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Michael Lohan

'Lindsay Stood Me Up'

4/26/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's getting outta Dodge -- leaving L.A. and heading back to New York after, he says, Lindsay skipped the meeting he demanded today.

We just spotted Michael at the LAX Delta terminal, where he angrily told us he's going back to NYC to get Child Protective Services involved in his fight to get help for Lindsay -- presumably he's thinking CPS in New York has jurisdiction over all matters Ali Lohan.

Michael had issued an ultimatum to Lindsay -- meet with him or he'll take steps to form a conservatorship -- à la Britney.  Michael says Lindsay skipped the meeting.

As for rumors that his daughters are trying to get a restraining order against him -- Michael blamed it all on their mother, saying "Dina's always talking...nothing ever comes to fruition."


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Why isn't Ali required to be in school somewhere?

1639 days ago


If this media hungry man truly wants to help his daughters he would not do it via the tabloids…

1639 days ago


nothing new.

1639 days ago


I agree #5 He needs to get with the lawyers and get this going

1639 days ago


The nuts don't fall far from the tree.

1639 days ago


Corey Haim, Michael Jackson, River Phoenix.
No one talked nor cared for their lives. Why are you insulting him for trying to bring
his daughter back to reality? How many superior parents ignored problems because they cared only about money?

1639 days ago


to Jennifer: i have wondered the same exact thing. even if she is being homeschooled, she is still required to attend a certain amount of hours/classes every day. Maybe she takes her classes at night while she is boozing it up with her "wiser" older sister?

1639 days ago


I dont' think he is a media hungry man as much as a father who is desperate to see his daughter get some help.

True he has made grave errors in parenting, but lets look at Dina Lohan. A mother who is too consumed with trying to compete with her dauthers by acting like she is the same age as them. Dina Lohan also does more drugs than Lindsay!!

The father is trying to get help, and I think at this point, if he does not succeed, Lindsay will end up the way many of her predacessors have in the past few years. DEAD!!

1639 days ago


Some of us support you Michael. The rest, it seems, want your kids to die. Stay close to God and keep fighting the good fight! It appears you are the only person on this planet who is going to do something to save your daughters. I hope someday they appreciate your love.

1639 days ago


WTF Michael Lohan should go back to prison, I don't even know why anyone would take him seriously. Lindsay has a drug problem because of her ****ed up parents...

1639 days ago


No wonder all Lindsay wants to do is party and escape. If I had Michael Lohan as a father, I would have sought emancipation at 6 years old. This guy is unhinged and clearly wants to control his daughters as some sort of personal validation. He has been jailed more than once. He is a criminal and what he is doing to his "beloved" family is immoral. Why does he insist on embarrassing his daughters in this way? Perhaps if he STFU and GTFO of their lives completely, they would have a chance to heal and overcome.

I don't think Dina Lohan is a very good momager. Lindsay is talented, but her personal situations have gotten so out of hand and it's clear she needs to take care of her business and then get back to business.

She would probably do well to stay off Twitter, stay out of the clubs, and just chill out of the spotlight.

I look forward to seeing the Lohan girls, Lindsay and Ali, looking good, making money, and having fun. Without the running insane commentary from their biological father.

Michael Lohan is a pig. He is digusting. I wish I had a restaurant or other business that I could toss him out of. If he thinks he is fooling anyone with this loving father trying to save his dauthers act, he is mistaken. He is as transparent as glass. He is a shameless, disgusting famewhore.

Shame on him. If he really cared about his kids he would leave them alone and stay away.

1639 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Good! go yo NYC and stay there, how about getting a job and mind your own business its no wonder your kids don't want to talk to you

1639 days ago


If he was truly concerned about Lindsay he would not have left in a huff after waiting 14 min. He could've contacted her again to see if she was on her way or had something occurred to delay her. I have a news flash for him, child protective services isn't going to get involved with him over this. At 16, with a parent's signature, a child can quit school. The fact that Ali is in LA when her school is in NY (and is in session) probably means she has already quit. Perhaps Dina may not have informed him that Ali quit school. Both of these parents (Michael and Dina) have severely deficient parenting skills. I really think they are still fighting their divorce battle and haven't moved on from their anger at each other. And, all of their kids are getting hit in the crossfire. It's not any surprise that Lindsay is as mixed up as she is.

1639 days ago


Go, Michael, go!!

I know he's a media whore and and a nutbag, but at least he's trying to get some help for Lilo.

CPS might be able to do something as well.

I hope they declare Dina unfit and take the kids away. I wouldn't want to see them with Lilo or Michael, but at least they could be sent to some other family member who's head isn't shoved up their tushie.

1639 days ago


This guy is just pure s***b, he can't stop talking to the media, he is an addict. If he really cared he would SHUT his mouth and take care of his children. He is a media whore, he needs to SHUT up and go back to prison. This entire family needs a restraining order against him.

1639 days ago
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