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Cries an Apology to

Erin Andrews

5/5/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched into full-on waterworks mode on "The View" this morning to issue a public apology to Erin Andrews for cracking a really bad joke at her expense yesterday.

Hasselbeck took all sorts of heat yesterday after she made a comment suggesting that Erin's creepy convicted Peeping Tom should have dropped the hidden camera act ... because he could have seen "a little bit less – without the prison time" just by watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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I saw the View this morning and found that Elisabeth's crying was rather uncalled for. She seems to find a way to put the focus on her even when she is trying to apologize.

1634 days ago


Thats actually a funny joke. Harmless, too.

1634 days ago


Erin is a crybaby who uses the so-called stalking incident as a PR move. I'm tired of her constantly whining to the press. She's a 32 year old woman which is hardly a "girl". She needs to suck it up and find something more worthwhile to do than play the perpetual victim.

1634 days ago


Why is Elisabeth getting all this flack when Whoopie got away with saying Roman Polanski didn't commit "rape rape" because the little girl he sodomized was asking for it?

1634 days ago


She isn't sorry for anything, she only apoligized because people critisized what she said so strongly. Always making stupid comments but can;t stand it when someone calls her on it, wah wah.

1634 days ago


Guess I'm in the minority but geeze, she DOES have a valid point there. People look for any excuse to jump on someone else's point of view. And no, really HELL no, I don't watch that crap so I have no dog in this fight.

1634 days ago

Easy E    

After all her why me crying bits because she opens her mouth about things she has no clue about and thinks she is so in the right (no pun intended) about everything, you think she would learn. Rosie kicked her butt, Dems kicked her butt, Jesse Venturea kicked her butt, any celeb talking about the war or Rep kicked her butt, her own cohost kick her butt. Now she picked on a DISNEY Star (aka ABC Co Worker as ESPN is owned by Disney) who is precious to them she will now cry an apology because the big wigs came down on her. Why don't they just fire this idiot who has no clue about life, politics, war, people, etc. She was a no body on survior. That is her claim to fame and that 15 min passed. She made a big deal of her hubby being a QB for the Giants, Um Yea 3rd STRING! She likes to make things a big big deal when it comes to her and thinking she is high and mighty! FIRE HER PLEASE!

1634 days ago


Sounds like she needs to have a little bit thicker skin.

1634 days ago


She wasn't all the wrong with her first statement and the only reason she got a spot on DWTS is she was naked on hidden camera and only her looks got her a job on espn in the first place. Usually I don't care for Lizzy other than wanting to poke her, but she said it right.

1634 days ago


so it was ok for Elisabeth to be on Survivor and run around in a binkini or harldy any clothes for a month!? She's a twit, annoying, and she needs to shut up now and then. I am not sure how she landed the View...then again nothing but a bunch of hens sitting around doing nothing. I am not sure what this show adds to the daily media today.

1634 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

You know, I consider myself an open-minded Independent. I'm trying to keep politics out of this, though. I used to not like Elizabeth very much because she seemed to always have these Republican blinders very firmly in place, and was never able to a side other than her own. But, I find that she is lightening up a bit.

That said, I am giving her a break here for a number of reasons. First, she is by far the youngest of the five-some on the "View." She is "competing" with a woman (BW) who is old enough to be her grandmother, and another (JB) old enough to be her mother. SS and WG are both at least 10 and 20 years older than her, respectively, if I'm not mistaken. No, not trying to play the "age" card here as an excuse for her behavior, but let's remember that Elizabeth is a YOUNG woman whose ideas and opinions are still forming.

I was like her at that age, always putting my foot in my mouth when trying to make a point, especially when trying to have discussions with those older and more experienced than me. Although I didn't see the original footage of what she said, I can imagine that the ladies were discussing DWTS like they do every week and Elizabeth was trying to simply make light of the amazingly skimpy outfits the women -- and men! -- wear each week. And Erin Andrews was no exception! Good grief, her outfit last week was a testament to the ingenuity and genius of the wardrobe department and how they managed to give her the "look" they did, with those seemingly floating floral decals "pasted" on her upper torso.

Let me be clear that I am in NO WAY condoning or forgiving someone who made a joke at the expense of a stalker's victim. What happened to Erin Andrews is beyond sick. But people, let's keep this all in perspective. I think Elizabeth was simply trying to make a joke about DWTS's skimpy outfits, and yes: she failed miserably. Just like ALL OF US put our collective feet in our mouths at some point. The difference with her is that she happened to do it in front of millions of people.

I think her apology was sincere and well-done. Now...let's move on, shall we? Much more important things happening in our country right now!

1634 days ago



1634 days ago


I never watch the show but I have heard and seen clips of the outrageous comments by the other dummies on the show. So why has none of them ever apologized for their stupidity. Just Elizabeth. I never figured out why she still works there.

1634 days ago


In my opinion the whole View ensemble should be apologizing including the producer who helped put that whole segment together. I mean they had pictures up behind hasselbeck proving her point. And I took them showing the pictures and hasselbecks comments to mean that any woman who dresses skimpy and *gasp* shows her belly button deserves to be stalked. They should be apologizing to all women out there.

The apology was totally written and the fake tears and using her 5 yr old daughter to distract from her bad behavior was very staged and not at all from the heart.

Haselbeck should be so ashamed of herself as a woman making stupid and ridiculous blanket statements like she did. And Please do not get all weepy and saying you had to use your bible to help you understand your bad behavior. As a human being you should have known how offensive your words were!

1634 days ago


She stole my joke!!Check the comment section of the post TMZ did of this story on monday #9 and #11 .What is the problem that joke rocks

1634 days ago
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