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Lawrence Taylor Walks Out of Jail

5/6/2010 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor was just photographed leaving jail -- a couple of hours after the judge set his bail at a massive $75,000.

Taylor was arrested early this morning in Suffern, NY -- and formally arraigned on charges of 3rd degree rape and patronizing a prostitute.

The NFL legend lives in Florida, but also has a home in New Jersey.

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What in the world is wrong with this idiot? Why didn't he call someone to help this 15 year old instead of raping the child. I hope to heaven they throw the book at him and he goes away for a very long time. I don't know who is dumber. Him or his wife for thinking he didn't do this. What a mess he leaves for his children!!!

1598 days ago


A married family 51 year old man, pays to have sex with a 16 year old child, who was just beat up by her pimp to force her there.

He is charged with a hit and run in Florida from Nov.
How sick is this man? He has 5 children at least, all older than this 16 year old.

1598 days ago


Money talks....justice walks.

1598 days ago


How did the police become aware? I am missing details. Anybody know what occurred?

1598 days ago


Him and OJ show bunk up.

1598 days ago


I agree with poster #12 completely. TMZ should be out of the reporting business. For Ben R. it's "sexual assault" as the words TMZ uses. For LT it's RAPE. Curious, since they're identical charges: forcing a female to have sex against her will. STFU TMZ. This story seems weird to me and you're making it weirder and racist.

1598 days ago

Pat MaGroin    

Remember, he was one of the few folks who stood by O.J. He and OJ would golf together all the time in Florida. Birds of a feather flock underage girls together...

1598 days ago

Cheeta Woods    

Just think of all the 16 year olds he has already fertilized before getting caught....

1598 days ago


11. mmmm, lets see:

He was caught sleeping in the room, they found his USED condom (which means DNA will surely tell if he was doing all the buncking and if the girl was the one being buncked)...

I think it is pretty much an open and shut case.

That's what she said...

1598 days ago


Why are we calling 15 and 16 year old CHILDS They know exactly what they are doing out here maybe tes 10 fifteen 15 years ago a 15 16 year old was a child but not in todays world. NO RAP somebody's out for a PAY day. It happens in schools and innocent teachers get accused and have a hard time trying to clear theri names, YES maybe sometimes it happens, but how about the innocent that this happens to because some little HOTTTT A@$% girl can't get her way .

Before every body starts JUDGING try looking at the "MAN N THE MIRROR" "SELF. Remember every body though Michael Jackson was a pedophile and LA PD had to come out and vindacate the man. Wait for the facts.

ROTSELBERGER White Boy what happens slapn the wrist The laws are for Blacks and people of colour. WHite boy get in trouble he goes to a program and you never hear any more about it. Person of colour LOCK UM UP That's all anybody knows lOCK UM UP WHat about helping people help educate a person.

1598 days ago


For those that remember his playing days (I grew up not far from the Meadowlands), this is a sad day. To watch one of the greats, fall to gutter. Someone said it before - just like OJ.

If this is true - he's fell to a despicable and unforgivable low.

1598 days ago


Responding to "Seriously?": They are calling this a rape because the "ALLEGED VICTIM"is 16, or 15 depending on which one of TMZ's stories you want to believe.

If you want to compare Ben Sleezyburger and his treatment, to Lawrence and his treatment, the altogether important difference is not black and white, rather it's the difference between the way everyone treats and "ACTIVE" NFL player and an "INACTIVE" NFL player.

Not to side with whether either man is guilty or innocent, because I'm intelligent enough to wait for the facts in court. However much it amazes me that in 2010, people are so quick to judge someone with no proven facts. If you want to find racism look no further than that fact.

Some of you should be a shame to yourselves!

1597 days ago


Just another thug rooster.

1597 days ago

M. Smoke    

L.T was just on intervetions new series Monday. He had he whole family on talking about how he wasnt there for them when he was addicted to crack. I knew it was to good to be true SHAME ON YOU L.T! SICK!
L.T you hit the R in LOSER!

1597 days ago


TNB, are you really surprised?

1597 days ago
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