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'Survivor' Villain -- Collared for Mug Shot

4/23/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Russell Hantz -- the "Survivor: Samoa" runner-up who was arrested this morning in Louisiana.

As we first reported, Hantz -- who's currently starring on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" -- allegedly shoved somebody down while partying at the Festival International de Louisiane.

Hantz was arrested by the Lafayette City Police and eventually released.



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Why do we care about this *******??? I like TMZ.. But must you guys really cover these ****ing douchebag reality stars??? **** me running..

1609 days ago


as Russell's bitch.. I say he would be hot in jail.

1609 days ago


Russell is the ONLY player in the history of Survivor who said what he was going to do, and did just what he said...
He would have won Samoa hands down had the others not found out about his ac***ulated wealth and been JEALOUS...
Do I see him shoving someone?...Maybe, but more than likely it was a "Hater" who invaded his space...
I hope he wins Hero's vs Villain's...I hope future contestants take a bit of Russell with them on the show...He showed that the "game" itself is not rocket science, and that people are as stupid as the day is long when it comes to trust and money...
If someone like Russell can go in and turn things upside down, that speaks volumes of those who "claim" to be so much better than everyone else...
Team Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1609 days ago


I would love to go on survivor. When it comes to my time to be voted out, I'd run out into the jungle and wait for nightfall. Then I would sneak back and kill the others off one by one. Now that would make a great reality show.

1609 days ago


That man is **** stain!! What kind of example is he setting for his children?

1609 days ago


That man is a drunk! He is going to have his kids taken away from him. What an example to set for them, his family must be so proud!

1609 days ago


Guess we now know he's no longer on the show LOL
unless the show is over and CBS just keeps running the commercials to take up airtime LOL

1609 days ago


Hes a jerk!! I want to throw-up when I hear him talk & look @ him!!! ;oP

1609 days ago


★ ★ ★ Hey TMZ? I'm a really big Russell fan.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd keep us fans of his informed on how this works out.

I'm sure that there is more going on here than meets the eye.

★ ★ ★ BTW: Thanks for posting these in the first place. He won the viewers choice in Samoa, so obviously there are thousands more Russell fans out there, and we appreciate the update on "our fella".★ ★ ★

Keep on rockin', Russell! Ignore the BS. You're the Sh*T, buddy! :-D

Keep Hope Alive ★ ★ ★

1609 days ago


Russell is the best thing ever to happen to Survivor !
I am a sore loseer. If they voted me off and and Jeff said "bring me your torch" I would say" sure I'll bring you my torch- right after I set fire to everyone who voted me off"

1609 days ago

Evil Kitty    

Russell is a little bitch

1609 days ago

Big Daddy    

He could take Simon Cowells Job on American Idol. Russell is awful smart. And, if you don't believe me just ask him:)

1609 days ago


OMG is this loser isn't a case of short bald man I don't know what is!!! He probably drives a sports car to make up for his short coming (in all places). UGH if you were a millionaire you think you could afford a tooth ffs...and as far as you swearing on yah kids lives...good god get over yahself tosser...

1609 days ago


I hate Russell, I never miss 1 episode of Survivor that is until Russell got on there. Can't wait till he's gone so I can watch again

1609 days ago


"Keep on rockin', Russell! Ignore the BS. You're the Sh*T, buddy! :-D

Keep Hope Alive ★ ★ ★

Posted at 4:25 PM on Apr 23, 2010 by Tony"

Tony and Russell sitting in a tree....

Geez, get a room. I think you are the only one who could stand his hairy, smelly a**

1609 days ago
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