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Jon and Kate Bury Hatchet -- For Now

4/28/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jon Gosselin will drop his legal case against Kate Gosselin for custody and child support.  Even more shocking ... they seem to be getting along.


Sources connected to the situation tell TMZ Jon never really believed Kate was an "absentee mom," as his fired lawyer alleged while she was on "Dancing with the Stars."

We're told Jon and Kate are trying to hash out a custody and child support agreement that is more up to date than the one that is currently in place.  Fact is ... Kate is making serious money and Jon isn't.   And, he's shown more of an interest in being with the kids than he did during the divorce proceedings.

Will Kate let Jon appear on her spin-off show?  Well, memba the old saying, "Burn me once ...."


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JON/KATE ,The both of them will continue to profit off of each other b/c they are a team working together .It not a choice The NARCISSIST KATE will let Jon do any thing b/c they are doing it together..JON looks good in this pic and The NARCISSIST IT looks drunk and high on drugs.Kate have u been smoking weed????Is that why u have gained weight??? Smoking weed and eating like a HOG???just curious..LOL......

1646 days ago


They buried the hatchet so they can exploit their money makers more efficiently. Just good PR, trying to keep themselves revilement (HA)!

1646 days ago


JON/KATE ,The judge ordered the both to take parenting classes.CPS should step in and give Aunt Jodi the children until JON/KATE finish the parenting classes.I thought The NARCISSIST IT new show will be giving advice about parenting..GEE! I hope it not a COMEDY SHOW like the DWTS used in their show as kate walked all the time instead of dancing.Poor TONY look as if he was pushing a HUGE shopping cart..

1646 days ago


Kate has always said that she wants Jon to have a strong relationship with the children & it has been Jon who has chosen to spend so much time away. I don't know his motivation and it may well be as bad as some are speculating, but, despite his massive character flaws, he's the only father those children have and they need both their parents. I do think that he was clearly screamingly jealous of her being on DTWS & the publicity she was getting, but reality may be sinking in that, while Kate can clearly do fine without him, he needs her support. I'm just hoping that this time, Jon gets his act together & they can work out a schedule that provides a stable visitation schedule for Jon, so Kate can plan her outside commitments during Jon's times with the kids. It would be a win-win situation for everyone. I hope for the kids' sake it works this time.

1646 days ago


Hey Jon, Kate is working your not she is making serious coin you don't have any coin. Welcome to the real world when you and Kate work out your money matters and you can't pay you are going to have to get a job to pay for your kids. and if you don't Kate is going to make sure that you become homeless. You over played your cards. Your another who has made the Piece of S*hit club and you are one piece of s*hit. The Hollywood Fantasy is over welcome to the real world.

1646 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Shockingly, he is dropping the case in exchange for having his child support obligations reduced- NOT!

1646 days ago


WOW! I heard The NARCISSIST KATE blogs on thesagewayexpress and CHER,daughter Chaz is a member and it a website only for lesbians & gay guys.I'm happy for Kate since she needs the suport b/c she so depressed about being voted off DWTS that she couldn't even watch Monday night..BOO!HOO porr depressed kate .Why did the RADAR FAKE FANS lie to Kate to cause kate to lie to her babies about winning????I don't blame u Kate if u got DRUNK and for u to BOO!HOO for TONY.........

1646 days ago


Nothing shocking about JON/KATE about the custody case or anything else happening in their drama life to help each other to make the $$$.JON/KATE a team they know what going on. They even know what going to happen before it spreaded out to the public....It called PLANNING & RATING....

1646 days ago


You know if I were Kate I think I'd teach him a lesson and give him temporary full time custody of the kids but only $100.00 per child per month support. Let him see how easy it is to care for and support all of them. Oh - and no nannies - after all Jon we don't want to call you an absentee father. Additionally you can only work the hours that the kids are in school because then again we wouldn't want you known as an absentee father. So, how are you going to make all that money that Kate can without help?

1646 days ago


If you remember, Jon was a very good and loving father. He did go through a crazy period around the divorce time....built up from years of abuse from Kate I am sure.
We haven't walked in his shoes and have no idea how we would have reacted in the same situation.
It is a good thing that he is getting his head back together and putting the children first. There are many stay at home dad's. Know reason why he can't be one of them.

1646 days ago


I want them both to just GO AWAY!!

1646 days ago


Jon needs money and he is seeing it was not his awarding winning personality but his money and so called fame that women found wonderful about him. I dont think Kate doing a show about her giving advice to other mothers will fly so, they do have some things in common , they both love money, cameras so I think they will get back together for the sake of the kids ........NOT...the sake of the fact they both are fame seekers and they know the kids are the meal ticket. I wish the kids would be taken away from both of them unless they stay home for some time. Did any one notice how miserable Kate looked when she was trying to be a real mom doing what real moms do, shop for food and doing the Walmart thing. She was so upset she didnt watch DWTS .and she was texting them....sure they didnt answer. Most moms would have been smiling and say yes, the kids and I got popcorn as they did when she was on and we were cheering everyone on. She should have said WE placed out votes instead of she cried lolol. what a joke.

1646 days ago


TMZ ,beans and her friends from The Sister666fungangbangclub would like to say,"HELLO".People,JON/KATE are like a lot of people out there trying to find ways to make the easy money w/hardly any HARD LABOR in it..Jon/Kate loves their children and they get along well.Aunt Jodi a wonderful person that loves her children and they all communicate it all the game of MONEY..The NARCISSIST KATE can't help it b/c she was born the way she is..The NARCISSIST KATE is DEPRESSED b/c she failed on DWTS and depended on her RADAR fans and they failed her I feel so bad for the NARCISSIST IT but that life so, deal with it NARCISSIST KATE forget about the RADAR fake fans and move on...

1646 days ago


Val,JON would love if he could get temp custody b/c if The NARCISSIST IT didn't pay him he would have a happy day in having IT locked up but that not going to happen b/c they are a team working for the money and laughting at the public like me& you playing the game as well.All it is the GOSSIP..GOSSIP...Rock on JON/KATE ......

1646 days ago


Buried the hatchet? You've got to be kidding me? I gotta say I don't believe it. He is doing one heck of a snow job on her all so he can appear on her new show and make some money. But we all knew that right??!!

1646 days ago
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