dangerous place for kids.

octomom and her children
In the footage, aired today on the "O" show, chaos appears to reign supreme in Nadya Suleman's home -- with one of Octo's older children stomping on an octuplet in his crib.

Moments later, Suleman threatens another one of her misbehaving children by telling him that child protective services will take him away if he doesn't get up and go to school.


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Shes a poor EXCUSE of a MOTHER!!! CPS should take ALL the kids from that UNFIT MOM!!!

1614 days ago

Christina G.    

If you think that little clip is enough for the CPS to come in and take her children, you've got a lot to learn about how the system works. Children being molested, being left alone, going for days without food or a change of diapers, being whipped until they bleed...that's when CPS can step in. In the meantime, they can only investigate and do***ent reports of abuse. Her children may not be the most fortunate children in the world, but that is a far cry from the true abuse going on all over this country as we speak.

1614 days ago


HaHa, 1 teenager is enough. She's going to get hers when she has 14
at once!!! Bwahahaha She hasn't had 1 yet. I hope they all take
after her. Angela said she roamed the halls at school. They will all
have ropes and ladders at the windows.

1614 days ago


all i can think about is how horrid that place must smell with all the diapers and baby puke.

1614 days ago


Well #10, i don't ride a horse, but i have raise 3 children by myself.....2 of which are twin boys. they don't run the street, they don't into trouble with the law. as a matter of fact, my daughter works full time and just had a baby 4 weeks ago! my twin boys have a bright future......17yrs old, one is going to be a police officer and the other a lawyer with a goal to become a justice supreme court judge. THAT'S ALL BECAUSE I TOOK TIME WITH EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF THEM. YOU MUST HAVE THE TIME OR YOU WILL MOST ABSOLUTELY HAVE CHILDREN THAT FOLLOW IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS........IN HER CASE....SHE'S A SELF CENTERED LOSER AND DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THOSE KIDS. ONLY WHAT SHE WANTS OR GOD FORBID, WHAT A MAN IN HER FUTURE MAY WANT! Now what, huh!

1614 days ago


she has nice knockers

1614 days ago


Seriously? The kid is stomping on a baby screaming in pain while she ignores it for the phone? Can it really be that this can only end with a maimed or dead kid?

1614 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Do our taxes pay for that NutCase and her children? She should be in a Psycho Ward and her children put up for adoption.

1614 days ago


I used to think she looked like The Joker . But she really is starting to resemble much more Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Seriously. Especially around the eyes.
Guess those $400 eyelashes --- ten percent of her mortgage payment with money gone next month,remember---- just end up making her look like she's short an axe. $400 eyelashes or the mortgage . Guess that says it all.

1614 days ago


***PUT DOWN THE PHONE YOU DUMB TWIT!!!*** One of your out of control kids is attacking another (and not for the first time- remember Aiden's injuries?) And all this idiot says is "you're in a time out." No follow through, no consequences-NOTHING.

1614 days ago


She shouldn't have that many kids....but she is doing pretty good with them. I have one and its hard.........the rest of you that run your mouths and have nothing positive to say should go find something constructive to do cause your idiots.

1614 days ago

dirty diana    

her and kate are doing the same ass thing.... begging for money blaming the "blessings"!!!! my f^&king ass!!!

1614 days ago


This woman is abusing these children in the worst way. People complain about child abuse in various ways in the media but clearly can't see that this is one. Legally at a daycare there should be an adult care-taker for every 3 children at the facility. This shows theres only 1 care-taker for 14 kids? I agree children need love and affection among other things in life, and you can't provide that to 14 of them. Prisons in America will be overcrowded soon with these little sh**ts running amock.

1614 days ago


WTF!!!!! letting your kids stomp on like a two year old, then telling your kids CPS is coming if you dont go to school, wtf is america coming too!!!? Give those kids to some Mexicans, we'll straighten them out.

1614 days ago


She really either needs major help (with her kids, and mentally),and to have the kids put in a foster home or with a family member until she can get her life on track..Whew! She had kids by invitro, w/o having a hubby or partner to father those kids! They need a father!

1614 days ago
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