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The 'Lost' Diary -- The Candidate

5/5/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

I IMed my old college roommate Chris on Tuesday morning to ask what he was thinking going into "Lost" tonight. "I need at least one death," he told me. I responded, "Yeah, it's been awhile … it's hard to be 'Lost' w/o killing off a few people. This isn't '30 Rock.'" Haven't had any major RIPs in a while. Are we due for one? (Ed.'s note: Yes, this was an actual conversation and yes, this was written before the episode).

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I am over at Ari's place for a Lakers/"Lost" double feature. Lakers did their job, now it's time for "Lost." Let's roll ...

9:00 -- On the DVR, the first three seconds of "Lost" were the end of "Dancing With the Stars." It was the worst three seconds of "Lost" ever.

9:01 -- "I think you're a candidate." -- Jack

9:02 -- "Welcome to Hydra Island." -- Sayid. Not to be confused with Fantasy Island, Shutter Island or MILF Island

9:03 -- Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Lawnmower Man, Claire and Hurley have been put in the bear cage "for their own good." For once, I want to do something someone's "own good." Actually, by this time next week, I will. Check back in a week.

9:07 -- Is it me or is Bernard a tad creepy?

9:10 -- Not Locke has an interesting strategy to try and get Jack to help him -- by reminding him that, if he wanted, he could easily kill everyone. Scary, true, and effective.

9:11 -- "Feels like we're running circles, back in these cages?" -- Sawyer. Yes, yes it does.

9:12 -- Another Sun/Jin reunion scene that just doesn't do anything for me. In this scene, they have about as much chemistry as me and Larry King.

9:13 -- I get super duper excited lately whenever I know the Smoke Monster is about to attack. Not sure what that says about me. 

9:14 -- Do you think Jack ran alongside the Smoke Monster? Did the Smoke Monster carry him like on a magic carpet ride? Did Jack actually see Not Locke turn into the Smoke Monster? These are the things I think about. 

9:19 -- The whole gang is almost back together, heading to the plane. Wonder what Desmond is up to? Is he still in that well?

9:20 -- Jack is trying to see Anthony Cooper and he runs into Helen. This seems like as good time as any to mention that Katey Segal, who is awesome in her small parts on "Lost," absolutely steals the show on "Sons of Anarchy." Highly recommend. 

9:21 -- Doesn't look like ol' Anthony is doing too well. 

9:22 -- Not Locke/Jason Bourne just killed two guys and now he's aboard the plane. 

9:23 -- Seems the whole plane was wired with C4. Hate when that happens.

9:24 -- Not Locke wants to take the submarine now. I still don't like the submarine plan.

9:25 -- Sawyer wants Jack to get Not Locke in the water and he will "take care of the rest." This I gotta see. 

9:30 -- "Push the button … I wish you had believed me." -- Locke

9:31 -- Claire is at the hospital to see Jack, and she has a music box with her. 

9:32 -- "Oceanic Flight 815?" -- Jack

9:33 -- Operation Steal the Sub is underway. 

9:34 -- And it's really, really easy. 

9:35 -- Jack just tossed Locke into the water and Kate got shot. I am surprisingly happy about the latter. 

9:36 -- Not Locke is finally out of the water and gunning down Widmore's people. Meanwhile, all the candidates are on the sub. Just saying …

9:37 -- "Trust me, you don't want to be on that sub." -- Not Locke. Ruh-roh!

9:38 --  Is that a shirt in my backpack? Nope, it's a ticking bomb.

9:39 -- "Locke … we did exactly what he wanted." -- Jack

9:43 -- Sayid is trying to play Hurt Locker with the bomb Locke left behind. Does anyone really think the bomb is going to go off and kill half the cast?

9:44 -- "We are going to be okay. You just have to trust me." -- Jack. I have done a complete 180 on Jack. He's been my favorite character of the past few weeks.

9:45 -- Let's discuss what just happened. Sawyer grabbed the wires, which did nothing but make the bomb mad. Sayid told Jack where to find Desmond, told he was the one (like Neo), then ran with the bomb, where it blew up. Here's my question -- would the bomb have gone off if Sawyer never touched it? I think not. 

9:46 -- Everyone is scrambling. Hurley is helping Kate … while Jack, Jin and Sawyer are helping Sun. Um, I think I'd rather Sun right now. 

9:47 -- Actually, things don't look good for anyone right now. 

9:52 -- I have nothing good to say about the last five minutes. 

9:56 -- Locke is being discharged from the hospital, seemingly as if nothing has changed. 

9:57 -- Locke is in the wheelchair because he was in a plane crash -- he was flying, and his dad was a passenger. 

9:58 -- "What happened, happened." -- Jack

9:59 -- "To finish what I started." -- Not Locke 

There's a good possibility that I am completely wrong about everything I am about to write. And I fully expect everyone to hate me for this. That being said … 

Sayid died. Jin died. Sun died. 

Guess what? I don't care. 

Not one bit.

Didn't react. Didn't say a word. Didn't blink. 

Do you know why I don't care? Because "Lost" has made it impossible for me to care about what happens.

I'll explain. 

Right now we have the island, and we have the flash-sideways. I don't quite know what they have to do with each other or which one is "real."

But if I apply some kind of logic -- which is never a good idea with "Lost" -- then one of them has to prevail in the end, right? Can they both be "real"? When the show ends, Oceanic 815 either crashed or it didn't. 

So that being said, that means until I know what is going on, how can I care what happens in either timeline?

