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Miss USA

Is There Such a Thing

as Too Sexy?

5/9/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss USA Pageant is being called into question by some of their most loyal fans for posting photos some think are too risqué -- but the pageant feels they are "tasteful and very sexy."


A rep for the pageant tells TMZ they have been fielding tons of calls, calling them out for the provocative pics. The pageant tells us, "You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy."

The Miss USA 2010 pageant airs Sunday May 16 at 7:00 PM on NBC.

Don't miss all the brains.


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Damn, back in the day, Ho's would get kicked out once photos like these surfaced...

1628 days ago


Well now that the Donald owns the rights, all common decency gets thrown out the window and anything goes. They smeared the last winner and made her life a miserable hell for her photos but we all know the real reason why...but this is ok?

1628 days ago


Sigh I guess they need to have "outer beauty" pageants (notice I said outer because none of them have inner beauty LOlz) to make the hot dumb useless ones feel good and to balance out the Nobel prizes

1628 days ago


they must be australian organizers....,cuz they tend to confuse their own raunchy sluttiness with american women.

1628 days ago

Cam Hamon    

Who was making all the calls? Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Allred?

1628 days ago


The uproar will only come if its found out she's pro life and anti gay marriage.

1628 days ago


I'm personally not opposed to the photos. I do think, however, that pageants need to stop misrepresenting themselves. The truth is Miss USA is not about brains but outward appearance. Donald Trump, somebody who seems only interested in a young woman's outward appearance, owns the pageant. In fact, he even hand picks some of the finalists on the national level based on looks alone. So the idea of doing these pics to show the women are smart and sexy is an outright lie.
I'm sure when men look at those pics of women in various states of undress on beds, they're thinking, "Man, she has an impressive brain." Yeah right! The pageant officials know damn well what they are doing, so at least they should be honest with the public, whether we take exception to the photos or not.

1628 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

She looks gorgeous. I thought it was an old pic of Farrah at first glance.

1628 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

"You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy."

Just doesn't happen very often.

Usually the better looking a female is the more superficial, stupid, arrogant, and greedy she is. The ugliest ones almost always are the most humble and intelligent.

Sometimes you see a woman who's smart AND pretty but she's usually already taken. So there you go.

Daniel Mountain

1628 days ago

pink floyd    

@ 10 farrah ????? put down the crack pipe.

1628 days ago

either or    

Come on, most of these pageant babes are bimbos. Let them flaunt what they got!!! That one's gorgeous. I'd be surprised if she could count past 100 though.

1628 days ago


When the USA contestants post sexy pics they get called into question and sometimes get thrown out...hypocrites.

1628 days ago


Beauty shows have always been and always will be nothing more than a commercial butcher shop displaying the best looking prime cuts of meat, and Trump is the new butcher on the block who recognizes a good cut of meat when he sees it and will get rich off of it. All this crap about a talent and brains contest is just a bs window dressing attempt to legitimize a public production of pulchritude poon tang. Guys want to see everything, so there cannot be anything that is too sexy. The more the better for all those horny dudes out there.

1628 days ago


This is crazy! In the past contestants would have been booted from comp. for such pictures.

1628 days ago


The should change the name to "The Miss Ho America Pageant".

1628 days ago
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