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Miss USA

Is There Such a Thing

as Too Sexy?

5/9/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss USA Pageant is being called into question by some of their most loyal fans for posting photos some think are too risqué -- but the pageant feels they are "tasteful and very sexy."


A rep for the pageant tells TMZ they have been fielding tons of calls, calling them out for the provocative pics. The pageant tells us, "You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy."

The Miss USA 2010 pageant airs Sunday May 16 at 7:00 PM on NBC.

Don't miss all the brains.


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nice! bagarecheaphere

1629 days ago


Ooh, daddy like. The D.C. one is atrocious looking though. But besides her, woo! like to ride them blondes hard. Oh yeah!

1629 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

@ Pink Floyd, I didn't see ur mom posting.

1629 days ago


Why don't they just bring out the whips and chains and have'em naked with their legs spread wide. They all look alike.

1628 days ago


Calm down, innocent until proven guilty, she is a young girl that looks good and is having fun. Let us wait until something wrong is done until then go ahead with your young sexy thang

1628 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I seem to remember a big uproar when pics like that of Carrie were discovered. Oh the double standards!

1628 days ago



1628 days ago


What's with the fake outrage? Does anyone really believe these pageants are an opportunity for young women to show off their brains and their potential contribution to society? Ms. USA is and always has been strictly a shallow eye candy parade and it is only worse under the Emperor of Shallow himself, Donald Trump. With The Donald heading the thing up is anyone surprised Ms. USA is veering into tacky territory? Not that there aren't smart women in pageants--not doubt there are--but they sure as hell aren't winning them based on brain size.

1628 days ago


What on earth did we bother burning our bras for? So we could be, yet again, sexualized? All this does is perpetuate objectification and they wonder why there is so much teen pregancy. Duh. Turn any female into nothing more than T & A and what do you expect? Respect? You aren't going to get it that way. The young women who think their only claim to fame is their bodies puts us right back into the old deal where your boss grabbed your ass anytime he wanted to because you had no rights. Grow up and get some self esteem, for crying out loud! And don't be shocked when the boss does grab your ass if you are sticking it in their faces.

1628 days ago


Sexy yes. Tasteful not really. A little repetitive with the clothing and angles absolutely.

Non-issue. For the first time they're taking sexy pictures of girls in a beauty pageant. It's about frickin time.

Pretending that more than 20 of these girls are gorgeous is bad enough but for the last few decades they've tried to convince us they were beautiful on the inside too. It's about time they cut the crap and just showed us beautiful young girls strutting their stuff in prime time.

1628 days ago

Liz b    

Pageants parade women around as eye candy, that's what they're about. It seems hypocritical to be down for pageants but offended by these pictures.

1628 days ago


i think these women are represented too slutty in these pictures. they could have less make up and more clothes on and still represent beauty. back in the day this would be considered controversial now all of a sudden its accepted. the question is what does the miss america pagent represent promoting pictures like these?? certainly not brains or inner beauty.

1628 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Very nice. The black & white photos give a very classic.

1628 days ago


I hope they're all 18!

1628 days ago


These women are promoted as role models to young girls- we do not want to send the message that taking your clothes off is the only way to be taken seriously and to get ahead in life. They need to seriously rethink this PR decision as it just sets a very distasteful tone for all the young girls watching the pageant wanting to grow up just like all the girls from all 50 states.

1628 days ago
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