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Sandra Bullock Adoption -- The Signs Were There

4/30/2010 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These may be the biggest clues so far that Sandra Bullock was living with baby Louis Bardo -- and they surfaced before the Jesse James scandal broke, but no one connected the dots.

The photos (above) show Sandra taking out the trash just days before the Oscars -- at the Orange County home she shared with Jesse.  We now know Sandra timed the trash run so the container was left on the street just before trash pickup.  We're told ... had anyone gotten close, they would have smelled baby poop.

And then there's this ... take a look at the pictures taken just days after the Oscars (above) -- but still before the scandal broke.  That's Chi-Lin Sun -- the photog who shot the Bullock baby pics for People -- going into the Bullock/James O.C. home, carrying a baby blanket and baby clothes.

So Sandra was sly, but the clues were still there.


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Good Lord people. Do the press have nothing better to do than camp outside someone's home? They were camped out before all this crap hit the fan.

1602 days ago

connie walker    

TMZ - when you guys decided to go into journalism, did you plan to write stories about baby-poop--really?

1602 days ago


TMZ just proved to us once again that they are a bunch of hacks who can't report on anything important, nor get anything when it actually happens. I suppose your next breaking news story will be JFK was assassinated, Bill Clinton got a bj from an intern, and the Cold War is over.

1602 days ago

tha jam master    

Honestly, I think our society is in a sorry-obsessive state when there are articles showing basically 'spy photos' of celebrities as an attempt to estimate and speculate when their exciting new moment of their life started (in this case, when Sandra adopted her kid). People should go make their own lives.

I'm going to make sure my google news settings will not deliver me these types of articles anymore.

1602 days ago


i now can see why jeese eneded up cheating THEY GOT TATOO OFF OF FANTASY ISLAND SLEEPING BETWEEN THEM LOL

1602 days ago


SO, you are telling us that she didn't give you guys a chance to snoop through her trash to find out there were baby diapers with poop in them....HMMMM, she is pretty smart. AND, it is pretty low of the paparazzi to make her have to worry what it in her trash. Nobody, even famous people, should have people as nosy as to snoop through their trash can just to find our things that are none of their business. There are enough people out there flaunting their business around and you shouldn't have to go DIG for things that are none of your business. You will know in time, IF they want you to know in the first place.

1602 days ago


What I'd like to see is a video of Sandra Bullock laughing her bum off at how she was able to pull this off and fool all you fools who have nothing better to do than take a picture of someone taking out their garbage. I love it!!! Brilliant!!! Amatures.....

1602 days ago


You guys are so bitter that you didn't break the story first. I love it! Hahahaha! She beat you TMZ!!

1602 days ago


Sandra takes out her own trash! I'm impressed!

1602 days ago


BFD-Isn't there any American babies that need adoption, this is just another case of a celebrity adopting a baby like going to the mall and buying a puppy. They go to these foreign countries and take these babies out of their culture and they act like they are doing them a favor! They don't adopt American babies because there actually is a process, like checking to see if they will have a stable home life,(oops that probably won't happen since she obviously had no clue her husband was screwing around for quite some time and now she's another single parent!)In foreign countries all you need is Money!

1602 days ago


She and Jesse had the baby even before the Oscars, but the divorce papers say there are no children. There may be no custody dispute, but failing to record the exitence of an adopted child is not a good idea.

I wouldn't want to be on one end of a baby whose adoptive title is clouded when there is an indigent black female and a New Orleans lawyer on the other. Sandra took the damn baby and had him cir***cized in a non-Christian religious ritual. That's not an issue for most people, but that's all the moral standing that a biological mother needs to press the faulty technical aspects of the adoption and divorce. (Of course, Jesse and an indigent black male could also now have the baby by a toe also.)

Cultural insensitivity to a baby's biological parents is a huge issue with celebrity adoptions. Sandra may have some myopia that could reveal a real Mommy Dearest potential.

1602 days ago


Is it this you call trash journalism?

1602 days ago


The child is from New Orleans. Last time I checked a map of the United States, New Orleans was still on it.

1602 days ago


Being famous sounds effing horrible. I have no idea why anyone would want to be famous.

When I got divorced several years ago, my so called friends were talking about me behind my back. But, geesh doesn't compare to this: after the Sandra Bullock thing broke, I was standing in line at my local supermarket trying to buy some bread. I glanced to the left and there was a rack of tabloids. Sandra Bullock's face was on all of them. Really?! The whole world cares?

She's seriously living her life wondering who's going to rummage through her garbage!


That sound like effing hell.

1602 days ago


Seriously do you not feel pathetic talking about what someone's garbage may have smell like. How do you live with that?

1602 days ago
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