Herbalife: We Didn't Mean to Pay the Hiltons

4/27/2010 8:25 PM PDT

Herbalife: We Didn't Mean to Pay the Hiltons

As if the Hilton family wasn't filthy rich enough ... a global weight loss company claims it's been paying Paris Hilton's parents huge chunks of money for no reason whatsoever.

Herbalife International just filed a lawsuit against Rick and Kathy Hilton, claiming the couple has been "erroneously" receiving royalties for several weight loss products for roughly 8 years.

Long story short -- Herbalife says in 1992, the couple provided services to the company to get a line of products off the ground ... products containing ephedrine that were discontinued in 2002 -- mostly because ephedrine was banned by the FDA.

Herbalife claims despite 86'ing the line .... it has still been paying the Hiltons royalties.  According to the suit, there have been ongoing but futile discussions about how much, if anything, the Hiltons should return.