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Sandra Bullock's Biggest Adoption Hint

4/30/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock dropped a big adoption hint when she bought her New Orleans home in June 2009 -- but no one noticed.

Sandra formed a corporation on June 5, 2009 that purchased the $2.25 million Victorian home a few days later.  The name of the corp -- Big Easy Bebe LLC.  It's an educated guess, but we're thinkin' "Bebe" is slang for baby.  We doubt she named the corporation after a clothing store.

Sandra says the process of adopting bebe Louis took four years  ... so when she bought the house she was nearing the finish line.


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I love Sandra I hope her life is much better without Nazi boy!

1635 days ago


There are many questions here. She married at 39 then either never tried to concieve with Jessie, or gave up after 1 year & started the adoption process...?

And why does it take 4 years to adopt an American baby??? That's a crying shame.

1635 days ago


Great insight ken! Sandra, I am available and I like everybody... regardless of skin color

1635 days ago


Way to make something out of nothing TMZ.. this assumption is ridiculous .. and sandra bullock i dont really care if you have a baby or not lol .. why was it a secret.. who cares!! just pose on the cover with ur new baby and stoop to the famewhoriness of those hairy kardashian hookers....

1635 days ago


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1635 days ago

There's a problem here    

What a beautiful home. One of my fantasies is to live in NOLA Garden District. If you've ever been through there you'd know why.

1635 days ago


my gosh that's a beautiful home.

1635 days ago


Hey TMZ, bebe is actually French for baby (without the accents on the "e") and given that he's from the Big Easy where French is spoken methinks that was her intentions. Congratulations Sandra et si tu veux apprendre le français, viens à Canada!

1635 days ago


Hey TMZ, bebe is not slang for baby, it's actually the French word for baby. Congratulations Sandra!

1635 days ago


That looks like a haunted house. I wouldn't want to live there...

1635 days ago


enough about this lady..give it a rest..

1635 days ago


why not so something responsible and write something about this gigantic oil spill we have in our backyard,,now thats news and they said as of now they are not sure if and when they can get it to stop,

1635 days ago


We don't know that she gave up after one year trying to concieve... Who cares why she adopted... My kids are adopted... I knew when I was 16 I would never get pregnant... We don't know her personal medical issues... nor should we care...
There are many reasons it could of taken 4 years for her to adopt. Typically a domestic Adoption doesn't take that long. Mine both took less than 6 months. However, they could of taken their time... she has a career... its very possible they took 4 years to go through the process of homestudy and paperwork... little by little rather than all at once.

1635 days ago


Jesse James does have a messy home study, I'll bet. He's got two ex-wives, a porn ex-wife just out of prison, and three other children. If a home study was started four years ago, his youngest child by the porn actress was just about one year old. I don't think a home study takes four years under any cir***stances. I think Sandra and Jesse were pondering their choices during that time.

My question is why does she need to move to New Orleans? The baby doesn't care where they live. Does she have a connection to New Orleans?

Nice house and nice district, but I'm not sure a world famous and reknowned actress and her child should live two feet from the street. She should value her privacy and the safety of her child. They are too accessible to intruders in that situation.

1635 days ago


Isn't that where Herman Munster used to live??
1313 mockingbird lane.....

1635 days ago
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