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Jesse James -- Police Interview Complete

5/2/2010 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jesse James has finally completed his sit-down interview with Long Beach detectives regarding his ongoing legal war with a paparazzo.


As we previously reported, Jesse and the papper were each pointing fingers over a heated encounter near West Coast Choppers back in March (Jesse said the dude was stalking him and the pap claims Jesse vandalized his car) ... but officials couldn't finish their investigation until they spoke with Jesse -- after his stint in rehab.

Now that the interview is complete, law enforcement sources tell us the investigation is "just about" over -- and the case will soon be handed over to the D.A. to decide whether or not to pursue charges.

Stay tuned. 


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Well the publics investigation is closed too...closed on ever wearing or buying anything with that now understood to be Nazi symbolism he has been pushing as "West Coast Chopper" stuff. Anyone wearing that nonsense now on their backs out in the public better get ready to defend it from all who hate Nazi's and what they stand for....not my rules, its the peoples rules now, given his own actions, behavior and choices. And those lying employees of his too---covering for his antics while they knew all along Sandra was being taken for a ride with his "I'm working hard" stories. Where's your skanks now that you need some comfort chump? Nazi skanks with your Vanilla Gorilla. You dont need Sexual rehab you need Lifes lessons. Uh, good luck.

1604 days ago


He should be charged. Just because he's an celebrity he gets away with crap like this. No way. I saw the video and he is guilty, he touched the guy first. Surprise Jesse but when you screw up, you have to pay for it, just like everyone else.

1603 days ago


grow up james. your behavior was inexcusable. you should be charged.

1603 days ago


We want to see more of the Bombshell! Show us the meatflaps!

1603 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Ol' Peanut Head should be charged with being a moron in public.

1603 days ago


IF Jesse damaged the paps car, he should not have. The paps ask Jesse if Sandra was going to let him see Louis IN FRONT OF SUNNY, THE 6 YR OLD DAUGHTER. THAT IS WRONG!!! Jesse got upset and should have. I thought paps were not suppose to be near schools with their cameras. They are always taking photos of Sunny with Jesse walking into school WRONG!!! Sunny is hurting enough!! She did nothing wrong.Jesse is a self made millionaire from Orange County & now he his selling his property in Orange County. Jesse gave MONEY $$$ to Long Beach Schools to help poor children. He has an addiction that cost him his wife and little baby.

1603 days ago


He grew up in Orange county and became a self made millionaire. He gave huge amounts of money to help poor kids in Orange County.Now thanks to his sex addiction & Bombshell Michelle, he is selling his property, lost his wife and new son and his 3 other children will miss everyday life with Sandy. This should be a warning to closet sex addicts. Get help!!! These strippers and mistresses are making a fortune by telling all!!!

1603 days ago


**** that...if I had some punk following me I would retaliate too!
Paparazzi ***s need there asses kicked not the car...punks!!
It should be illegal to follow people around 24 7.
If i were a celebrity i would be in jail for this very reason.

1603 days ago


You have got to be one of the most hated people on the planet right now. You had it all and never deserved one bit of it. I hope you choke on all your nasty ugly whores. You deserve everything bad that will come your way.

1603 days ago


The paps deserve all the grief they receive from people that they harass. One of these days people are going to get really sick of it. Paps should be outlawed in my opinion.

1603 days ago


The Paparazzi deserves to get their vehicle or cameras vandalized, cause they always out in the public invading the famous star's privacy. I do get Jesse some credit on doing what he done towards the Pap. But, to not get the Paparazzi on your ass like a bunch of bumble bees, he should've not cheated on Sandra with that skank.

1603 days ago

Diane Marie    

What kind of judgment does Sandra Bullock have in men to marry this complete loser in the first place - he has no morals, no money and is strange looking - although he must have superior salesmanship skills to nab her. I sure hope she has learned her lesson and doesn't even consider in her wildest dreams taking back this low-life.

1603 days ago


Where is Charlie Ford when you need him?

1603 days ago


Where is Charlie Ford when you need him?

1603 days ago


What else does Jesse have to do with his time? Let's see, he could take his 3 kids to the zoo, library, museum, concerts, dancing lessons, acting lessons, piano lessons, etc. I mean, isn't he supposed to be an incredible father? Doesn't maturity, kindness, love and attention come with being an incredible father???

1603 days ago
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