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Celine Dion's Home -- The Ultimate Water Park

4/28/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Dion is literally drowning in money -- so much so, that she just built a massive water park in the backyard of her equally massive Florida mansion.

TMZ has obtained a photo of Dion's $20 million mansion on Jupiter Island -- which is where some of the richest people on the planet live ... and where Tiger Woods is also constructing an oversized estate.

Included in Dion's ridiculous setup -- a huge pool, lazy river and a water slide.

Because why not?


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Celine gives a lot to charity, especially when it comes to children. I work for a children's hospital here in Montreal, and she is the most important donator, year after year.She gave a lot of money for tha Haiti heartquake too. She worked her way very hard to get where she is now, so she deserves what she can buy...

1640 days ago


Jealous people-guess with some of your entitlement mentality you think you deserve to have one for free. It's her money-earned through hard work-her business what she does with it. She doesn't have to give it to charity if she doesn't want too. Who are you people to tell her what to do with HER MONEY? Go Celine!

I wouldn't put it in my yard, but she's not using my money or tax payer money for it, so who cares? Petty small people I guess.

1640 days ago

Dutch kids    

Dear Mrs. Celine, You and your family have an awsome pool just like in our dreams and it is right in your back yard. Wow! Wishing we could swim there if it was only for once (in a lifetime). Not one, but two slides. Your son must be having great swimparties with his friends. He is a lucky boy. Greetings from two pretty jealous 8 and 9 year old boys from Holland.

1640 days ago

celine dion fan!!    

arghhhhh **** u all! celine can do what she wants! she had the pool and slides built foir her son!! and if i was that ritch i would do the same! i mean c'mon the woman deserves it! working hard all her life with that great voice! so i hope she enjoys every minute of that house!!!!! im sure u lot would do the same if u was in her position!!

1640 days ago

Hot Rod     

I totally agree with you Shirley! An embarrassment to Canada is an understatement. She is a French Quebecer through and through and we know how the Floridians and English Canadians feel about them!!! Think back to her Egyptian 'do your vows over' production.....nuff said.

1640 days ago


Leave her alone. She earned the money so she should be able to spend it on whatever she wants. I bet a lot of people with kids would love to have this setup if they could afford it - she can.

1640 days ago

Mistress Dupree    

Life is a fantasy & she has the fame & money.

To live & buy, what ever she wants & desires.

You haters, would love, being
in her shoes!

1640 days ago

a total fan    

12. When Michael Jackson built an amusement park at his home, you called him weird and eccentric. Shouldn't you extend the same courtesy to Celine now?

Posted at 2:06 AM on Apr 28, 2010 by Cookie

I am waiting to see bus loads of ill and handicapable children at her home,free of charge,enjoying her water park. I doubt that will ever happen. And here I am planting trees in my acres trying to go green.

1640 days ago


That setup is awesome, I would love to have my friends around to go nuts there... She's worked hard for what she has, she can do whatever she wants!

1640 days ago

Hey Now    

She has 1 kid. Who's gonna use that?

1640 days ago


Thanks for sterotyping what people should expect from French Can.adians---excess, self, outward, greedy, these are the descriptors she has brought to all from that area of Canada.

And how dare she shout down America on the Larry King show during Hurricane Katrina yelling "let them touch these things", as looters stole. Let her let "them swim in her pools"...surely that long haired little girl/boy of hers cant swim the entire front and backyard, and that two timing HO chasing husband of hers cant either.

Viva La France, eh Celine?...a disgrace to Canada and all of North America.

1640 days ago


First of all anyone wishing for a hurricane is an ahole. Have you ever been through one huh you ****us? They are terrible. Cause pain to many which you have never seen. Now onto the water issue. Celine put in a special watering filtration system where she reuses most of the water, basically she has her own water system with the filtration and recycling that normal towns have and her electricty is 98% solar from what i have read. she actually gets paid by FPl the local/state energy provider as she provides energy back to them more than she uses. you peeps need to learn and make sure you have details prior to speaking. most her in martin county dont give a cap because she has taken care of all enviro aspects of this home. oh dont forget she pays over 500K in taxes to help supplement the budget, meaning her house helps provide police and parks for this town.

1640 days ago


Wouldn't it make more sense to build a public water park, charge and at least have it paying for itself or generating money. Not like you couldn't close it down for the day 'you' wanted to go play there. I hope she plans on spending the rest of her life there because that monstrosity is never going to sell if she ever has to put it on the market.

1640 days ago


hahah good for her, but i w ould of putin more waterfalls, even for a canadian she has some style,yup im saying most canadians have no style and no class,espically the french canadians lol we should wall of canada and mexico hahha charge them to get in like 5000 dollars lol

1639 days ago


recession whaaaaaaa?!??!

seriously this is absurd. why does a family of three (i think) need this crap?! she should have made it a big toilet to represent the money being flushed on nonsense. right down the crapper.

1639 days ago
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