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Britney Spears -- Free to Go Free Boobin'

4/24/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite multiple reports to the contrary ... Britney Spears' father has not given her a bra ultimatum -- in fact, we're told he laughed when he heard the story.

As the tale goes, Jamie Spears was embarrassed by pics of Brit Brit showing off her nip nips, so he imposed a "must wear a bra" rule on his famous conservatee. But sources close to the family tell us there is no such rule in place, nor has there even been any thought of one.

We're told Jamie's feeling is this ... you can't make any 28-year-old woman wear a bra if she doesn't want to ... especially Britney.

Control her finances? Yes. Her undergarments? No.


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OMG!!!!!!!!!!tmz you will post anything won't you? she's so nasty.who cares what the pig does? tmz can't you find better things to post? anything but this and the other pig lohan.

1621 days ago


I've seen udders on a dairy farm that look better than that.

1621 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"udders on a dairy farm"???

My god.

Have you losers EVER seen anyone naked or ever had sex??

She looks fabulous. Her breasts are absolutely perfect for her age and mommy status and frankly??? Those breasts make me miss my ex-wife who even looked better than Brit.

1621 days ago

Da Mole    

From the photo it looks like Britney's got a healthy chest and really doesn't need a bra all the time... yet.

20 years from now... that will be a different story.

Enjoy it while you can Brit-Brit.

1621 days ago


im embarassed that her kids see her like this! nothing says "yep, this is my mom!" more then protruding grape-sized nips!

1621 days ago


I wish we all weren't so afraid of the human body! OMG, SHE'S GOT NIPPLES! EVIL! MUST NOT SEE! So it's okay for women to wear very low cut tops and dresses, teeny tiny bikini tops, let all that other skin on the boob show for the world to see, but the moment the NIPPLES show their existence, it's awful? PUH-LEEZE!! Pathetic!!

I think Britney has FANTASTIC boobs! I wish mine were that great! No, I'm not a nudist or anything, & I wear regular clothes. I just wish people as a whole wouldn't freak out about the human body.

1621 days ago


Why would anyone care about this? It's not the least bit interesting. It's just a couple of boobs. Who cares? Maybe if it was 50 years ago when people would actually be shocked to see (gasp!!!) "NIPPLES"!!!! Maybe someone would actually give a crap - I know you have to fill up your web site with supposed photos of interest, but this is just too boring to bother with. And obviously Britney's dad thinks the same too.

1621 days ago


Now this is what TMZ needs more of..A great boob shot of a different hottie every day would be nice...and this is nice...I think I just fell in love again

1621 days ago


you people are running out of stories.. remember micheal jackson one yr anniversary is coming up that should be good for a couple of acres of newsreel footage.. lol!

1621 days ago


Louisiana Slam-Pig!

1621 days ago


I don't understand the big deal with girls' nipples! I mean: They're not fake, it's a part of the body. Zeroing in on girls who might show nipples through clothing is ridiculous in this day and age! Are you serious?!? Ridiculous! Nipple on! If mine didn't nearly stare my ankles in the face, I'd wear nothing but t-shirts!

1621 days ago


Britney your ta tas are just finr keep up the good work

1621 days ago

pink floyd    

i would love to play with them.

1621 days ago


Britney has gorgeous boobs. But, if she didn't and they pointed somewhat down, do some of you fools know that sometimes women, and not even sometimes, a lot of times women have boobs that point down naturally?? has nothing to do with or without wearing a bra...or whatever. It's genetics and how far down the nipple is. Sometimes the nipple is further down, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes way high up. Some of you should research the different kinds of nipples. It's crazy how many people are concerned with "sagging"boobs. People need educating because another thing, they have discovered that bras that are worn all day and night can actually make you sag more. Better watch it with wearing the bras to bed!

1621 days ago

Fred Farkel    

It is horrifying to think of all the ugly women sitting there on their davenports in the midwest expressing their opinions over what Brit's breasts look like.

My god I could just PUKE when I think of what these women look and smell like.

And Brit is not good enough???

Yeah. Whatever. Have a nice day.

1621 days ago
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