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Herbalife: We Didn't Mean to Pay the Hiltons

4/27/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the Hilton family wasn't filthy rich enough ... a global weight loss company claims it's been paying Paris Hilton's parents huge chunks of money for no reason whatsoever.

Herbalife International just filed a lawsuit against Rick and Kathy Hilton, claiming the couple has been "erroneously" receiving royalties for several weight loss products for roughly 8 years.

Long story short -- Herbalife says in 1992, the couple provided services to the company to get a line of products off the ground ... products containing ephedrine that were discontinued in 2002 -- mostly because ephedrine was banned by the FDA.

Herbalife claims despite 86'ing the line .... it has still been paying the Hiltons royalties.  According to the suit, there have been ongoing but futile discussions about how much, if anything, the Hiltons should return.


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Stupid f'ng Herbalife! TOUGH LUCK! If your company is so f'ng stupid that you didn't realize you were paying them...tough! What a bunch of losers to try and blame the Hiltons. Get lost HerbaCRAP.

1602 days ago


Wait a minute....royalties come from sales of the product. If they can't sell that product anymore, there shouldn't be any royalties. From whence is this money coming?

1602 days ago


So if I were to just out of the blue start mailing a check to one of you each month in a few years I'd be able to sue you for receiving it?

1602 days ago


This sounds like a 2 bit matter between Hilton and HerbalLife accountants, one set of whom is not very good. Time for an outside audit of HebalLife.....

1602 days ago


Ha ha ha! Hrebalife run by mormons, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard... Shea you are so stupid!

1602 days ago


This is not on the Hiltons but on Herbalife. I love how the say the money was erroneously received. I wish I could erroneously receive some money. The error was probably a lack of communication between the various departments in Herbalife. Accounting would just do the calculation based on the information they have from the sales and R&D departments.

1602 days ago


That would be 18 years, NOT eight. Can't you people do simple math?

The Hiltons are NOT liable for Herbalife sending them money.

In those 18 years, both parties have probably gone through several accounting firms.

The best Herbalife can do is sue Their Own accounting firms for making the mistakes.

1602 days ago


Yep time for an outside audit of Herbalife's books. They should have just ate the loss and saved face. I'm guessing that introducing this kind of public doubt over their accounting practices isn't going to be good for their stock price.

1602 days ago


@Blomfeldt - As a human being with a conscious i'm deeply offended you would trivialize the atrocities Hilter's Germany committed by comparing his downfall to that of a pro golfer with fidelity issues. your a real tasteless moron to equate Tiger Wood's supporters to those who blindly supported Hilter until the end. *rolls eyes*

1602 days ago


no surprise here, the Hilton clan is just s*** with better than trailer trash

1602 days ago


Sooooo...they're suing the Hiltons because 'they're' a bunch of dumbasses?

1602 days ago

Ron Mastin    

When it comes to the Hilton family, I could care less if they live or die but if they all did die I wouldn't shed a tear, I'd celebrate knowing that a family of very bad people won't be on my TV or Internet anymore. But I have to say that we used to always stay at one of the Hilton Hotels but after seeing and hearing about the family from the parents, down to Paris and Nicky, If there wasn't any other hotel but a motel 6, I'd stay at motel 6. I grew up pretty well off and we did so much traveling, cruises, etc., that we always stayed at a Hilton Hotel because honestly, there rooms aren't anything special. And there cheap, no wonder the family got so rich. But everyone talks about that family, besides the grandfather, isn't there other Hiltons? And if there is, I'm glad because it shows me that since they aren't hated so much like Paris and Nicky who crave, desire, and would kill just for someone to love them that wasn't on the payroll at the house they must pay to pretend to be there friend. It's like the english and British version's of the show that failed "Paris Hiltons new BFF" The rest of the family of Hiltons must have some class and dignity for themselves. There's a couple or a few low-class, low budget movies at Blockbusters you should rent. Paris had to pay to star in them and she can't act. It's worth seeing because they'd crack you up at what a bad "wish I could be a star" she wishes she was. The way I see it is that she's got all this money, she spends it paying people to do her make-up, her hair and nails, have custom clothing made for her for the club scene and goes to them because if she shows up to a club, all the young people will flock to her and it probably makes her feel good, like as if she was special. But the only special thing about her is the free money she gets for doing nothing but sit on her butt.

1601 days ago


Hey! No Takebacks! Herbalife is an Indian Giver!

1600 days ago


herbalife sperrrr

1361 days ago
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