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Spencer -- I'm Glad Heidi's Mom's in Foreclosure

5/7/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heid Montag's mother facing forclosureHeidi Montag's mother is facing a serious real estate problem back home in Colorado -- and no one could be happier than her son-in-law Spencer Pratt.

TMZ has learned a bank in CO is foreclosing on an undeveloped piece of property owned by Heidi's mom --- Darlene Egelhoff -- claiming she owes $187,385.62 on a $189k loan she took out in 2006.

When we reached out to Spencer for comment, he told us, "If that's true ... that is the best news I’ve heard all day long."

Apparently, Spencer still holds a grudge for the way Heidi's mom handled post-surgery Heidi on the season premiere of "The Hills"  ... you remember, when she told Heidi she wasn't pretty and made Heidi cry.

Anyway, Spencer wasn't done going off on Darlene, and added, "Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television ...  should be put in a straight jacket."

Attempts to reach Darlene for comment were unsuccessful.


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fooey on joo    

Instead of taking Micheal Jackson and Britney Murphey it should of been these two douche bags (He-idi and Spencer). She looks more like a man in drag more and more each time I see a picture of her. She might be skinny but she looks horrible. Spencer is one of the ugliest people i have ever seen in my life. Why does'nt he he get plastic surgery and get rid of that beavis and butthead looking face of his?

1566 days ago

Tracy B    

I've never watched The Hills and never plan to, but when I seen what this 'once upon a time' decent looking young woman done to herself, I became disgusted with her. She no longer looks 23 or 24, she looks as old as I am, and I just turned 40 in April. She does not look good, she looks animated and plastic. And to her people like Dolly Parton and Joan Rivers to basically say, Good for you girl...they should be ashamed of themselves as well. I mean, c'mon Ms. Rivers. Is it possible to stretch your face anymore than it already is? I know she's a comedian, but in my books, she and Heidi both have become nothing but a joke. And I will say that about anyone who goes to the extreme like these women have. As for Heidi's mom saying she looks ugly or however she put it...GOOD FOR YOU GIRL. Spencer on the other hand. If you wanted a plastic woman to make love to every night, why didn't you just buy yourself a blow up doll. They're cheaper and you can throw it out when it springs a leak. Your real live Barbie Doll is gonna cost you mountains of cash in the long run for all the upkeep. Just don't be too rough with her. Wouldn't want to have something pop, burst and leak now would you? Enjoy your plastic wife, until she starts to sag and droop again.

1566 days ago


I truly believe that the only way to stop all this whoopla about SPEIDI & SNOOKI-is to stop making comments. It's all they live for. I am ashamed of myself, and hope those two combined spores of fungus will stop poisening the youth of America. Hopefully, our President will focus on more important things like Nashville, and the Louisianna Coast and less on the Jersey Shore. So, I am officially done. I am deleting myself from all comments & newsletters.

1566 days ago


That freakin douche dwarf should just shut his trap cause nobodies listenin to his crap anymore! Hes like Kates Jon & his 15 minutes are way up! Heidi's mother told the truth. She looks like a 40 year old plastic Barbie doll. She IS NOT pretty anymore & looks like every bleached blonde fake boob chick in Hollywood that is a Bow Bow, an airhead. I feel bad for her mom. Not only is she losing her property but she has lost her daughter all by being honest.

1566 days ago


It really is creepy looking at this plastic plugged, tugged and mugged person.

Ok put it this way. A barbie doll has more physically attractive features than this bleached, pulled, stretched and contorted female.

How sad. She has to feel altered. It's not normal. She looks like the beginning of that cat lady in NY. It's creepy!

1566 days ago


It's okay Darlene, one of these days Mr. Pratt here will have some major azz egg on his face. The 15 minutes of fame for these two losers will one day come to a screetching halt unless of course SPENCER goes out and does 10 plastic procedures to get some more press. Really, what do these two jack off's do that is really talented except to be press whores? Karma is a bitch Spence!

1566 days ago


Spencer is a waste of space.

1566 days ago


Eeeew, Heidi is pretty gross. But spencer and his little rat hair goatee really gets a rise out of.. Yes, that's right... PENIS! Grraaaar!

1566 days ago


Eeeew, Heidi is pretty gross. But spencer and his little rat hair goatee really gets a rise out of.. Yes, that's right... PENIS! Grraaaar!

1566 days ago


His given name isn't Spencer Useless Pratt(le)for nothing,folks!

1566 days ago


Heidi seems to look like Joan Rivers. Ugly and Plastic.

But, Joan Rivers Is funny. Heidis the joke.

1566 days ago


Heidi simply looks like a super model now rather than a less employable girl-next-door. I don't know why some parents want to keep their children "ordinary" when they can be fantastic. The little imperfections their children are born with are not something sacred to avoid fixing at all costs -- if you can improve something and that improvement can also be lucrative, then why not? Maybe some parents are afraid for their children to surpass them in looks or professional accomplishment. If Heidi's mother had Heidi's looks, maybe she could also have had a lucrative career and not be in foreclosure. Good for Heidi's husband for sticking up for her! He's not threatened by her self-improvement; he's a secure and supportive husband.

In addition, people need to quit saying that Heidi had all those surgeries in one day -- some were merely "procedures," not surgeries, and obviously were safely done on a young, healthy woman. Some were probably superficial chemical-related procedures, and not actually surgeries. I can't believe so many newscasters with college education can sound so ignorant when they rant about it on television.

1566 days ago


Jettisoning this louse into deep space would be an extremely expensive but worthwhile NASA endeavor....

1565 days ago


this is beyond pathetic. enough is enough with these nobodies.

1565 days ago


Spencer is behind all these plastic surgeries ,no doubt. Hes a real looser and exactly what does he do any way? Wheres his parenty. Probley moved and didn't tell him where they were going.

1564 days ago
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