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Simpson -- Guess What I Did To My Mouth?!

5/8/2010 4:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Non-habitual toothbrusher Jessica Simpson claims she actually cleaned her pearly whites before heading to the airport yesterday -- a feat so rare, that her mother claims she had to take pictures!

Of course, Jessica recently admitted that she only brushes about three times a week -- because she doesn't like the way clean teeth feel in her mouth.

But yesterday in NYC, Jess bragged about her clean mouth -- and her mother added, "I went over all of her hygiene habits, just so she can remember them".

Better 29 years late than never!


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LAZY!!!!!. There are a few things only one can do for themselves. I don't need to remind any of you - that is because we know what they are, and that just so happens to be one of them.....

1632 days ago


Ewww :(

1632 days ago


Lol Gomes. That's really gross...and weird. But good luck with that lol

1632 days ago


#3 keep that to your self. how nasty. this girl is nasty - brush your theeth, wash your hair - as old as you are and your parents have to tell you what to do. No wonder she can't keep a man. she's retarded.

1631 days ago

Wanda W.    

....... Another reason there will not be a woman President in my lifetime ! "She doesn't like the feel of clean teeth in her mouth " ? WTF ? Rather she doesn't know what a toothbrush is for ! What an airhead ! Beyond airhead really. Calling her just an airhead is really an insult to airheads everywhere !!!

1631 days ago


She took out what was in it

1631 days ago

Fred Farkel    

To all the men out there who shake their heads back and forth and wonder WHY MEN DUMP a woman as beautiful as Jessica...


Having been married to a trophy wife myself... there is NO way to describe the utter disgust at having to prop up a wife like this and tell her to go brush her teeth everyday for the sake of her career.

I'm sorry. But if she brushes her teeth 3 times a week... then that would likely mean that she NEVER washes her kolopkus.

That thing must smell like a swamp.

As for you Mayer???

What did you do???

Hold your nose during sex???

And Wanda W??


Thanks for stepping up and stating the obvious about females. Between the blatent stupidity displayed by young women today... only to ultimately morph into the throws of peri-menopause just as they reach some level of social/mental maturity... yeah - a woman president just CANNOT happen.

I mean seriously. Cut the jokes. Cut the snickering... IT JUST CANNOT HAPPEN.


Now Jessica??

For Christ's sake will you please do the world a favor... put down your chicken (of the sea) sandwich - and go brush your friggin teeth???

Thank you.

And then will you PLEASE go thank your father for holding you and your career together???

My god woman, talk about a thankless job...

1631 days ago

Cheryl A.    

UGGG, gross! Who the hell would be to lazy to brush their teeth once a day? I imagine one day she will only have to brush her TOOTH.

1631 days ago


damn she is so hot nowadays. brushing 3 times a week is nasty...but when she says it, I couldnt care less. your one long winded fool.

1631 days ago


Jessica is still ok in my book. Jessica, bagsarecheaphere has got your back!

1631 days ago


She just doesn't want to lose the taste of come in her mouth.

1631 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

HaHaHaHa! Her and her mother laugh like it's a joke. If it IS a joke, then say so! Otherwise, she just seem GROSS!

But I love her shoes!

1631 days ago

J Simp    

Haters gonna hate...

Jessica is pretty.

I'd kiss Jessica all day long and all night long.

1631 days ago


No wonder her boyfriends leave her! Who wants to be sleep/screw/hang with a person who SMELLS and kiss someone who doesn't even brush the food out of her mouth let alone other things that may be lurking in her mouth!

1631 days ago


IDIOT! I hate when people act stupid to get attention. Men do not like dumb women if they do they are not worth having.

1631 days ago
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