Lindsay Lohan - 2nd Time, Not a Charm

4/21/2010 4:10 PM PDT

Lohan a No-Show at 2nd Deposition

Lindsay Lohan is 0 for 2 in the deposition department.  TMZ has learned Lindsay was a no-show again ... in what is looking like a futile attempt to find out what really happened during her 2007 wild ride.

Three passengers in Lindsay's car -- along with the passenger in the car she was chasing -- are suing her, claiming she endangered their lives in a drunken chase down Pacific Coast Highway.

The passengers were scheduled to take Lindsay's depo yesterday at 10 AM but her lawyer, Ed McPherson, tells TMZ she couldn't get a ride until 11 AM -- she's not allowed to drive as a condition of her probation.

Lindsay bailed on her depo earlier this month because of a schedule conflict.

BTW, the photo in this post was taken at 2:30 AM today outside Trousdale nightclub in West Hollywood.