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Dina to Michael Lohan -- Talk to the Hand!

5/10/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tried to talk to his ex-wife Dina Lohan -- about their troubled daughter Lindsay -- but as you can see from the pic, Dina wasn't having it.

The pair were both at a celebrity boxing event in Long Island over the weekend. We're told Michael tried to discuss Lindsay and the possibility of getting her into rehab ... but Dina brushed him off.

Someone should remind Michael that Dina has a protective order against him. Just saying ...


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He may be a jerk .... but it appears he at least is trying to get his daughter on the right path more so than the mother is.

1627 days ago


What an overbearing control control freak. It's no wonder he's alienated his entire family with this crap. With that picture in hand Dina shouldn't have any problem getting the restraining order against him extended. He's lucky he didn't take a trip to jail. The only one who should be talking to his ex-wife for him is his attorney. The dumbass control freak just can't let it go!

1627 days ago


breaking an order of protection, nice to know it is just a piece of paper..............

1627 days ago


Lindsay is Dian's meal ticket and faviorte party girl. Why would she want her daughter to stop. I just hope nothing happens to Lindsay

1627 days ago


regardless of how douchey/loser-esque Michael is, at least dude is pretending to give a crap...dumb bytch Dina will be in serious denial until she gets the call to come identify Lindsay's body

1627 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Lohans! Meet the Lohans! A modern day crackhead family. From the town of LA, won't somebody put them out of their misery. Let's ride with the family down the street. To every nightclub we can meet.
A yaba-doo time.
If anything, they are sure making comedians some money.

1627 days ago


Are we supposed to be suprised that she wouldnt talk to a guy who would secretly record his attempt to talk to her and then sell photo to TMZ even though she ignored him????? Is that what's happened here TMZ? Shouldn't you be reporting that he's such a sleazebag that he would try to sell you that picture rather then reporting on Dina ignoring him???

1627 days ago


sometime between now an the court date linds is gonna turn up dead or in a rehab facility ..guaranteed..its like a bad hollywood script they are so predictably stupid..

1627 days ago


maybe TMZ could give her a break for one day-seeing as her brother just died

1627 days ago


when referring to long island....its not IN long island...its ON long island. Just saying!

1627 days ago


The whole Lohan situation is a train wreck.

1627 days ago



she looks like shes's in desperate need of a fix

1627 days ago


Why wasn't she on the phone calling the police if she has a restraining order on him ?
This guy clearly has no respect for anyone, including the law. Why would any judge ever give him rights over Lindsay.

1627 days ago


Good! Evidence to use in court against Michael Lohan. Are you going to insist Michael be prosecuted as much as you insist Lindsay go to jail, TMZ? And the idiot doesn't remember what sent him to jail before, violating a restraining order! It seems like he has some kind of problem, I'm guessing, with women who 'defy' him. Remember Erin Muller's accusations of physical abuse by Michael . . . I bet we'll hear something similar from Kate Major soon. Lindsay has claimed Michael was violent to her family, and her landlord asked a restraining order be put in place after he was aggressive with a valet.

And this is the guy people want to 'rescue' her?

1627 days ago


Mr. Lohan, I do understand you are very concerned about your daughter and rightfully so.
The problem, she don't want your input or help.
If she came to you asking then your input would have some merit with her, but that is not the case.

Mr. Lohan by continuing to insert yourself where you are not wanting is causing Lindsay, Ali, and Dina's defense to stay up like a brick wall.

Let them suffer the consequence of their actions.
Right now they are blaming you for all their troubles instead of looking at what their behavior has done to their lives.

The only way these people will get help is when you Mr. Lohan detach and back away from them.

I really wish you would listen because I know what I am talking about.


1627 days ago
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