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Sammy Sosa -- Return to the Dark Side

5/8/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Six months after he appeared pale as a ghost, retired MLB player Sammy Sosa got a little shady while partying at LIV nightclub in Miami the other day.

The 41-year-old is definitely a natural.

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Sosa, definition of Fraud, Phony, non Team Player, self serving lout who will never make the HOF and is among the most hated of all former sportstars---ever. When he walked out on the Cubs and the Players destroyed his constantly on and on loud, playing only DR music boombox, it was his last day of glory as a player and a star. Since then he has turned into one of the most despised player ever to don a uniform. Looking all Michael Jackson like and now trying to get back to his normal DR look. Have fun in obscurity---the HOF doesnt want you. You cheated, lied and dogged it as a player.

1631 days ago


Thank GOD. Some people just look better dark.

1631 days ago


OK, now he looks like a halfie.

1631 days ago


dude looks like a lady! he looks like the epitomy of plastic surgery gone wrong - some men just shouldn't messwith their faces (ie: Bruce Jenner) it takes away their masculine features and enhances their feminine ones. Sammy just looks friggin scary

1631 days ago


I agree with post #4, super scary.

1631 days ago


Bruce Jenner didn't look bad after his first plastic surgery. What makes Bruce so feminine is his over-processed long hair. It's porous. He needs to cut it and stop dying it. Gene Simmons is another one. It looks like straw.

1631 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

He still looks like a freak.

1631 days ago


He must ran out of bleaching cream.

1631 days ago


Hurry, invest a boat load of money in Jerry Curl. It seems like Sosa is clearing out the warehouses of the product.

1631 days ago


How can you tell what he looks like from this picture?!!!!

Why are so many people so damn rude and judgemental? Make yourself perfect, then maybe go work on someone else, but how about with a little kindness and understanding. It's scary to think there are so many miserable people in the world.

He said the bleaching was a temporary treatment, now he looks more like his usual self, but either way he is being blasted by a bunch of apparently perfect people. He looks like Sammy Sosa, WTF???!!!!

Yes, like Mark McGwire and MANY others, he probably did the S word, too. Let's forgive and forget and move on.

No, I don't live in Chicago, and no ,I am not a die-hard. I died in the summer of '03, just couldn't take it no more.

With that aside, thank you Sammy (and Mark), for all the great memories and for making the game of baseball fun again (at least for awhile). I'll never forget those years or the summer of '98. What a blast! You are a good person and I wish you all the best!

1631 days ago


Damn his wife is hott!

1631 days ago

speaking of    

OMG, he still looks horrible..yet another man who cant come to terms wit the fact his skin color is black/brown..amazing..does he think that whites will accept him?? no they wont you idiot...

1631 days ago


You all know that he's Dominican right? You also know that the lighter you are in the Dominican...means you are wealthier. Lighter skin means wealth. That's why he has tried to lighten his skin. Come on! Learn your Dominican facts!

1631 days ago


Leave the man alone. It's his life. How's your own?

1630 days ago


In the D.R. being light skinned is a status symbol. He can't take the fact that his skin is dark. He needs acceptance. If I had his money I wouldn't give a crap about who accpets me or not.

1629 days ago
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