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Johnny Rocketship    

i love it

1588 days ago


Wouldn't they just be able to say yes it is the NFL logo this is a parody and fight with the fair use laws?

1588 days ago


this is so funny... they where at hemp con at the la convention center.. and henry hemps parents were trying to sell this stupid ass game.. trying to give out some gay ass cards to promote this stupid ass ****... i hope nfl goes after everyone involved... even the stupid asses that had franchise teams.... here is how game is played each player takes bong hit something like .4 of a gram.. how ever long you hold it is how far you move the ball down the field.... can you say LAME... i remember thinking wow they have balls ripping of the nfl logo like that.... karma..

1588 days ago


Potheads are so annoying.

1588 days ago


What you need to remember is that trademark law is a matter of consumer confusion. It's not like copyright which worries about the rights of the copyright holder. It's concerned instead with the buyer.

There is no way that a reasonable person is going to see the 420 logo and think that the NFL is affiliated with this.

Besides that, you know this lawsuit was the potters intentions all along. They're on TMZ now for goodness sake!

1588 days ago


random drug testing at work sucks...it takes all the fun out of life...

1588 days ago


yes they are concerned about their image...like quarterbacks sexually molesting young ladies,getting them drunk.Hiring underage prostitutes,shooting themselves in the leg with a gun,drunk drivers,steroid users,coaches stealing pain medicine....hmmm

1588 days ago


This "new" league most definitely has its roots in CA. Only that left coast could come up with such a LAME BRAIN idea!

1587 days ago


Ok seriously, how is this going to tarnish the NFL when the NFL players are doing that themselves?, Lets see here:
Michael Vick- Dogfighting
Ben Rothlisberger- Sexual Assault
Lawrence Taylor- Sex with an underage prostitute
Plaxico Burress-2 counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree
Donte Stallworth- who "Accidentally" kills a man while drunk driving and only had to serve 24 days in jail WTF?, yeah right there was no accident there stupid jackass should have never been drivnig but because he is an NFL player he is supposedly above the law, yeah that is positive for the family of the man he killed isn't it?! Dont think so! Any other normal citizen would be behind bars for years!
And now you have the rookie of the year on steroids!
Yeah that's positive...NOT!! Seriously is that the kind of roll models we want for our kids? Yeah the NFL is so full of upstanding players with good morals, give me a break! The majority of them are good guys but they are all a bunch of over paid guys who think they are better than anyone else. Give the pothead a freaking break! At least they are willing to admit they smoke and are honest about it! Besides it is just a game and don't tell me that at least half the players on the NFL smoke or have smoked before!

1587 days ago

keegan beard    

i think are the stupidest people on the earth.

1587 days ago


The NFL has gotten so bad, I'm not sure there's a difference. You could use either logo at this point !!!

1587 days ago


The NFL has gotten so bad, I'm not sure there's a difference. You could use either logo at this point !!!

1587 days ago

no way    

World famous as ****. The only people who care about NFL outside the US are US citizens living outside. They're just giving 420FL the publicity.

1587 days ago

A Ghost walks among you    

wow!!! Rapper ditch is at it again!!? he must be getting pretty big out west for TMZ to keepfinding him~!! lol!! i love the song "Stunting In My Cars" awesome!! right on! come to VT!
: : )

1587 days ago

A Ghost walks among you    

420FL will continue to print the DITCH and the HENRY HEMP trading cards with the same logo that is NOT the same as the NFL logo. The NFL is trying to scare 420FL out of creating a sport seperate from normal football. They wont scare 420FL, Rapper Ditch or Henry Hemp out of promoting this sport!

1587 days ago
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