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Allred to David Boreanaz: Pay Up or Else!

5/3/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Boreanaz went public today with his extra-marital affair after Gloria Allred contacted Boreanaz' lawyer and demanded six figures ... sources tell TMZ.

David admitted to PEOPLE mag he had a relationship with a woman -- NOT RACHEL UCHITEL -- but "She asked for money.  I felt as though I was being blackmailed...."

TMZ knows what went down.  We're told Boreanaz had a short-term relationship with the woman -- one source says they hooked up "2 or 3 times."  Sources say he started paying her money -- several thousand dollars here and there -- but she began demanding more, threatening to go public with the affair.  Boreanaz then confessed the affair to Jaime Bergman, his wife of 9 years.

Enter Gloria Allred, who reps the mistress.  Allred contacted Boreanaz' lawyer -- legal pit bull Marty Singer -- and demanded 6 figures.

Boreanaz then blunted the attack by going public with his affair.  He has refused to pay the mistress another cent.

UPDATE:  Gloria Allred just told TMZ what we told you yesterday ... Rachel Uchitel was not the woman who tried getting $$$ out of Boreanaz.



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OK, this has gone too far. Now, WHOREia allred is demanding money or they will "go public" with embarrassing information? That, my friends, is what's called EXTORTION. It's 100% totally illegal, and can cause WHOREia to loser her license to practice law.

My suggestion is, regardless of the philandering, this guy's attorney should file a case against WHOREia allred for violation of the legal cannon of ethics. Have this bitch's license yanked; she's an embarrassment to all attornies, and that's really saying something...

1572 days ago


She's Jesse Jackson with a Vag.

1572 days ago


I wish the tmz attorney would discuss the difference between what Gloria Allred does and what the guy who who extorted David Letterman did. Cause I don't understand it. It looks like the same thing: "Pay me if you don't want this public".

1572 days ago


F Gloria Allred- she is a despicable person

1572 days ago

come on Harvey    

Come on TMZ how is it that Gloria can keep doing this... they hire an attorney and they are going to hold a press conference unless some bucks are paid...otherwise, the celeb has to out himself or pay her? What does a whore who sleeps with a married man thinks she is owed? What grounds or cause does Gloria have to defend her other than to say, pay us or we go public???? Harvey tell us????

1572 days ago


OK, I stand corrected. This is attempted blackmail, not extortion. However, it's still 100% illegal & WHOREia allred should lose her license for this.

From BLACKMAIL - Extortion of money or something else of value from a person by the threat of exposing a criminal act or discreditable information.

1572 days ago


Gloria Allred needs to be disbarred bringing up all of these ridiculous lawsuits. She is such a b*tch and I am sure there is a special place in hell all ready for her.

1572 days ago


I wish we could put Gloria Allred in a wood-chipper, much like in "Fargo"... You could sell the pay-per-view rights for that one!

1572 days ago


So now I guess everyone is going to give this a-hole a pass just because he had to pay the woman? He elected to cheat, he elected to pay her for it and now I guess he's supposed to be a good guy just because he 'fessed up (after realizing he was being swindled)? So basically she was a prostitute and he her john...

1572 days ago


David, David, David...And others....Whats going on here with all this sleeping around on the partner, etc. You are at fault fer yer cheatin'. BUT...there she is again. Gloria and her tramps. I just don't get it. I'm sleeping with a married man and I know it but when the affair goes bad I'm going to hire a high priced attorney to "legally" extort money from you cuz the money train left the station? Again, with my "say what?" and "really"?
Well, David, at least you called her bluff. However, shame on you fer yer cheatin' heart and other parts...

1572 days ago


Wait did he bang Jabba the Hut there on the right?

1572 days ago


Gloria Allred is committing more than a few serious crimes in this matter alone. It is time to see that bitch disbarred for this.

1572 days ago


PS...Harvey, I echo the sentiments of several folks who have commented. Your a lawyer, you say so at the end of every show...Is this a legal practice what she (Gloria) is doing? I mean just about every case she has had in the last few years is just like this. Thanks!

1572 days ago

What is this world coming to    

What is this world coming to when these women sleep with men and then demand money to keep quiet. Usually when you pay a women for sex it is called prostitution which is illegal in most states. Then they wonder why no one believes a woman who was honestly raped or abused.

1572 days ago


David should have kept it in his pants. He always acts like he is so higher than thou, but he isn't. On a side note, I'm glad he did come clean. He should sue the skank and Gloria Allred and get that money back. There is no reason why he should of paid the ho in the first place.

1572 days ago
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