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Lindsay and Mom

Party Before Deposition

5/4/2010 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is clearly in a better place now that her mom is in town -- actually, it's the same ol' place ... the Chateau Marmont where mother/daughter partied until 2 AM today.

If Lindsay made a beeline for home, she might get 5 or 6 hours of sleep before her deposition this morning ... if she doesn't appear this morning it will be her 3rd no-show and she'll probably lose the case.

Lindsay is being sued by passengers in a car who claim they were held hostage by LiLo during a crazy, drunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

Dina Lohan flew with Lindsay from NYC to L.A. yesterday to make sure she showed up this AM.  Right.


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THERE IS NO QUESTION Lindsay and Dina are posting here and it's the same old crap. Little stuff about Michael.

Lindsay! Your life and death situation eclipses all this tiny stuff your drug and booze addled mother has gotten you into between her husband and herself. GET IT? Commit yourself to a year off trying to get sober. Then you can attack all the allegations mom has against dad.

1603 days ago


This family is a complete joke. What a bunch or irresponsible losers. Lindsay needs to go to jail for awhile, she thinks she is above the law, plus she can sober up. Here parents are friggin' morans! GO SUNS!

1603 days ago


I don't think that the mother is of any help.Perhaps jail time is the only thing that Lindsay will understand.

1603 days ago


Great parenting skills, way to lead by example...

1603 days ago


You would certainly think that if Dina gave a CRAP about her daughter and her daughter's horrible reputation within the Hollywood and tabloid community, she MIGHT have suggested that they stay home the night before her deposition (that she has incidentally already missed twice already) and just chill out without adding fuel to the fire about how Lindsay is such a drugged out trainwreck. The mere fact that they were out and about, whether they were partying or not, just fuels the frenzy...which is what they BOTH like...being in the limelight, regardless of the public's perception. That, in and of itself, leads me to honestly believe that they are totally okay with everyone thinking Lindsay is a drugged out POS, because ANY press is better than NO press...and that my friends, is a disgusting and horrible example to set for your own children...Dina is a HORRIBLE mother.

1603 days ago


LOL! Dina is such a poor excuse for a mother it's pathetic! Her and her adult daughter go out partying and she leaves her minor daughter at home by herself again (as usual).

1603 days ago

Pretty LL    

Lindsey got her attitude and behavior from her mother. This doesn't surprise me at all. The Lohans are a tribe of s***bags

1603 days ago


You paparazzi are pieces of ****s flashing your cameras in there faces like that you morons can cause a car accident.

1603 days ago


Just a piece of trash and a older piece of trash! Her daughter is so pathetic now that all she can get hired for is to play "porn star"! Way to go Mommy Dearest! Your postings on her are absurd and show what a Psycho you really are! Dina AKA Mommy Dearest you might have to get a job now..scary isn't it!

1603 days ago


Dina is an enabler. What mother goes clubing with their alcholic until 2 am on a Monday night before the daugher has a deposition that she already blew off twice and has been threatened with jail if she doesn't show this time? An enabler. A really trashy one and poop Ali. She doesn't have a chance. Very sad.

1603 days ago


An the worst mother of the year aware goes to....Dina Lohan! Again!
Takes advantage of her own daughter for attention, fame and money.

1603 days ago


With parents like this its no wonder that the kid if out of control. It seems like me that the mother is worse than the kid.

1603 days ago


Ummm anyone else finding Lindsay Lohan's life a tad annoying? This ranks up there with Britney Spears...Can TMZ please stop giving this flake anymore time she really isn't worth it..

1603 days ago


Anyone know what time the depo is ???

1603 days ago


What a piece of crap. In the midst of everything going on w/her daughter - she's going to go out and party with her night before court?!?!? Lindsay hit the jackpot on parents. Not that she isn't making her own bad decisions - she's old enough to know what she should and shouldn't be doing - but some parental guidance would help. Her 'mother' just wants to be the cool mom.

1603 days ago
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