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Cries an Apology to

Erin Andrews

5/5/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched into full-on waterworks mode on "The View" this morning to issue a public apology to Erin Andrews for cracking a really bad joke at her expense yesterday.

Hasselbeck took all sorts of heat yesterday after she made a comment suggesting that Erin's creepy convicted Peeping Tom should have dropped the hidden camera act ... because he could have seen "a little bit less – without the prison time" just by watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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it's not easy to go on tv and admit when you are wrong i respect her for that you guys have proved why that is ... pathetic really...

1609 days ago


Elizabeth is an idiot!!

1609 days ago


elisabeth is a idiot!fire her.. there's no one that back's her up with anything she says... please shut up, and just do everyone a favor and GO AWAY! cute girl, but ugly heart.

do you really feel good about yourself, your life is just of you talking sh*t about everyone else.. idk. do you feel you are creating any good with your opinions? idk.. if i were you, i would feel pretty bad that my life on earth is just to hurt others... what if people said terrible things about your family?

say mean things, then cry, and then do it all over again.. your never truly sorry. no one is perfect, but you say too many hurtful things.. get off the show. the show itself is stupid anyways!

1609 days ago


Elisabeth, everyone makes mistakes. You are only human. I think that was very sweet of you to apologize. That's more than a whole lot of other people would do. God bless you!

1609 days ago


I agree - I quit watching the show although I enjoyed the rest of the people on it but got sick of Elisabeth's constant babbling, and very rudely cutting into whatever someone else was saying - as if her opinion was worth more than anyone elses. We all have a right to our own opinions but shoving it down someone elses throat does not make it right.
So she blurted out something which she likely meant to be funny - but does hold an element of truth to it - So apologize privately to Erin for it since you don't know how frightening it would be to be stalked - and if you need to comment further - make it short and sweet - admit you had not thought out the comment you made but for heavens sake don't make a big deal out of it and show your further stupidity that your 5 year old child has to give you advise on how to solve the problem - Really - Grow up! Think! And quit trying to hog all the attention to yourself - You really are not that important!

1609 days ago


Okay #11 I agree Elizabeth is clueless and a jealous witch but using the word retard is horrible and very very offensive.

1609 days ago


why dont they invite Erin on the view and her and Hasslebeck can get naked and make monkey love..then I would watch this stupid show

1609 days ago


Although Ms Hasselbeck's comments were completely senseless, they were in no way filled with the vile and cruelty displayed by some on this site. Before you criticize her words, look at the poison that has come from you, posting your hateful words under the cover of anonymity.

1609 days ago


It was not a bad joke, it was Hasselbeck's opinion. Her apology is simply a ruse to remain in the good graces of the legions of women who follow the The View. And an effort to keep her job.

Hasselbeck is insincere & misinformed.

1609 days ago


Well ,when you 5 years older daughter has more brain than you, watch out, because you're in trouble.
To be honest I did not believe about the story (about the 5 years old daughter). This Elisabeth is bad news , just get rid of her on the View.
What she said on the tv was really bad, I can still don't believe.

1609 days ago


I watched it today and saw this silly girl crying, or trying to cry and Erin is such a smart lady and this girl is just stupid. I honestly think the whole show is. Oh well, her 15 minutes will be up someday soon, hopefully.

1609 days ago


This 'thing' is just a bore and a self righteous piece of work. I can't believe people actually care what she has to say let alone apologies. I wish they would just get rid of the show and particularly make her just go away.

1609 days ago


dry it up biatch, this isn't the first time you offended anyone, hell its an offense that you are even on the show. You republicans are all the same, you do **** you know isn't right, you get what you want and then apologize for hurting anyone. kinda like continuing to speak even after the objection was sustained

1609 days ago


Amanda you are just as stupid as this moron of a woman.
This lady hasn't said one thing the whole time shes been on the show that i've agreed with.
She is a rude bitch.

1609 days ago


all i can say is: FAKE!...lol this chick is so full of crap she should go away she is just full of fail.

1609 days ago
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