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Deputies Arrive at Lindsay Lohan's House

4/22/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department just showed up at Lindsay Lohan's apartment accompanied by Michael Lohan to check on Lindsay's sister's welfare.

Sources tell TMZ Michael went to the Sheriff's Department and said 16-year-old Ali Lohan was staying with Lindsay and he was concerned for her safety.
Lindsay just tweeted she is angry at building management for letting the cops and Michael in.

Michael, we're told, convinced deputies to go to Lindsay's pad to do a "welfare check" on Ali.

We're told Ali was in the apartment and deputies spoke with her.  Deputies left and Ali was allowed to stay with Lindsay.

We're told Michael is now going to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, per the advice of the Sheriff's Department.

Sources say Michael made a "compelling case" to Sheriff's deputies -- we're told Michael told deputies Ali was in Lindsay's car on the way back from Coachella and the car was going over 100 mph.

We're told Dina Lohan wants Lindsay to get a restraining order.  Problem is ... Michael had the legitimacy of the Sheriff's Dept. behind him, so it's unlikely a judge will see it Dina's way.

We just shot video of Michael leaving the Sheriff's Department in West Hollywood.

Dina Lohan just told us, "I was told by my attorneys not to speak because it is very serious and my ex could be in big trouble.  He's dangerous.... If he can't get to them he is going to try to hurt them -- it's not good."


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Come on Mike, leave those two little hotties alone so they can party.

1582 days ago


Don't give up, Michael. I understand why Ali, a minor, was the chosen subject matter here. Very well done and the best savvy legal maneuver to see what is going on. Ali should NEVER be alone for days with her addict sister. What could Dina be thinking turning her loose on the West Coast at 16 with Lindsay? SCARY!

1582 days ago


I don't believe I've ever seen a worse mother. She is completely awful.

1582 days ago


Michael is right to check on Ali...Dina uses her as a babysitter for Lindsay. I hope he can get a legal hold on both girls.
Yeah team Michael, he might be not the best dad in the world, but he knows he has to do something or he will be attending Lindsay's funeral.

1582 days ago


I'm behind you, Michael Lohan. Sure would be nice if Dina was and then you could both save Lindsay. You are a great dad operating under very difficult cir***stances here. I wish Dina would stop this enabling Linds. I will pray you succeed to save both girls from this awful existence. STAY STRONG, no matter what.

1582 days ago


menotyou are you nuts? Michael seems to be the only parent concerned for the welfare of his daughter. If my kid was all strung out on drugs and dragging her younger sister down with her you bet your arse I'd do anything and everything to get them into rehab. Lindsay's mother is nothing but an enabler, she should be ashamed of herself and even possibly put in jail for contributing to the deliquency of a minor!

1582 days ago


so the mom says getting a cop to go check on h is daughter is hurting them..hmmmm this is the same woman who said lindsay dont have any problems.though i question his motive he looks more caring right now that the mom does.

1582 days ago


If my 16 year old daughter was drssed the way she is in that picture and in an obvious party situation where LL looks obviously wasted, I would call the police too!

1582 days ago


I'd like to know what drugs Dina is on she sounds like the stupidest mother around. So much for being home schooled. We see how well that worked out for lindsay.

1582 days ago


I like Lindsay too but agree she needs help, a terrible waste of a beautiful girl and talent. Her mother is an idiot of exposing the other daughter to this. I blame it all on the mother and father. I know the kids are going to do what they want to do at a certain age you can't stop them but they could have some how avoided exposing the 16 year old, it's not too late to save her.

1582 days ago

Oh no!    

Ali looks like she is 40. Let her be...

1582 days ago


Dina is worse than Michael. She is pimping out all of her kids. While Micahel's motives may not be pure, at least they make sense to most parents who try to help their kids.

That said, can't Lindsay just die already? We haven't had a good overdose death since Michael Jackson.

1582 days ago


I am no Michael Lohan fan but at least he is trying to be a father and help Ali from that mess of a sister of hers unlike the so called Mother Dina that lives off of those girls and that is why she will never to anything because she is afraid to be cut off financially and have to get a job! The next thing we here on Linds is her death and then Nasty Dina will be crying what went wrong..You went wrong..step up and be a mother for once and not their enabler! Somebody needs to cut her out of their lives so they can get the help they need. Yes that dress Ali is wearing is way too revealing and slutty for any 16 year old and especially where they were with all the drugs and drunks. No wonder linds can't get a job...look a the mess..I wouldn't hire to clean my house

1582 days ago


I hope he is able to save both his daughters, DINA LOHAN is a dumb bitch and she does not care what happens to those girls! Dina only cares about the money Lindsay sends her every month. Lindsay needs help and the whole world knows but dumb dumb fing Dina!

1582 days ago


"I was told by my attorneys not to speak because it is very serious and my ex could be in big trouble. He's dangerous.... If he can't get to them he is going to try to hurt them -- it's not good."

I love how Dina is told to shut up by her attornies, yet she continues to barf away. Hey White Oprah, STFU! Both parents are famewhores who couldn't care less about their kids; it's a contest to see which one will cause their kids deaths first...

1582 days ago
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