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Team Bombshell?

5/12/2010 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, the "Victoria's Secret" supermodels are on Team Bombshell.

But fear not Sandra Bullock fans, because Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes were just promoting Victoria's Secret new push-up bra Hello Bombshell in L.A. on Tuesday.

In this instance, who wouldn't be Team Bombshell?


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Christina G.    

No, I'm not hatin'. I think they're gorgeous girls. But they are far too skinny to have natural breasts of that size. They are either surgically endowed or those bras are working overtime. I'm just saying a skinny girl with big breasts is anatomically impossible, and that gives young girls (and boys) unrealistic expectations. It sets girls up for low self-esteem.

1623 days ago



1623 days ago


Really inappropriate old Victoria.

1623 days ago


Gorgeous? Is this what America really thinks is nice? Well certain America.. with pounds of make up and fake boobs. Is that really all it takes? Well for certain men I guess so.

1623 days ago

john johnson    

don't bring an open flame to this shoot, the plastic will smell awful.

1623 days ago

john johnson    

you only need your fingers to add up the IQs of ALL of these models pictured.

1623 days ago

Mav Da Pilot    

The title of this photo should be: 4 Women President Osama will never nominate to any cabinet position, totally unqualified from the Barry perspective, (1) they are beautiful, (2) they are not softball/rug munching "FUGLY"!

1623 days ago


To quote Rachel Ray, "Yummers!"

1623 days ago


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1623 days ago


Com-On with the blond B.S....where is the Sista's at..ever since Tyra whom held the covers of the mag...are you saying that they can not find a Black women that can at lest be seen?...Remember Victoria we buy the undies also!!!! This is really B.S. there are a lot of very beautiful balck woman out there that can give justice to you product...I am one!!!

1623 days ago


I think I'll support team "pink", number 3 from the left, . . . very nice ! ! ! I do agree with number 28, Kay Kay, though, . . . even us pale white boys are feeling starved for the sweet chocolate eye candy . . .

1623 days ago


They look like a bunch of 14 yr olds with too much makeup on.

1623 days ago


For the record (is TMZ, really a legitimate record???), in support of the comment made by Kay Kay (number 28), . . . I find, at least in my own observation, . . . that there happens to be a far larger percentage of naturally, legitimately beautiful black women for the given population, . . . as compared to caucasian women. I am not trying to "offend" anyone, . . . just stating my own, very conscious observation. The truth prevails . . .

1623 days ago



1623 days ago


Lol @ all the jealous girls out there.. you must be sick of sitting behind that screen feeding your faces all day and wondering where those extra rolls of fat are coming from.. you would LOVE to look like them and only say you 'hate' them or they are 'ugly' because you know that will never be you. I, as a female think they are absolutely gorgeous and no, I'm not a lesbian but I call it as I see it. And for all those commenting on how big their boobs are, if you read the article you would know that they are promoting the 'pushup bra'. This is what the pushup bra does. So it would be in your best interests to read the story next time before you let the little green-eyed monster out of his box. Get a grip on yourselves you idiots and do something about your life if you're not happy. Now, put down those cakes, wipe the crumbs from your lips and start some serious exercise and lose those extra 100 pounds hanging off your ass. You are eating yourselves into an early grave.

1623 days ago
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