When I said before the episode that I needed someone to die, I didn't realize how nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing of any actual consequence had happened on the island this season (save for maybe Juliet's death) so I didn't know how little I would care. 

Sayid is dead. Jin is dead. Sun is dead. And yet, next week, when the flash-sideways kick in … they'll be alive and well. 

They're dead on the island, but not off it. 

So I ask you again … why should I care about what happens in either timeline?

I'm skipping the grade this week. Doesn't feel right.

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Hell yeah, they jumped the Shark at the beginning of this season.

1633 days ago


I agree with you completely I was thinking the same thing while watching the show. What they are showing us is a parrallell universe where everyone lives happily ever after. That's what worries me. At the end of the show we will see them all wake up in the morning and not know if it was all a dream just like in the Dallas finale. They are going to screw this up I know it.

1633 days ago


I think that its a game for Jacob and the smoke...Jacob gathered all of these "candidates" and now the smoke is trying to kill all of them without killing them himself. Good luck smoke

1633 days ago


Susan-i think your analysis could of good and evil between Jack and Sawyer is spot on. I had the same thought after watching last night.

1633 days ago


So now what are the ways off the island for EVERYONE? The plane or the electromagnetic field that Desmond used. Anything else?

1633 days ago


By the way, we learned last night that Locke is a pilot...

1633 days ago


I have an original script of an episode coming up in the next few weeks. it only gets better :)

1633 days ago


While I cried like a baby when Jin and Sun died(kind of a Titanic moment), you are completely right.
P.S. I watch Sons of Anarchy religiously, you should start Sons diaries once Lost finishes!

1633 days ago


Call me crazy, but I don't think Sayid is dead. He's like a cat, and I don't think he's used up all those lives quite yet !!

1633 days ago


Please pick another show to blog about when Lost is over. I look forward to reading this and the following comments every week!

1633 days ago

Baby Kwon    

Baby Kwon is the candidate...the new Jacob (good).

Baby Aaron is the new man in black (evil).

Or is it that Baby Kwon is evil and fair-skinned Aaron is good ?

1633 days ago


I think all of you should be ashamed the way you are putting down the writers. I can't imagine what it must take to write this stuff each week and try to make it all tie in together. I do, however, think they should have found another way for the four of them to get back to the island. Swimming is just a bit far fetched. I still think this was a great episode though, except for Jin and Sun dying. I hated that. I love Jack and Sawyer and I like Kate. I was glad that the characters showed emotion at the end of the show over their comrades they lost.

1633 days ago


what about the plane? was there a runway nearby? that was a pretty big plane - you would think that they would need a lot of gas to get that puppy in the air.were they just going to put their seatbelts on and push the 'go' button?

And the bomb - kind of clumsy to leave the wiring out in the open. Was the luggage compartment full?

And Sawyer - wasn't he knocked out - tough to swim out of a submarine and not swallow a ton of water.

The show has gotten a little silly - used to love it - now, can't wait for it to end.

1633 days ago


What an episode. 4 deaths!! It was sad about Sun and Jin but at least they went out together. Pity for Lapidus...I really liked him. And Sayid saved Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer by sacrificing himself. At least we assume he's dead. Maybe "Loc Nah" (Locke? Naah!)(which incidently was Mr. Eko's name in The Mummy Returns. :) ) made him live forever like Richard so who knows? Everything is all coming together in the flash sideways. And I'm still waiting on Walt and Michael to show up in that alternate timeline. They have to. Walt was special dammit.

1633 days ago


It is hard to get emotional about the things that happen in both realities. The end is what matters and no one is dead until the show is over. Even then there may still be questions.

That being said, the moment that actually brought me to tears was Hurley crying. Because no matter what is "real" from the viewer perspective, that moment was very "real" for the characters. And it was a rare Hurley moment to see him so upset. It was touching.

I think that it is hard to judge these last few episodes individually. Everything is leading up to the end. What doesn't make any sense right now, may in a few weeks. And while many of us fear that we will be left with questions or it will end up being a dream sequence, if we have devoted this much time to the show and are willing to see it through to the end, then reserve judgement until it is all over, otherwise you are ruining the journey for yourself.

There is a creative process that we don't know anything about. Maybe it will be worth all the frustration in the end. And if not, feel free to boycott any shows these writers/directors, etc. are involved with in the future.

On some of the past comment...I agree Jin's voice sounded totally strange. For me, it sounded like he suddenly lost his accent. Very strange. And I was totally expecting Sun to say something about raising the baby. But...leading into some of the other comments....I think that there may be something to the Baby Kwon/Baby Aaron thing.

There was a lot of drama about Aaron being raised by Claire and Aaron not being on the island and Sun having to get off the island so she and the baby could live. Maybe it all will be a dead end but Im thinking there is an opportunity with those two kids...and perhaps they are the "future" storyline...for all we know they are Adam and Eve Skeleton.

Bottom line...hang in there...let the show go through its steps toward the end. Don't ruin it for yourself by having too many expectations. If you are a true lover of the show and have endured all of the ups and downs and years of questions, you have to realize that is what this show has always been

And whether you like it or's part of what always brings people back every week.....Will we find out what happened to Locke/Jack/Desmond/Juliet etc., will we find out anything else about the Others/the Island/the Smoke Monster/Jacob. Yes, it's frustrating but it's a journey. And it's not a sitcom where everything gets wrapped up in 30 minutes.

The end is right around the corner. If they mess it all up in the end then be pissed, boycott everything else these people do in the future, but for now, be patient and stop ruining it for yourselves by expecting it to play out how you want it to.

1633 days ago
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