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Jesse James Vandalism Case Put on Hold

4/25/2010 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the investigation into Jesse James' recent run-in with a paparazzo has been put on hold because cops haven't been able to speak to Jesse since he's been in rehab ... this according to sources close to the case.

As TMZ first reported, James and a photog placed each other under citizen's arrest during a confrontation on March 25. The paparazzo accused James of vandalism; James countered with accusations of stalking.

But a law enforcement source tells us the investigation is at a dead end until cops can speak to James.

The Long Beach PD confirmed the case was on hold but would not comment as to why.


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Jesse has the same pucker face look as the Steven Seagal picture on this page. WTF!

1641 days ago


I hope they charge the pap-photog that did this. The same day this took place the same dude with the camera was at Sunny's school when Jesse attempted to drop her off. I saw footage of Jesse telling him he was on school property and to leave. The pap said things he NEVER should have said to Jesse in front of little Sunny. I believe he followed Jesse back to the shop to finish the fight. It was a nasty photographer, believe me! Some of these photogs needle the celeb just to get a reaction they can photograph. It's dirty!

1641 days ago

jane doe    

JJ is a ****head and probably has
an assortment of STD'S - hope his
"thingy" falls off!

1641 days ago


A pie faced NITWIT; what did that beautiful Lady see in this s*** sucker?

1641 days ago

South Beach    

Some just can't get used to walking on the sidewalk after living in the gutter for so long. Back to the gutter for you Jesse and to boot, you're a "has been" in your world too.

1640 days ago


A tool for tools is all this wrench is.

1640 days ago


Nobody cares about that douchebag anymore!!

1640 days ago


1. Jesse has the same pucker face look as the Steven Seagal picture on this page. WTF!

Posted at 1:20 AM on Apr 25, 2010 by wheelie

I was going to post the exact same thing... God, they are both creepy.

1640 days ago


Geez, what a puss face this guy has. Yuck.

1640 days ago


Wasn't he in rehab for like... an hour?

1640 days ago



1640 days ago


Arse. And what's with the people who discourage others by making those idiotic pictures through keyboard symbols.

1640 days ago


West Coast Chopper now means everything Nazi, Nasty and Cheating...this dude sat there in the greatest Award Ceremony next to the Nobel Peace Prize Awards, having his wife give him accolades and gratitude. The very next morning she's doing the same thing sitting next to Orca on the Orca show done from the same stage...saying things like "Jesse works constantly so 80 people have work, they dont work unless he is"...all the while he's out banging HO's and those 80 people knew it and covered for him with their silence. He wasnt working or at the business, he was out Ho'ing. How could they live with themselves everytime Sandra came to the Business? Their loss in sales and elimination of their clothing line by the likes of Wal Mart, given its not P.C. to wear it anymore will be because of their own selfishness covering for a HO chasing boss. Heck, even an anoymous letter could have put an end to this thing a better way then it went down...but you 80 sheep only "followed orders"...just like good little Nazi's did too. If you get let go, go see if Steven Seagal is hiring, he and David Copperfield and Tiger Woods are all looking for employees like that, and they all fit the same profile of the type of Boss that does the same thing.

1640 days ago


And after all this circus, he wants his wife back to play Eva Braun. She probably will cut his balls off in his sleep.

1639 days ago


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