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You've Come A Long Way Baby

5/3/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera has really evolved as an artist.


Here's the 18-year-old former Mouseketeer back in 1999 (left) -- and 11 years later, the 29-year-old mother of one in her new music video (right).

Not myself tonight ... clearly.


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She went from cute to Lady DooDoo overnight! Copycat
Talk about trying to come back in a creepy way. Now go away!

1611 days ago


What in th world was she thinking? Geez!

1611 days ago


I love the song but the video is in VERY poor taste. All she did was take other artist styles and took parts from other peoples videos and put them together..

In this video she is copying Gaga, Madonna Britney and a few other artist.

Christina has never really been herself, she has always looked to be someone she is not. The whole dirt thing where she was wearing ass chaps that was not her and her own mom even said that. I think that is one reason why Christina has always been in Britneys shadow because Britney tries to be herself while Christina tries to be someone else. It is one thing to admire someone like Britney admires Madonna but Christinia tries to be that person and many times it is a person she does not even like.

It also seems like Christina waits for Britney to make her move so that she can see what all she can do which is another reason I believe she stays in Britneys shadow. Being a singer should not be about competition , yes you need to have great songs and good videos but you should have fun with it and be yourself. Do not be someone else and do not get all competitive about it

1611 days ago


Jumped the shark.

1611 days ago


This is very sad. She can really sing but this poor girl thinks that Lady Gaga is the ****. Lady Gaga sucks ass. Come on Christina grow up you are a mother for God sakes. stop sluting around and be a role model for your child. And to boot in this video she is making out with a chick as well, WOW.... Why do women think that making out with girls on video will get them coverage????You tried that Christina with Madonna and you got over shadow by Britney.

1611 days ago


I personally think she is trying to make a come back by shocking ppl, but is anything Really that shocking anymore? bi sexuality certainly isn't, and neither is her grabbing her crotch..gotta come up with something better than the song though

1611 days ago


So sad everyone is following in Lady Gaga's footsteps. She looks ridiculous in that getup. She's someone's mother, how sad.

1611 days ago


Xtina made Gaga don't forget that.xtina has beauty and voice more than gaga.

1611 days ago


She used to be so beautiful and hot. Now, instead of a hot week in Vegas, all I want is an one night stand with this girl. For shame.

1611 days ago


Shes such poser... its sooooo obvious shes copying Gaga.... n I love how pissed off she gets when people call her out on it, like no one was supposed to notice. haha

1611 days ago

crystal n. rodriguez    

try, try ,try
but there is only one lady gaga =D

1611 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

This girl is talented but, seeing her with all the crazy outfits and her stripper like ways, makes me not want to even see her anymore, your losing fans Christina, stop with the copying other stars and put some clothes on, your talented enough that you shouldn't have to resort to that, I feel embarrassed for her.

1611 days ago


Is anyone naturally beautiful anymore? Good Lord, she's had some work done on that face hasn't she.

1611 days ago


This is like when Hammer went gangsta.

1611 days ago


She is gross. I mean why does she need to push so hard? She can sing, she does not need to remind us all she is a pig first singer second.

1611 days ago
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