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Tiki Barber - Blindsided by Divorce Papers

4/27/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0427_tiki_barber_EX_Getty_01What a difference a month makes to former NFL star Tiki Barber, because according to a source, Barber was floored that his pregnant wife filed for divorce yesterday -- 30 days ahead of their game plan.

The source close to Tiki tells us the retired NY Giants running back thought he and Ginny Barber had called timeout ... meaning neither "would file divorce papers until after their babies were born." Ginny is eight months pregnant with twins.

It's unclear why the month matters so much to Tiki ... especially since he and Ginny have been separated since reports of his alleged affair came out weeks ago.


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You are still married until the divorce is finalized - that usually takes 6 months or more - they will still be husband and wife when the kids are born. People get educated!!

1638 days ago


S*** bag!! Lower then dirt.

1638 days ago


I hope the today show has fired him, by the way his wife is Asian #61 it is not unusual for their parents to move in, I'm sure the house is big enough for all, and since his job takes him away she probably needed the help, she will be raising four kids.

1638 days ago


Maybe he should have been there for his 8 mos pregnant wife who is carrying HIS twins and is on bed rest. Instead he wanted to go around town showing off his whore.

1638 days ago


Can ANY man just keep his **** in his pants? If not, DON'T get married, fools!

1638 days ago


What's matter Tiki, didn't give you enough time to had your money in your tramp's name. If I was your wife I would make sure your kids know what an ass you are. She don't you a damn thing and I hope she drags your butt through the mud and drags your hooker's name thru the mud too. Once a dog is always a dog. Hope's your girlfriend remembers that when you dump her butt.

1638 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


1638 days ago


I'm really sorry that all kromen has to say is that Tiki got his weak side rushed. People tend to forget that these are real people here who are being hurt in these Godless and shameless affairs that men tend to have and think nothing else about it, unless they are caught. What a shame. It just shows that men continue to be immature and wonder why they lead unhappy lives. Happiness is not found in a bed. It is found in really searching for what love is all about, centering on a stable, mature relationship with someone who likes you then grows to love you. I just think that these cheaters are always never satisfied with decent, clean lives. They are unhappy in some way, so they behave like they feel-unworthy.

1637 days ago


It's time for Ginny to pay hardball. So she did it early oh but, you went against your marriage vows for an intern? Man these dudes and their commitment to vows/family for women that either don't work, don't have an education (I do mean the degree not just classes), and wait a woman that will go after a married man is not a real, true, or classy woman. Get Ginny like he is a spring chicken and these guys are so dumb, that a 20year old only wants you for money nothing else. You can't even keep up in the bedroom w/out assistance after 40 cause by that time you are on meds that hampers that.

1634 days ago


Amazing...My opinion of Tiki has sure changed. Here you have a man at the top of his professional game, opportunities galore, a beautiful and accomplished wife, and a wonderful family. On the other hand, you have a selfish, self-absorbed man who seems to know little about self-restraint and honesty. Glad to see his wife is taking matters into her own hands. The girlfriend would be wise to see the writing on the wall. If he was that easy to get, he's no prize. Throw him back and get some self respect. Oh, and by the way, "close your legs to married men!"

1633 days ago


especially since he and Ginny have been separated since reports of his alleged affair came out weeks ago!!! ALLEGED means that he hasn't been proven guilty yet guys, my goodness. Another thing... cheating is cheating. What difference does it make whether or not she's pregnant? IF he did it, he was wrong! Anyhoo....there's always two sides to a story.

1630 days ago


His own mother should personally slap the s--t out of him for all the public humiliation he brought upon his wife, children, and black men in general...No matter how rich or talented, he's a LowLife...and then actually had the nerve to demand to go into the delivery room with her after all of that! Why would she want to see his face while going through the worst pain of her Life? He is so full of **** that the whites of his eyes are brown! She should take his selfish ass to the cleaners, and provide a decent life for their children...While he'll be on to the next one, after the glow wears off that New P---y! Women everywhere should boycott his sorry Ass! She needs some brothers and uncles to kick his Ass for her...What a lowlife douchebag!

1603 days ago


It is sickening to see so many families torn apart, usually simply for a new Piece of P---y...The new game is to cry about "how bad/greedy/mean/whatever the old wife is, while going on a hunt for a new one...But if a guy is Man enough to marry a woman, and create kids with her, then he should be mature enough to try marital or spiritual counseling with the wife, to save the family unit, before giving up and giving in to temptation...Bottom line is, his (and many other men) favorite solution to marital problems is to sneak around with the first available skank! Thats why she should take him to the cleaners...He has no loyalty, no respect, no dignity, and no class...He's a rich jerk who cant keep his **** in his pants, even when his wife is 8 months pregnant! Hope she gets half...What a douchbag!

1603 days ago


Ginny Barber - Blindsided by Douchey Husbands Affair... How about that one?

1562 days ago


He quit on his former team and now his wife.........sign him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1562 days ago
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