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Marie Osmond's Son Attempted 3 Suicides

4/21/2010 6:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_marie_osmand_EXMarie Osmond's son had been suffering from depression due to "bad school grades and a recent visit from a former girlfriend," this according to witness statements in the L.A. County Coroner's report on Michael Bryan's suicide.

Ruthann Clawson -- a close friend of Michael's -- said the young man also confided in her that he had three previous suicide attempts by hanging.

Clawson said Michael smoked cigarettes daily and was a social drinker, but had not recently used illegal drugs.

Clawson also told Coroner's investigators, on the night of Michael's death, she received several text messages from him, including one where he said he was "feeling like s**t."

At 9:23 PM the day Michael died, he texted her, "I have a letter for you on my bed."  She ran downstairs into his bedroom and found a handwritten suicide note.  She went to the balcony, looked down and saw Michael lying on the sidewalk below.


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1624 days ago


So sad.

1624 days ago


Hang in there, Marie!

1624 days ago


Is it just me that thinks Marie has a screw loose? I feel sorry for all her adopted children. They have a wacky momma. The daughter is suicidal as well. She tried to burn down the house. KOOKY

1624 days ago


you spammers suck ass.

1624 days ago


That crazy MORMAN cult should take some heat for this, but they won't.

1624 days ago


Missy you are a total idiot. Depression is chemical it is not a reflection on the mom. READ more--blog less.

1624 days ago


3 previous suicide attempts... Marie, were you living under a rock? That boy needed serious help! Shame on your parenting skills!

1624 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Why didn't he get help? It's not like they don't have the money to do it.

1624 days ago


To #4, Misty, depression is a chemical imbalance, you dumb BITCH. Anybody can commit suicide at anytime, regardless of what their parents do for a living, or how much money they make.

Saying Maria is a "wacko" is akin to taking potshots from the peanut gallery. I've had two friends commit suicide, and believe me, they had more opportunities in life to ameliorate their cir***stances. But you know what, they didn't want to seek help, and chose the coward's way out instead.

I'm not saying that's what happened here, but it might have been the case. Some people don't want help, period, or are incorrigible. You know the old adage, " You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"....

1624 days ago


This is just so sad. Marie lost a child and all the second guessing in the world won't bring him back or make her feel better. I hope her family and faith are strong enough to get her through this. No parents should ever have to deal with this.

1624 days ago


Marie's daughter is gay and out. I don't think the scenario of 'not accepting Michael' applied here.

Hugs to Marie. And to Ruthann. She sounded like a great friend to Michael. Hope she is getting the care she needs after losing a good friend so horribly.

1624 days ago


This is so sad but also one has to wonder how neglected this boy was? It might of been better had he not of been adopted into a Mormon family with such strictness and lack of tolerance.

Also Marie and her now ex husband seem to have children with quite lose morals considering how strict they claim to be and all their clean living. I think two of her daughters had terrible my space accounts.

Marie is a millionaire with quite a career but if you are going to adopt all these children, stay home and take care of them. Pay attention to their needs.

This son never should of gone away to college, he was already vulnerable to say the least.



1624 days ago

Cheryl A.    

This goes to show you that suicide affects everyone. We all have strong opinions here about suicide, parenting etc. but the fact of the matter is that Marie is dealing with the death of a child, something NO parent should ever have to go through. I feel very sorry for the family of the child.

1624 days ago

Moe Greene    

Marie was too busy reviving her career so that they could pay money the Mormon church expected from them when she and Donny were has-beens. Well, before they became the has-beens that they are now.

The church will forgive them though since the Osmonds keep sending them money. Salt Lake will rewrite scripture if it means getting more money from the Osmonds.

1624 days ago
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