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The Force Is Strong with Blanket Jackson

5/12/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children are quickly becoming YouTube sensations -- thanks to the popularity of several self-made home videos that were posted online ... videos that may have led to the infamous stun-gun caper.

blanket jackson
One of the videos features 8-year-old Blanket Jackson wielding an invisible lightsaber and quoting "Star Wars."  Another clip shows his sister Paris Jackson busting out a hardcore rap.

Sources tell us that Michaels kids -- as well as the minor children of Jermaine and Randy  -- got really into making these home movies ... and that the stun gun incident involving Jaafar was part of a movie plot.


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Even if MJ were here I still think something like this and what Paris did with the rapping would have happened sooner or later. I mean it's just the age that we live in. I don't see that there is anything wrong with it. They aren't doing anything disturbing they are just having fun.

Posted at 1:33 PM on May 12, 2010 by marcia

Yes, they are having fun and that is great. It isn´t the exposure in itself that is the main problem, but the mean, vile and often plain disgusting comments that emerge whenever there is news about the kids.

1627 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

Posted at 12:35 PM on May 12, 2010 by Maxster

WHO the HELL ARE you to SAY this ABOUT MJ's KIDS?!?!?! YOU DON'T know a DAMN THING Maxster!!! STFU you CLUELESS FOOL.

1627 days ago


the only way to get rid of the vial posters is to not respond to there every word!!!! they do it just to get a reaction and if we feed them they will continue with the nastiness.i have put them on ignore, i try really hard just to not comment back to them anymore!!! i am sure the kids have access to tmz and other stuff if it is this simple to get into youtube...sue from tampa

1627 days ago


Hi Sue and Siggisis,
I don't think MJ3 would have needed any help IF they had wanted to post the vids themselves. I couldn't do that, but my youngest, who is 13, would know very well how to deal with that kind of stuff. I have to agree with you, Sue, and your former post: It's nearly impossible to monitor teenage kids in front of the Internet. No chance to keep them away, you just can talk, talk, talk and warn, warn, warn. The same probably with MJ3, that's why all these vile comments – as you say, Siggisis – are giving me a such hard time. I'm pretty aware MJ3 do read some of the posts, how could they not, they are all over the web. And if they don't read them themselves, they are certainly told about by other people, maybe their cousins – no offending, kids wouldn't be kids if not to do so.
However, I tend to believe that PPB have NOT uploaded the vids themselves. Isn't it disturbing to see that their private life already now, at such a young age, is as vulnerable as their father's always was?

btw, Siggisis: I haven't read your post on the other board, so sorry, I didn't want to be a copycat :(

1627 days ago


btw, Siggisis: I haven't read your post on the other board, so sorry, I didn't want to be a copycat :(

Posted at 1:49 PM on May 12, 2010 by moni

OOOH, I didn´t mean it that way! I know you are not. We just tend to agree on many things. :-)

Sue, it is true, just ignore the vile posts - and please, everyone, report any post you consider is crossing the line. TMZ does show the decency to remove them.

1627 days ago

Lee lee    

I'm just happy to see that the little boy,with those huge sad eyes hiding behind that memorial booklet at Michaels having some fun.
I think alot of people may have assumed that maybe there was something a little odd about blanket, just because he is Michaels' child. He certainly seemed very shy, but in his own environment surrounded by family he is just like any other child. Certainly very animated in this clip. : )

1627 days ago


10. Nobody is just fine with a stupid name like Blanket. He's doomed already. WTF is his REAL name anyway?

Posted at 12:41 PM on May 12, 2010 by deleta

Stop being a jack aZZ and look it up.

1627 days ago


You`ve gone too far now TMZ! Discusting too have so bad judgement. This was it for me!

1627 days ago


Blanket is such a cute boy:) and Paris dance well:D

1627 days ago


Paris do dance well!

1627 days ago


Good News, normal kids enjoying life!

1627 days ago


blanket is soo cute looks just like MJ .. they are just having fun and kids will be kids . MJ must be rolling over in his grave . but the kids should have a normal life and be happy they are great kids and MJ was a great dad

1627 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Uh, okaaay... Looks like they enjoy performing.

1627 days ago


LOL, the kid got his big wide nose.

1627 days ago


Posted at 1:54 PM on May 12, 2010 by Siggisis

Thanks, Siggisis, glad to ”hear" this ;)

And basically it's of course a big, huge pleasure to see those beautiful kids acting so untroubled. Seems as if their life at Hayvenhurst (and among their cousins) isn't THAT dangerous and sorrowful as some people have suggested :). Seems even more as if especially Blanket loves to have fun with his cousin – and he with Blanket (which cousin is it actually?)

1627 days ago
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