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Lindsay Lohan: 'My Sister Is Fine'

4/29/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says the things her father has been saying about her are "just foul"... and claims 16-year-old Ali Lohan is doing "fine."

LiLo went on 102.7 KIIS-FM with JoJo Wright last night, where she claimed ... despite her partying she's been "working a lot" and "in a really good place" ... and it's "not a crime to go and have fun with your friends."

She also said, "My sister is fine and she is in school" -- and her father Michael Lohan's anti-Lindsay press tour "only builds negative press" and "hurts me."


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Um...if the mom is okay with her 16-year-old daughter living with a psycho crackhead, I'm inclined to side with what the father has been saying. These people don't live in reality, they should all be in the psych ward. I can't help but remember when that reality show with Dina and Ali started, when the teaser commercial that was on all the time featured Ali saying "I aspire to be like Lindsay." HUH?!

1581 days ago


If she wants to put all this mess to rest why doesn't she just agree to take a random drug test and prove her Dad wrong.

1581 days ago


Yeah right!!!

1581 days ago

unique taste    

Working? Didn't she just lose a movie contract...she looks like she partys hard...really looking older than she is. My vote is with the dad - do what you can to save Ali; might be too late for Lindsay unles she wants to get help

1581 days ago


Ali isn't really "in school" - her mom pulled her out of school at least 2 years ago for the "reality show" and to "work on her career", allegedly "home schooling" her. I'm all for home schooling, but Dina Lohan is not up to the job and the reasons for it in this case were stupid and detrimental to the kid. Ali is 16 and so doesn't actually have to go to school now. But the Lohan family seems to put education as a very low priority.

Ali is just an ordinary kid and should have been allowed to develop her coping skills for an ordinary life (public or private school would have been good for her, home schooling unlikely so) and encouraged to find her real talents instead of being pushed toward this fantasy of a show business career. Ali adores her big sister and has repeatedly said for years that she wants to be famous like her sister. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the natural talent for acting that Lindsay had as a kid - just look at Nickelodeon's movie Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out for proof of that. Ali (undoubtedly only because of her last name) was pushed into that one in a minor but speaking role, and she was awful. Really awful. All the other kids were good actors, she stood out as just plain terrible. No legitimate casting director in his or her right might would want her for anything after seeing her poor performance. What a nasty thing to do to a kid, that's her mom's fault.

Neither Ali nor LIndsay can sing, either. Lindsay is enough of an actor to pull off fake singing for a role, but she doesn't have any power or range and relies on digital enhancement to keep her on key. I don't know what fool convinced her that she was actually a real singer (probably mom...). Ali shows no real passion or talent for singing, just a thirst for fame and fortune. See any part of Living Lohan or better, the tvgasm recaps (takes less time but they are right on the mark...), for proof of that. It was crazy - supposedly the kid was preparing to put together a cd, but didn't actually have a repertoire of songs and never was seen happily singing every chance she could get. Somebody else was coming up with songs for her to sing in two weeks, with heavy digital enhancement. A real singer behaves very differently - look at Demi Lovato, about the same age, who has real power and range and obviously loves to sing. Ali never showed that kind of enthusiasm and drive and willingness to do the hard work for singing or acting.

It was abusive to showcase Ali in that abominable Living Lohan - she was just an ordinary self-absorbed, whining, bratty young teenager, except cameras were following her around to swell her head and stunt her real emotional growth. Who among us would want to have to watch ourselves at that age now?!? Oog. How embarrassing for her! That's all mom's fault, too.

In short, the child abuse Ali has suffered may not be the sort that child protective services is designed to deal with, but she has indeed been abused by her mother. Her father hasn't really been in her life much, but her mother has definitely been talking against him to the kids, very poor judgment for the custodial parent. This makes it impossible to know what kind of relationship he could have developed with his kids as his own life changed, if his ex had allowed it. Dina even referred to him as their "ex-father", which is never the mother's decision to make. I thought my own father was a hopeless jerk and cut off contact with him myself at an early age when I got tired of the lies and the emotional rollercoaster he was keeping us on with his sporadic visits, but my mother never ever blocked contact with him and never talked badly about him. It was my decision, not hers. Whatever Michael Lohan's mixed motivations are, he's right to be worried about Lindsay and how safe it is to let Ali around Lindsay unsupervised at this time. Considering Dina's control over her kids' contact with him and the mind games she's been playing with them, maybe going public wasn't such an idiot move after all.

1581 days ago


First! (to be 44th)

1581 days ago


Enough with the coverage of Lindsay. She doesn't even qualify as a celebrity any longer.

1581 days ago


The concern with the child protective services is that if you are in charge of a minor.
Who is there for the minor when she is out till 5am?

My guess is she will go on probation for something and end up being in violation of probation like most every other addict once they get in the system.

1581 days ago


I love her twitter comment:

"Playing the innocent card, while chatting to tmz just like my ex-father, when all I've ever done is fall for a girl"

And she says she doesn't listen or read TMZ? *scoffs* Yeah, ok, Linds.

1581 days ago


Lindsey, do you realize how you look? You look like hell! Why would your father lie about your drug use? How would that benefit him? Do you really think we are all blind and stupid? Your sister should not be left in your care. Your mother is obviously a neglegent parent!

1581 days ago


Lindsay is a lost cause. She has signed her own death warrant by her unwillingness to understand her own behavior.

Ali is a fame wh*re who thinks she can sing and act. Her parents, both of them, are still responsible for her at sixteen. Her father is doing the right thing, the best he can do at the moment. Her mother should have her parental rights taken away for this child of sixteen. She has a younger brother, too.

Ali has moved to LA to live with Lindsay and pursue an "acting career." The whole family is doomed.

1581 days ago


Please stop reporting on Lindsey, she is nothing but trash and her mother is too!

1581 days ago


Well hyate to bust everones bubble, but she is pathetic, has no substance and shes only a very stupid twenty something and has no clue what work is. She will never be a pillar of the community and will always have a very sorry life and why is this slut news worthy. Hell gas just went from 251 to 275 helloooooooooo most people are more worried about that than what her life is about. Just my opinion.

1581 days ago

joey - I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!!!    


1581 days ago


She´s in the dark side now

1581 days ago
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