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Miss USA

Is There Such a Thing

as Too Sexy?

5/9/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss USA Pageant is being called into question by some of their most loyal fans for posting photos some think are too risqué -- but the pageant feels they are "tasteful and very sexy."


A rep for the pageant tells TMZ they have been fielding tons of calls, calling them out for the provocative pics. The pageant tells us, "You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy."

The Miss USA 2010 pageant airs Sunday May 16 at 7:00 PM on NBC.

Don't miss all the brains.


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Looks to me like women are only seen as objects of sex respect for them, just use them sexually then move on. About time we try to return to a bit more of a balanced view, isn't it? Do you really want your daughter to just be a notch on someone's belt? That's all that the media is portraying women as being worth, and people do tend to copy what they see in the media...

1571 days ago


why do Miss USA pageant runners or winners feel it's so necessary to be topless? they say that the photos are sexy and tasteful but if they want a truly wholesome image for MISS USA they should make her keep her clothes on. A swimsuit is sexy, hell a bra is sexy too. half naked for Miss USA IS a little too much for me. Imagine the young daughters aspiring to be Miss USA, will thy have to be topless to be recognized?

1571 days ago


Looks like "The Donald" is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Carrie Prejean gets her title removed for photos less risque than these. Tsk Tsk Miss USA......your organization should be ashamed of themselves.

1571 days ago


I dunno... I would expect them to follow current social taboos in official photos, and this is at least on the edge if not a bit over. Taboos shift all the time (e.g., showing cleavage for women goes in and out of fashion for various age groups, although it's always depended on age and social setting), so such pictures will likewise vary over the years. But if this one is representative - it does seem rather weird. Pretty deliberately meant to evoke, um, a physiological response in the other gender. Maybe an attempt to make sure The Donald picks her in the final lineup?!?

For some reason this reminds me of the time decades ago when a friend was showing slides from his trip to Sweden. He had a photo of some topless woman sitting at outdoors (legally acceptable in the locality, the toplessness I mean), and maybe in the same pic there was some place with a big neon sign proclaiming (will see if this gets past tmz censors) SEX SEX SEX. His little boy was at the stage where he was reading every sign he saw, and asked, "Daddy, what's sex?". Daddy decided this was not the time to explain, and quickly said, "SIX, SIX - it's the number six!" and immediately went on to the next slide...

1571 days ago


Why would anyone want their daughters to aspire to Miss USA? Seems like pretty low standards... walking along a stage being compared like cattle... I'd rather daughters aspire to something more substantial and respected, like a doctor or lawyer.

1571 days ago

got it like that!!    

i dont understand were these pics taken for the pageant? If so that is disturbing and disguting Donald Trump is one nasty perv!! these pics are slutty looking and uncalled for. USE your brains dumb ho's! Miss Kentucky and Miss Virgina are definitely the best looking!

1571 days ago


So Miss USA is now on the Playboy Channel?

What's next, 'Girl on Girl' in the Talent Competition?

Leave it to The Donald. Soft porning the beauty pageant.

1571 days ago


I want to do her.

1571 days ago


This Photo is of Miss VA Samantha Casey, she has a 3.7 GPA at The College of William and Mary. She is a member of several nationally recognized honor societies and she gives back in her free time supporting several local, national and international organizations - Her platform for the pageant is Love146. Go to their website She is an advocate raising awareness of the horrific atrocities committed against children through child sex trafficking. Samantha is a humble, quick-witted, generous soul and she happens to be one of my best friends. If you would take a second to stop judging others and instead investigate what it is they stand for and work hard for, you might even find yourself just a little inspired by these girls.

1571 days ago

a poster    

Not appropriate for what Miss USA CLAIMS to represent, but I believe in what pageants claim to represent about as much as I believe in Santa Clause. I wonder who the photographer is though, I would love to have some pictures like this taken of me to give to my man.

1571 days ago


These kinds of photos only serve to make the girls look dumb and uneducated. What I don't understand is Donald Trump would never want his daughter to appear like this. Ivanka is highly educated, well respected for her work ethic and has largly avoided any kind of scandel. Many of these 51 girls are just as smart or smarter, but Mr. Trump has prostituted them out to the photographer for his favorite past time. CONTROVERSY. He loves it.

1571 days ago


First time I've ever thought of these girls as HOT. Amazing photos. I just wish they were in color.

1570 days ago

Todd Thralls    

Well I believe the girls at Miss USA are very very pretty to look at and my even be super smart--However I have been a pageant judge in another pageant system and always told the winner before they moved on to a state or national title to forget about being sexy--But SPARJLE< SPARKLE< SPARKLE,--Nothing brings out a girls beauty as a confident walk and a smile.A confident walk is not a hip swinging walk.

1570 days ago


WOOOOOOOOOW!!!! I love how some people seem to think if you are pretty then you cannot have brains as well. I am a former pageant queen and former NBA cheerleader. I have two degrees: one in Business Management and the other in Sociology/Criminology. I also just got accepted and received a scholarship to Pepperdine Law School (a top one tier law school for the idiots that do not know). Of course when I did pageants and danced, I had to deal with these stereotypes as well. Sad thing is, I bet half of these comments are coming from people who have not done **** with their lives so they spend all their time condemning beautiful girls that are doing something with theirs. The fact is that you can have both BEAUTY AND BRAINS! Deal with it!!!

1570 days ago


This picture of Sammantha (Miss VA) is gorgeous, but what shocks me is that just two years ago, Trump and his staff/minions wanted to ban Prejan because of her "racey" photos - which, in comparison, are tame to the ones he had Fadil shoot of the current ladies. I think it's making it harder and harder for the contestants to say no and just go along with things because they want to win.

1570 days ago
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