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Two More Accusers

In Steven Seagal Sex Case

4/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420_steven_seagal_EX_TMZ_01Two more women have come forward claiming Steven Seagal made unwanted sexual advances toward them while they worked for the actor ... but Seagal's lawyer tells a very different story. 

TMZ has learned both women have provided Kayden Nguyen with sworn declarations, to assist Nguyen's lawsuit against Seagal -- in which the 23-year-old claims she was sexually assaulted by the actor during her stint as his personal assistant.

In one woman's declaration, obtained by TMZ, Seagal is accused of luring her into his bedroom, putting his hands on the woman's breasts and stating that he was "checking just as a doctor would for lumps."

The declaration continues, "Seagal reached his hand down my pants. He said, 'I just wanted to touch it for a second to see what it felt like.'"

The woman claims she screamed and cried until Seagal let her go.

Like Nguyen, both women claim they were hired by Seagal to serve as his assistant, but quit after Seagal made inappropriate sexual advances.

TMZ spoke with Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, who tells us, "My client has no knowledge of these women and a preliminary check of his employment records does not show that they ever worked for him."

Singer also stated that regardless of whether they worked for him or not, their claims are "absurd."

Singer concluded, "The declarations were clearly prepared by Nguyen's lawyer to be leaked to the media to help bolster his client's meritless claims."


No Avatar


Steven is clearly Under Seige and Marked For Death.

1617 days ago


Oh PLEASE!! If these woman who assaulted why didn't they walk out and quit or at least call the cops? It all seems fishy to me!! It seems everyone wants to make a buck now days no matter how they do it.

1616 days ago


Steven what tree did u pick these nuts from????Lies& more lies from the nuts..

1616 days ago


This is bullsh**,why are they just now coming out,,he is a buddhist like Tiger so he has the utmost repect for women...anyone who made the movies he has made(well the first 5 or 6) could never do something like that...."and you can take that to the bank"

1616 days ago


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1616 days ago


Money to be had and every slut that ever met him jumps on the band wagon.

1616 days ago


Damn those girls had all the luck, I need a job where do I sign up at. He is my favorite actor, hes hot.
If I were his lawyer I would asking to see their immigration papers. She must of needed more money, she must not be earning enough laying on her back

1616 days ago


Lawyers are paid liars, so let's get to the facts.

1616 days ago


Personally, I think he's a jerk. He may be innocent, but he's still a jerk...LOL

1616 days ago

Zing Yen    

LOL, so the plot thickens! This dude seriously has some issues!


1616 days ago

Legally Blonde    

What is wrong with these "old peckers" like Steven Seagal? Didn't Seagal learn anything from Roman Polanski? Seagal did a movie one time in my hometown. Everybody was just in "awe" of him. Can't help but wonder what "the folks" back home on the East Coast, USA are thinking now? (LOL)

1616 days ago


He's an ugly, fat, nefarious, piece of ****. I know that's what everybody is thinking, but I am the one to say it. He'a ALWAYS been ugly, and had face that resembled a prune. With that said, I've always enjoyed his movies.

I'm sure all these women are just conspiring against Mr. Seagal, and that he's behaved like a choir boy the entire time. I guess with a face like his, you got to take what you can get....

1616 days ago


``3. ROFL i guess this proves all women are stupid. Let's see, A -movie star- is hiring a personal assistants that are boarder line models and a hot chick realizes and knows that shes hot at a young age and she wins the job against a ton other girls/guys..but is shocked that he tries boinking her? ROfl riiiiiiight why do you think you got the job in the first place..

Posted at 2:15 AM on Apr 21, 2010 by David``

Dear David, she was not applying for a position in a brothel.

1616 days ago


This smells like a money grab to me.Why didnt nguyen leave if she was being assaulted didnt she stay in his house for days or something after this supposedly happened? He must have a house like a prison or something

1616 days ago

Wee Tiong Sin    

I am a great fan of Steven Seagal. No. I definitely think he didn't do it. The accuser(s) wants publicity...that's all.

1616 days ago
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