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Lindsay Lohan's 'Negative' Image Triggers Suit

5/1/2010 4:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linday Lohan Getty EXLindsay Lohan's image is once again causing problems -- but this time it has nothing to do with her late night partying.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit, filed today in federal court, in which a photographer claims he was hired to shoot pics of Lindsay for a fashion line called 6126. The photog, Scott Nathan, claims he was promised a 1% interest in the clothing line in return for his work.

According to the suit, Nathan never got the 1% he was promised.

But that's not all -- Nathan is also suing Universal Music Group, claiming one of the images he shot for the fashion line somehow ended up as the cover for Lindsay's song, "Bossy."

Nathan is seeking unspecified damages.


No Avatar


Lindsay thought it was a trade for services deal. Dude, save your money, she has nothing!

1636 days ago


i honestly don´t care if she wipes after going to the bathroom.... Just in case you were planning on reporting on that next... Let the girl rest in peace...

1636 days ago


Isn't 6126 her tights line? Yeah, I don't think theres any money to be had from there.

1636 days ago


Just another leech looking for money from Lindsay. TMZ why don't you leave Lindsay Lohan alone why all of a sudden are you picking on her???

1636 days ago


Leave Lindsay alone.If she's got problems then let her nearest and dearest help her, pehaps not her Dad though - he seems to be doing nothing other than cashing in.

1636 days ago


This article is not particularly enlightening since it doesn't actually say who the photographer is suing....nowhere does it say Lindsay is being sued. It could have been written a little more clearly.

1636 days ago


1% of nothing is still nothing.

1636 days ago


who cares about lohan...I don't even care bout any of these people but its not a big suprise that shes messed up, shes no better than Britney Spears.

1636 days ago


Why is everyone going nuts about her. She's young, she likes to party like a zillion other rich chicks and guys. She is not even a story. I am so bored with being bombarded with her drunkin party exploits. Who cares. Her father is some sort of egomaniac attention craving idiot. She should get a restraining order against him. She lives the hi-life in LA, CA. for crying out loud. Leave her alone.She's got money and wants to spend it. Let her. Not everyone needs to settle down and have a baby. Ask Sandra Bullock how that worked out.

1636 days ago

Alan Carver    

For whatever reason, I have to say that while LL may have nothing, this is JUSTICE! IT is about time that someone SLAPS this BITCH with a lawsuit . . . see how it feels LL! You are a MESS! About time someone makes you feel what it is like for you to slap people with INJUSTICES YOU THINK THAT ARE DONE TO YOU! Good For you Scott Nathan! Keep Pressing On! LL You ARE Getting Back What You Deserve! What Goes Around Comes Around!

1636 days ago


LLLA=Leave Lindsay Lohan alone

1636 days ago


OK, I'm really getting tired of this HOhan overload. Enough is enough. Why can't you report on some REAL celbs? You know, celebs that people actually give a damn about?

1636 days ago

Hollywood Dave    

So much Lindsay Lohan when the big story TMZ is missing---Obama's affair with Vera Baker age 35 at the George Hotel in DC. Why do I have the info before TMZ ?

1636 days ago


Man you guys at TMZ must be drooling over getting first shots at LL going to jail. Your not gonna sleep that night to write up so called news stories up on the site, plus video. Then go on TMZ Live and say your only doing this cause you care, bullsh*t. You guys care as much about LL as her douchebag fame whore of a father does. Had to laugh when you guys said yoiu only did that cause you cared.

1636 days ago


Just think how quickly Obama would have moved on the oil spill had Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida voted for him in the presidential election?

1636 days ago
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