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Sandra Bullock Adds Legal Firepower to Divorce

5/5/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained new legal documents showing that Sandra Bullock is bolstering her legal team -- and going out of state to do it.

According to docs, Joseph Kibre, a California family law expert, has filed a motion with the Texas judge handling Bullock's divorce asking for permission to work on the case.  Judges typically allow out-of-state lawyers to participate on a case-by-case basis.

It's interesting Sandra wants a California lawyer involved.  Kibre has handled the Clint Eastwood/Sondra Locke palimony case and the case brought by Mohamed Al Fayed against a group of individuals who allegedly tried to sell him forged government docs involving the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

And another lawyer -- Edward Howell Crosby is asking for similar permission to join Sandra's legal team.  Crosby -- a Louisiana lawyer -- works for the law firm that is handling Bullock's case.  The firm has offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Houston.

Crosby is also the lawyer who handled Bullock's tax problems in 2004.


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LaToya Jackson    

Back to me!! Me me Me and who? ME!!!

1569 days ago


Is Sandra a Nazi like Jesse was?

1569 days ago


When you have property in different states it is wise to get an attorney in that state for the divorce proceedings. Since each state is different this is how you protect yourself and your assets. The divorce itself is where you got married, but the whole estate can be all over and each attorney representing that portion of the estate.

1569 days ago


What a lot of class Bullock has, unlike Aniston who whined and played the sad sack act every chance she got. Bullock can act too, and play a multitude of characters, also unlike Aniston, who plays Rachel from Friends in every movie she has been cast in.

1569 days ago


You go girl, bend that prick over and ram that divorce right up his ass! Misery loves company

1569 days ago


???? WHAT legal "fight' ? he's hardly going to contest the divorce. and they are both filthy rich and have kept their finances, ? is it a legal fight over who keeps the DOGS or what ?! weird.

1569 days ago


To post #21, I AGREE WITH YOU !!!!!!! Your post was right on. Aniston is SUCH a douche. She does play it up all the time, and is too dumb to realize that it only makes her look pathetic. SO TRUE about how she can't act worth a damn either. Well, Brad and Angie are top actors, no one would say the same for shallow aniston. she's a wannabe with EVERYTHING.

1569 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Geez, how many attorneys does it take for one divorce?????

I agree Sandra needs one, the kids each need one, the hubby, who cares?

So I guess I answered my own question.

1569 days ago


4 and 5 - when did you get your law degrees? 6 and 8 - Nothing like kicking a person when they down. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 11 and 13 Maybe because she isn't a hateful person and she loves his children. #19 That has to be the dumbest remark on this site. AND #21 and #24. Why the heck are you bringing Aniston into this???? Can't you spew enough hate on other sites?? I don't see Aniston as a whiner or complainer. She moved on - why don't you?????? And finally - #12 you are just a plain jerk!!!

1569 days ago


Just like mama said, "When you lay down with dogs you get fleas"

1569 days ago



a quote from Jill Clayburg's character in "An Unmarried Woman". "Balls said the queen, if I had 'em, I'd be king"!

You go girl; now that you have the OSCAR; you do not need a Jesse!

1569 days ago


To #27 - Do you think she writes these articles to put in the rag magazines? She is letting the world know that she adopted a darling baby in "Peoples" magazine. Better that she tells it than the rag magazines who never get anything right. #28. Glad to know you are so pure and clean and NEVER made a mistake. I just do not understand the hateful comments some of you make.

1569 days ago


why is it that so many of you mostly ( women ) think that it's okay to steal from a man's wallet? If the relationship disolves move on hate anomosity anger and bitterness will only follow you around and torment you.

1569 days ago


They keep changing the post numbers. My comments to #27 and #28 is now to #25 and #26 or rather Zoe#1 and James.

1569 days ago


Kick his nasty, overall loving ass, Sandy!

1569 days ago
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