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LT Accuser: 1 of 20,000 Child Prostitutes in U.S.

5/13/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 16-year-old girl who was pimped out to Lawrence Taylor is just one of 20,000 child sex workers being trafficked inside the U.S. -- this according to a study by a prominent child care agency.

lawrence taylor

TMZ spoke with a rep from the Covenant House in New York -- an organization for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth -- who tells us that they have found that an "overwhelming majority" of child sex workers are not on the streets by choice ... because they're often "muscled" into the trade by "gangs, pimps and predators."

The rep also notes their studies have found that 37% of child sex workers reported physical abuse in their homes, 12% were sexually abused, 19% were beaten with an object and 41% witnessed violence in the home.

As we previously reported, the accuser in the LT case claims she was beaten and threatened by her pimp before she went to LT's hotel room.

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Lt will get probation...

1632 days ago


The people at Covenant House are living in a bubble if they think there are only 20,000 child prostitutes in the US. There's 20,000 in LA alone. There's 20,000 in NYC alone. Gimme a break, here. Your figures are WAY off.

From Children of the Night: In 1981, the General Accounting Office estimated that there were 600,000 children under the age of 16 working as prostitutes in the United States. Today, International Relief Organizations suggest there are 300,000 children working as prostitutes in the U.S. It is estimated that somewhere between one and one half million children runaway from home each year. It is safe to estimate that about one-third of those children have some type of involvement or brush with prostitution and/or pornography.

From a 2009 CBN Do***entary: "Because research in the United States is not as collected as international statistics so we have found that 100,000 to 300,000 American children are sex
slaves in the United States, and that's a very big statistic for us, so that's hit home."

From US Dept. of Justice: According to the U.S. Department of Justice, child prostitution has become a problem of epidemic proportions, with estimates ranging between 300,000 and 800,000 (5 million or more are prostituted globally). Those figures are likely even higher when one considers how many street kids, runaways & cast-offs from foster care remain unaccounted for.

1632 days ago


SHE WAS PAID OFF.. $60...0.00 LOL

1632 days ago


This is no joke. This girl was forced into prostitution and then raped by Lawrence Taylor. She beaten by the pimp, then raped by Lawrence Taylor. Whats funny about that ? She had just turned 16 a couple days before this happened. Sadly she is now defending Lawrence Taylor because he is a celebrity athelte and saying she's a fan and doesn't want anything bad to happen to him. How sad is that ? Here she is a baby, a young girl, who was brutalized by both men and now she feels bad for HIM! She needs a lot of counseling to get past those feelings because she is clearly not thinking right about the situation. She is the victim but is trying to protect Lawrence Taylor. Poor thing ! I hope she gets all the help she needs to overcome this trama.

1632 days ago

donna chand    

wasn't covenant house founded by a child molesting priest?

1632 days ago

Ryan Smith    

LT is the victim in all of this, not the prostitute. He just wanted some company and that little tramp lied to him and then cried to the police. She is the one who should be charged with a crime, not him.

1632 days ago

Professor Obvious    

How weird is it that there are precisely 20,000 underage prostitutes in America. Not 19,436 and not 20,198. There's 20,000. You always see round numbers when people guess. So this is not a true fact at all, there's nothing scientific here whatsoever, just a wild ass guess...

1632 days ago


If there were no men who wanted child prostitutes, there wouldn't be any.
Nasty, sick men.

1632 days ago


LT, you are an example for us all!

1632 days ago


if LT wanted company he has a wife for that he doesnt need to prey on girls young enough to be his granddaughter. She is not a prostitute she is an abused CHILD and sticking that label on her wont help recovery.

my sister ended up on the streets. kills me to think of her. She was so compassionate, caring, warm and desperate for love. we both did time in numerous foster homes that were frankly worse then our real home. CPS ruined our famjam. you loose touch of family when yer fleeing foster care. her need to be loved made her vulnerable in a way i was not (im bonding resistant and i trust no one). She contracted HIV and passed away two years ago. Before she died she got off the streets and dedicated her life to helping get other kids off the street. i take comfort in that...becuase she got to shine at the end and put all that love she had to good use. if people understood what these kids face they would go a lot easier on the child. So many of my foster sibs didnt live to see 30. it haunts me.

1632 days ago

feldmans enemy    

Thank you April for sharing.

Men are the s*** of the earth. Uncontrolalble urges can be handled with a hand.The End

Men suck AND I AM ONE.

1632 days ago


He knew.

1632 days ago


The US needs to kick those pimps to the curb.

1632 days ago


Just heard she lied about having sex with him completely... Her friend who drove her there testified that she told em that it was "easy money, cause she didnt have to f**k him." And also testified that she was not beaten to get her over there.. She was beaten because her sisters boyfriend stole weed and money from the pimps house... See this is what happens when the freakin media go to town without substantiating any claims... Ridiculous... ANd you dont expect TMZ to report that... They are all out to make him lo0ok like a predator when that is not the case... So much for innocent till proven guilty

1632 days ago

yea right    

I just read that too. But if you noticed the person that drove her to "Be Victomized" said that, NOT HER. Most likely an older Prostitute herself. Someone in charge of making sure she does what she is told.

If you've ever seen a do***entary on this type of "Sex Trafficking" there is always an older more experienced FEMALE overseer.

I was wondering how they were going to pulls this off.
TMZ find out who the other "witness" was; can almost guarantee she is involved with PIMP or paid off by LT's S*** OF A LAWYER (HATES THIS GUY/ I'm usually not a negative person).

1632 days ago
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