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Michelle McGee Strips with Hitler's iPod

4/25/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants people to think she isn't a Nazi, she should stop stripping to German heavy metal music.

Jesse James mistress #1 was the headliner last night at the preeminent Vegas strip club Deja Vu. We're told she performed two songs -- one of which was called "Feuer frei!" by Rammstein. According to the most accurate website in the world, Wikipedia, "The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to 'fire at will,' or 'open fire.'"

The song, which is all in German, features this glorious verse translated to English:

"Whoever knows pain is dangerous
from the fire that burns the soul
bang bang
the burned child is dangerous
with fire that separates from the life
a hot cry
bang bang
open fire!"

If that doesn't get you ready for a lap dance, nothing will!


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Know what, I totally believe her. I mean look at her doesnt she look trustworthy? I think everyone is just being silly, she looks nothing like those skin head guys with the tatoo's and things not at all...

1641 days ago


She is no class.

1641 days ago


#2-5,7 ect. where applies are trashy strippers or there pimps. TMZ didn't trash her career *roll of eyes* she distroyed her own life. Cashing in where ever she call. Pathetic!!! She has a kid and that's scary..hitler lover.

1641 days ago


I'm German, I listen to Rammstein.........does that make me a NAZI???

Hey Harvey, you eat bagels, that must make you a bigoted Jew. Right? You better not be driving a VW, Porsche, Mercedes or a BMW!!!

Why do the Germans have to suffer? Hitler was dumbasses.

1641 days ago


What is so shocking is that anyone could orgasm looking at this woman. She's repulsive in a thousand ways not the least of which is if she speaks. She's just the worst of the worst and she even looks diseased. Low IQ-dirty looking and respectful of nothing. Where is the turn on?

1641 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

She's a skank no matter what music she uses.

1641 days ago


I bet it's stinky
Down There

1641 days ago


**** TMZ you guys are pathetic.Are you saying anyone who listens to songs by German bands are Nazi's? Therefore anyone German must be a Nazi,I hope you get sued for this hate speech of yours!

1641 days ago


You people attacking TMZ for this post are not getting it. She has nazi tats on her and is now dancing to THIS. That's two pieces of solid evidence she's into white supremacy stuff. That's the point. Not that this music - in an of itself - it the reason for the post. The pic of her in the hat, the tat, the modeling for angry white chick stuff and now this are all monumental reasons for the post. Get it? Stop attacking TMZ for her choices.

1641 days ago


Hitler's ipod???? Rammstein are a very intelligent, creative and insightful band. They stand for everything that hitler was not! Just because something is German does'nt mean it's Nazi. Who writes these articles on TMZ??? Tell me tmz did your guy who took the picture of the girl stripping enjoy the show? bet he did.

1641 days ago


Thank you NYchick! Are you kidding me with that "dancing"??? All she did was walk back and forth and spin around the pole! If that doesn't get ya hot!

1641 days ago


TMZ quit reporting on this piece of trash. No one gives a crap. Enough is enough!!!

1641 days ago


Seriously??? Seriously TMZ?? Get your damn facts straight or get a native speaker to fill you in before you report something so ridiculous as fact. Rammstein is as Left Wing as they get.

1641 days ago

lord flashheart    

don't be surprised you get sued TMZ , calling Germany's/ Europe nr.1 band nazi's is more than a insult, its a crime . They will do that hopefully "gründlich"( thats also German )

1641 days ago


yea, don't trash on Tits McGee because she's listening to a German band, trash on her because Rammstein is a sucky ripoff band.

1641 days ago
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