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'Big Bro' Star

Arrested for

Beating Pregnant GF

4/23/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former "Big Brother" houseguest was arrested this weekend after allegedly unleashing a ferocious attack on his pregnant girlfriend.

According to the Boston PD, cops responded to the home of Matt McDonald -- who appeared on BB Season 9 -- after his girlfriend showed up at a local police station to file a complaint.

Cops say Matt's GF -- who's currently 8 weeks pregnant with Matt's baby -- told them the two began arguing after the reality star accused her of cheating on him ... and that's when things got violent.

According to the police report, Matt's GF told cops he began strangling her and yelling, "I hope the baby dies and hope u [sic] have a miscarriage."

The GF claims the next day, Matt accused her of pouring water in his plasma TV -- and then proceeded to kick her in the collarbone, put her in a headlock ... and began punching her in the arms.

During the alleged confrontation, Matt called the victim's father on the phone and she allegedly screamed for help. Matt then screamed, "Shut the f*ck up or I'll punch you in the face." She also claims Matt threatened to kill her father if he called cops.

According to the police report, officers observed visible bruising on the GF's arms, neck and collarbone -- and proceeded to arrest McDonald. According to the police report, McDonald told cops that she attacked him -- and he was simply defending himself.

McDonald was charged with assault and battery -- and assault and battery upon a pregnant person. He's due back in court next month.

As for the baby, we're told the GF is still pregnant.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned the two were engaged to be married at the time of the incident.


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Sorry, he must have told you that to get to you too. Poor thing!Why would she be sleeping in his place? Sad how many people got lied to.

1643 days ago

ali beker    

All I have to say is everyone can talk but you don't know Matt or the whole story. How do you know the girl isn't a total attention grabber and drama queen? How do you know she doesn't have issues?
Do we know if she is acutally prego? You can never believe everything you hear. Theres always 2 sides to every story. And post number 15 your soooo right..who would call the father of the person you are beating? And if the girl was soo scared why didn't she go to the cops the first day? And wait until day number 2? Come on people. DRAMA!

1642 days ago


I agree with number 11. I bet Nattalie is thanking her lucky stars now, that she didn't get this Ahole!! Wow, I knew he was a woman hater but beating a pregnant woman, low, low and lowest!!

1641 days ago


Couldn't have said it better myself, Ali.

1641 days ago


Can't say I am surprised it was clear he had anger problems on BB9. What a punk.

1640 days ago


It is not surprising to me that matty the wimp beat up a woman. He has no respect for any woman. He told secrets of One He was supposedly in love with. He blasted Natalie the whole game.He cried like a child when he was on the block . Used His mother as an excuse to keep Him . god give him twenty in jail He wont be missed for sure.

1627 days ago


it surprises me hearing such awful news...especically about a person that all he did was pray and read the bible the wholetime he was in big brother u would think that such a person so devoted to his religion would be uncapable of such horror...and would find a peaceful way to solve a situation whitout usin violence...was i sooo wrong! people who do such violnt things to a pregnant female should get the full punishment and not let off the hook! they should be held accountable for their actions! too many men put their hands on wemen and end up killing them or their child.. theses men need to been given a ahrsher punishment so this **** can stop!

1552 days ago


All of you sticking up for this looser should be ashamed of yourselves. Find something better to do. Stop being idiots and making up rumors. Leave her and her family alone, you don't know the truth and should not be judging and bashing someone who you don't know anything about. Respect their privacy. Eventually the truth will come out and you will all look like fools.

1465 days ago


He is a textbook sociopath. He has major issues that of course the public doesn't know about. He knew she was pregnant, there is proof of it. All of you sticking up for this looser must be loosers too. Find something better to do. Stop being fools and making up rumors. Get a life. No one here knows the whole story. Leave her and her family alone, you don't know the truth and should not be judging someone who you don't know anything about. A man who abuses a pregnant woman should be in jail for life. That's all there is to it.

1465 days ago

Black Mask    

I know who this dude is he is nothing but a Rat Bastard , he is a Coward who would Run from any Man if he had a Beef , Im not surprised at all , he is a Piece of Sh*t , he knows it to , portrays himself as a Roofer , LOL , He is a Joke..

912 days ago


776 days ago


low life pleaded guilty in Boston Municipal Court to beating his pregnant girl friend(Boston Herald Sept 7 2012)
s***bag is still tring to save face by telling his so called friends that he did hit her but she only said she was pregnant so he wouldn't leave her/Lot of BS he was the one crying for her to take him back/he knew she was pregnant
In police report when he was arrested he told police he knew she was pregnant and that hwe went to doctors appt with her!(police report is public info check it out to see what a piece of sh8t he is and will always be!

642 days ago


low life pleaded guilty in boston court to beating pregant girl friend
but is still trying to save face by telling his so called friends that she wasnt pregant she just said so she wouldnt leave him what a s*** he was the one crying for her to take him back!

642 days ago
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