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Jenna Jameson, Tito Ortiz Reconcile

5/3/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz have agreed to reconcile, and the plan is for Tito to move back in the family home midweek.

Sources involved in the situation say the only reason for the delay ... the automatic restraining order that prohibits Tito from having contact with Jenna does not expire until midnight tonight.

Jenna has already changed her story three times -- recanting the allegation that Tito injured her, then re-instating her allegation, and taking it back yet again.

Will Jenna change her mind about letting Tito back in the house? At least two days must pass, so stay tuned.


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Jenna Jameson is disgusting Anorexic and full of tattoos, and I think Tito is gay. These are just my opinions.

1604 days ago


Gross, gross, gross. These two disease-ridden pieces of trash make me sick. She is sooo ugly and he looks like he's some kind of special needs person. Those poor twin boys. Hopefully CPS will place them in decent homes.

1604 days ago


Two stupid people in a pod, someone tell this MMA border jumper that you can't turn a hoe into a housewife.

Why would you want to have kids with someone who is on film banging 2 guys at once? Sucking 50 year old Randy West wenis?

Pornstars are for looking at when you don't have a real girl around, I guess Tito grew up with 2 junkie parents so he was never taught that you don't marry a glorified hooker.

1604 days ago


She acts and makes decisions like a drug addict. She is unstable. Perhaps she is bi-polar.

1604 days ago


Here is what I think happened: Tito found the oxycontin and confronted Jenna. She said whatever blah blah blah. Tito was mad and Jenna got dramatic. She got in the shower and the argument continued. She slipped and fell while in the shower, got out injured and called her father and told her about the fight with Tito. Her father called 911. Jenna felt like a moron and said her elbow hurt because she "fell down" and insinuated that Tito pushed her. Tito publicly talked about her oxycontin use, even going so far as to say Jenna's family was on his side, which they *never* denied. Jenna realized she was about to ruin Tito's life by lying and "changed her mind" about everything. On a side note, after watching TMZ's video of her after the incident, the one where she is in her car, getting ready to drive off, she clearly sounds like she is on something that is making her slur her words. Also, I've heard many people say oxycontin leaves your system in 2 days. Coincidentally, about the same about of time between the incident and when Jenna supposedly had a mysterious drug test that she passed, although it seems there is no proof of the test other than her saying she took it.
Normally I hate if a woman takes a man back after he hits her. In this case, I don't think that ever happened. Hope it works out, but my prediction is in 5 years, Tito will have custody of the kids.

1604 days ago


Wow. She branded him as a woman beater, humiliated him in front of the world, had him thrown in jail and out of his own house, and Tito is going back to her?

He doesn't have one brain cell in that huge head of his.

1604 days ago


@Tell it, "Wrestling isn't even real...".
Wrestling is real. It is an Olympic sport, as well as collegiate and high school sport. Pro Wrestling is fake, TNA, WEE, ECW, etc.
Besides Tito is not a wrestler, he's a mixed martial artist, a MMA competitor/fighter.

1603 days ago


Geeze, Tito. Get away from this crazy skank already and take the kids, too! Save them from her!

1603 days ago


Tito, you fool. Get as far away from her as you can.

1603 days ago


Now I can sleep tonight!! ;oP

1603 days ago


hey TMZ, is that the only pic you have of Jenna? She looks like she's got sucker cramp

1603 days ago

Mark Franklin    

They both need life long psychological help which neither will probably ever get.

1603 days ago


wow, i was really worried there for a minute

1603 days ago

dirty diana    

so let me guess..... everything gets dropped! they all get out of it.

1603 days ago


I never understand why women decide to stay with someone abusive. If anything, as a parent to 2 sons she should protect them first. Best of Luck in those boys having a normal childhood.

*To #3's comment: Wrestling is one mentioned the WWE, they said UFC, I'd pay to see you step in the ring with GSP or one of Dana White's money makers...the blood is real douche'.*

1603 days ago
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