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Tiger's XXX Mistress Goes Off on Uchitel

5/15/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is a hypocrite, a double-talker and liar -- so claims one of Tiger Woods' other mistresses.
Joslyn James exploded in anger after Rachel Uchitel appearing on TMZ Live Friday afternoon.  Rachel suggested Joslyn was using her Tiger exploits to become a celebrity.

So Joslyn had a few choice words for Rachel, in the form of an email to TMZ. Joslyn says, "I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger."  Joslyn goes on, "Oh yeah, that's right.  She got PAID from Tiger to keep her mouth shut ..."

Joslyn continues, "I find it funny that she says she was 'well known' before the Tiger news.  I never heard of her before that." 

And Joslyn adds tearfully (we think), "I was an actress prior and a dancer, I gave it up because I was fooled in a relationship with Tiger, I merely went back to what I was doing."

And, in the High School Mistress category, Joslyn has a parting fault:  "I never tried to add her on Facebook."


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Uchy did this televised interview w/o Gloria - are they on the outs?

Is Rachel no longer a client of Allred?

Harvey, what did you have to do to get this interview?

1586 days ago


What are the fighting over, which one is the bigger whore. You both win.

1586 days ago


Watched Rachel U live yesterday and Joslyn is correct she is a double talker. This person with her "don't judge me, I'm a good person", really you are a whore, you got paid, wait I'm wrong your a prostitute. How dare you say David's wife is beautiful, your going to compliment a women after you "fell in love" with her husband....yeah your "loyal" but the men your sleeping with are not.

1586 days ago


Uchi-wha?? but Joslyn does have a point: Ho#1 was paid to keep quiet (she obviously ISNT)...Ho#2 just got "stiffed" but HO#1 keeps the limelight with new affairs with married men...go figure.....

1586 days ago


Both of these females have had so much plastic surgery, they look like circus clowns.

1586 days ago

team rachel    

There's something hot about Rachel. Joslyn seems like the gross one...

1586 days ago


I honestly think Harvey has a THING for Rachel. Otherwise she is just a piece of trash homewrecker. Looks like she's had a little botox as well as half her face doesn't move.

She certainly isn't fooling anyone.

Please stop giving her attention she doesn't deserve.

1586 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

It was a ho-coup that Rachel got herself paid before the public revelations of the other ladies negated the value of further payments. And it is easy to understand the angst of Joslyn. No one likes to be paid less for the doing the same job as someone else.

1586 days ago


What in the world is going on? Rachel is halirously trying to come across as the sweet, hurt girl. She is nothing but a two bit whore that slept with married men and pryed money out of them.

Ladies - get fake teeth, lip injections and every other type of costmetic surgery, then find a job in a bar, sleep with married celebrites and keep every text message for Gloria and you will get rich. Is this what we want to teach our children? Why didn't Rachel stay at her job on Wall Street after her fiance died? Ask her that question. I would have to say that she like the media attention surrounding his death. She liked the 15 minutes of fame from that and had to have more of it. What does she do, fake it up even more and prayed on celebrities. What the hell was wrong with Tiger's lawyers? They thought it was a good idea to pay this hooker? I thought hookers asked for the money in advance? Poor Elin. I hope that she finds love again. Who gives a **** what Rachel does. A reality show to help Rachel find love?!? Any man that would go on that is just as digusting. Any network that would pick that up should be ashamed of themselves.

She is crying because she is unemployed? There are many people that find themselves unemployed for fishing off the company dock. Do you think they have made millions of dollars extorting their prey? She deserves to be unemployed and poor and Elin and her family deserve that money back. I hope to hear that her lawyers fight Rachel for the money back and Rachel ends up a poor girl. That would be the only justice to come out of this.

The bottom line is that Rachel is nothing but a high priced hooker and should be jailed for that because prostituion is illegal the last time I checked.

1586 days ago


It's about time we had more on Rachel, she is gorgeous. The lesser mistress, what's her name, the name suits her fine. I don't know why we women get chastised for sleeping with a married mevn, it's done by the common folk everyday. Those throwing stones at Rachel should look into their own lives and would find something that is much worse than what she has done.

The lesser mitress, just shut up. you're ugly anyway, must have been really dark when Tiger met you, he could not tell how ugly you were.

1586 days ago


oh yeah, and J. James is real well known. she's in and out of mens' minds, with her back to the floor and her dirty stems flyin' in the air like antennas on a bad 13-channel TV. coast to coast ATM with veronika swik-d... oh what was I going to clean under my fingernails with again? I've got priorities. Congrats porn whore, now you're famous for crying a sad pathetic little cry.

1586 days ago


Leopards don't change their spots...she's the same pathetic swine who worked with the whores on Wall Street. She's a ruthless pig who attempted to get her deceased 9/11 fiance's death benefits from his loving family. No soul, no heart, no ethics, no you violate the marriage of someone who has tiny children at home while they "get it off" with you is incomprehensible. Uglitel, you are white trash at the core of your being just like Jocelyn and the others in the long line of harlots.

1586 days ago


TMZ, I didn't think you could stoop any lower - but this interview proves you can...

1586 days ago


Ho#2 does make a valid point. Ho#1 got paid $10 mil.

1586 days ago

South Beach    

Someone needs to stuff all this trailer trash in a bag, tuck Gloria A on top, and throw it off a pier. The world would be much cleaner.

1586 days ago
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