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Lindsay Lohan's

Butt on the Line

4/21/2010 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Butt on the Line TMZ has learned ... the people suing Lindsay Lohan over a wild ride down Pacific Coast Highway now want a judge to throw the book at her for being a no-show at her deposition.

Lawyers for three passengers in Lindsay's car -- along with the passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing -- are going to court Thursday morning, asking a judge not only to force Lindsay to sit for her depo ... but they also want a default judgment against Lindsay for failing to appear.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay bailed on her depo last week and then again Tuesday -- she had things to do and people to see, and she couldn't get a ride.

We'll be in court, so stay tuned.


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She is a complete mess!

1644 days ago


So she miss a few court warrant for her arrest as would be the case with the rest of us. Gotta love star power.

1644 days ago


I'm pretty sure you can't get a "default" judgment that way...they can file a motion to compel and get sanctioned (fined for not appearing) but I don't think a default judgment. Maybe win a summary judgment motion...a "default" judgment is when they don't file a response to the complaint. But I'm only a legal secretary, not a lawyer...Harvey would know better than I :)

1644 days ago


Unless she's paying taxes, she's contributing NOTHING to society. She's a ****roach who absolutely needs THE BOOK thrown at her - and I mean smash her with it! By doing so, a judge just might avert the train wreck her family is "supposedly" worried about.

1644 days ago


They will be visiting her grave just like Corey Haim's mom. Her dad was trying to help, but apparently failed.

1644 days ago


Surely some southern California TMZ reader or an employee of same could give her a ride to court.

1644 days ago


Default Judgement? What do they want an I.O.U.? She is already $60...0,000 in debt, that she can't pay back. Everyday she moves a step closer, to having to make a porno, to dig herself out of debt. Vivid or some comapny will pay her a $1 mil+, only problem is, they won't recover their investment, bc every dude has already hit it and quit it.

1644 days ago

Bama Mom    

The judge needs to put her away for a very long time. She is in desperate need of serious help. Who in the coutry that is not a celebrity gets over a year to do a little bit of community service and two years to do like 50 alcohol education classes. She has no job so there really isn't a ligit reason why she can't go. And, her mother has a serios deniability problem. Everyone else can see that she is a hot mess but not her own mother. What a joke, Mommy Dearest just does not want to admit that she screwed her child up and enables her on a daily basis. Lindsay is broke and is a strung out addict who needs help, not anymore enabling!

1644 days ago


Wow! she looks older than me and I am 51! Scat!

1644 days ago


Bitch can't afford a taxi?

1644 days ago


Screw this sorry ass bitch. Die already so sick of hearing about her.

1644 days ago


No respect for other people and their time, no respect for the courts, no respect for herself. Her deadbeat dad did a wonderful job. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Now all she needs to do is start beating people with her shoe.

1644 days ago


People always hate her so much.. “No matter what.” It just goes to show you that there is something unique and different about her that makes even the mean evil people hate her. Lindsay should really look into becoming a Christian.. That’s my thought

1644 days ago


She's stupid. People tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and she blew them all off. No wonder everyone thinks she's a big loser. Her mom is a big loser also and is helping in the death of her own daughter.

1644 days ago

Daniella M    


1644 days ago
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