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Jenna Jameson: Tito Lashed Out at Me

4/26/2010 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson says this is the first time her baby daddy Tito Ortiz has laid a hand on her ... but she says it's going to be the last.

Outside of her home in Huntington Beach, we asked Jenna if she was going to file a restraining order against Tito ... her father said it was "already done."

Jenna also said she feels "betrayed" that Tito would "lash out at me"  -- but says her two kids are doing fine.


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Looks like its all done for publicity

1606 days ago

Gillian Martin    

I usually never comment on these articles, but I can't help myself on this one. Now don't get me wrong because I believe that he physically assaulted her, however i find it very strange and even more so I find it disturbing that she was showing off her children and commenting so much on the incident. If this were me the last people I would want to see or even be talking to would be the paparazzi. And I would not want my children drug into the whole media craze and negative press regarding their father. In my opinion she is seeing a great opportunity to make profit off the whole situation. Next we will hear about her new book, I'm sure.

1606 days ago


I'm not condoning what he did (If it really happened) but if Tito really wanted to beat her he could have he is a trained MMA Fighter. It seems to me that were her injury is is where someone would grab someone else to say hey crazy stop (like she was coming at him). And if you were really that upset why would you bring your kids out to have your and there picture taken??????

1606 days ago


I'm sure we'll find some way to blame Chris Brown for this.

1606 days ago


The cop just ruined his daughter's life.

The accused is a pro boxer. If he meant to harm her, she would be in a coma with her face held together with wire and silk.

Anytime you see a man arrested in a house where an in-law is present, it is the in-law's fault. They never make a situation better.

And when the in-law is a former cop, it's just plain stupid. A cop knows exactly how to escalate a situation to violence without violating the law himself. Once he messed up everyone's head and created the violence, the retired cop called 911 and had Ortiz arrested.

1606 days ago


She's surprised that the UFC fighter lashed out at her, really? Yeah, it's hard to believe that someone who makes his living by beating the crap out of other guys would ever hurt his girlfriend.

1606 days ago


I know it might not seem it, but our greatest gifts are always given to us brilliantly disguised as our worst nightmares. Please be strong and keep your mind positive Jenna. God bless you and your

1606 days ago


I feel awful about the position she is in right now. With that being said, why is she walking to the end of her driveway with her children for a photo-op at a time like this?

1606 days ago

who dat    

She looks completely F'able for 47. Thats hot 47 yr old tail. My only surprise is this didn't happen much sooner.

1606 days ago


She's a porn whore...who cares? It's part of the job babe. Now tweek your nips for us. Yeah, oh yeah...good slut.

1606 days ago


I've been in there

1606 days ago


LOL. What did she expect? "Bad boys" eventually show their true colors. Some day we'll read that he left her dead in a Mexican sewer.

1606 days ago

john johnson    

wow, you wipe off the makeup and the semen from her face and she really is an ugly looking piece of ****, she could acually got out on halloween with her kids and not have to wear a mask. when hes out of jail, he'll beat that leather faced hoar's ass some more, her cop ass daddy will just think they're shooting an s&m video.

1606 days ago


I don't condone what Tito did.. but Jenna's a complete attention whore (no pun intended).. I find it pathetic how she brings the kids out and totes them out in front of the cameras..

1606 days ago


What does being an ex porn star have to do with anyhting, no Woman should ever ever ever be hit. As for Tito's lack of self control I can't speak on that I was'n t there neither were any one posting we don't know all the details yet? But I can tell you this Tito and Jenna came to my son's Boy's club back in December and
I don't recall any press covering this and how Tito and Jenna gave generously to the club.

1606 days ago
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